Saturday, May 14, 2011

apple ipod touch 5g release date

apple ipod touch 5g release date. new iphone 5g release date.
  • new iphone 5g release date.

  • iLilana
    Mar 31, 12:49 AM
    Only if a re-write is done on it first. Carbon-to-Cocoa conversions on all of Apples' apps should be of a higher priority.

    you could always just use front row

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. apple iphone 5g release date
  • apple iphone 5g release date

  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 22, 09:00 AM
    Surely they can't continue to justify a Core Solo.

    Not with a dual 1.66GHz Merom taking its price point.

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  • Itouch+5g+release+date

  • Peace
    Sep 11, 11:08 AM
    Consider this, the upcoming keynote is NOT given by SJ but by one of the other Apple senior team members - following his (Steve’s) below par performance last time out... Now this news would be bigger than anything else. I’d even suggest that if he shares any floor-time with anyone else things are not looking good!

    BTW I hope I am very, very, wrong and we are all talking about amazing new products by this time tomorrow.

    Considering the Keynote isn't till 10AM tomorrow I doubt we will be talking about amazing new products this time tomorrow ;)

    We will be speculating though :)

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. iphone 5g release date uk.
  • iphone 5g release date uk.

  • bhurdscu
    May 6, 01:46 AM
    I agree with a lot of what other people are saying. ARM designs will not be able to keep up with Intel. Intel has the performance advantage, and ARM has the power advantage right now. I see Intel moving into ARM's business before ARM can get into Intel's business.

    A rumor that would be more realistic would be Apple converting the iPhone and iPad to Intel once Intel can get the power down on their chips.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. apple iphone 5g release date.
  • apple iphone 5g release date.

  • shawnce
    Jul 21, 07:17 PM
    plus with Core 2 chips being more expensive than Yonah...

    T2600 (Yonah @ 2.16GHz) currently goes for $423 (trays of 1000)
    T2500 (Yonah @ 2.00GHz) currently goes for $294 (trays of 1000)
    T2400 (Yonah @ 1.83GHz) currently goes for $241 (trays of 1000)

    T7600 (Merom @ 2.33GHz) is reported to go for $637 (trays of 1000)
    T7400 (Merom @ 2.16GHz) is reported to go for $423 (trays of 1000)
    T7200 (Merom @ 2.00GHz) is reported to go for $294 (trays of 1000) other words it looks like the Yonah is either being replaced whole sale or is going to see further price drops when the Merom comes out. Of course I am still not 100% convinced the reported pricing for Merom is correct.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. APPLE IPHONE 5G RELEASE DATE

  • iWonderwhy
    Nov 2, 08:30 PM
    Sophos, cool.

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  • LoganT
    Mar 28, 11:01 AM
    Maybe iOS 5 will make current iPhones feel like a completely new device.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. apple iphone 5g release date
  • apple iphone 5g release date

  • dukebound85
    May 6, 05:25 PM
    OK. So we all agree 100% that the USA should switch to the metric system.

    We do? Not the impression I get.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. APPLE IPHONE 5G RELEASE DATE

  • chrmjenkins
    May 4, 08:31 PM
    1. -aggie- : Rosius WIZARD
    2. Eldiablojoe : Dante COUPLE
    3. Moyank24 : Beatrice COUPLE
    4. ucfgrad93 : Rhon ADVENTURER
    5. appleguy123 : Wilmer ADVENTURER
    6. Don't panic : Loras ADVENTURER
    7. Plutonius : Jorah ADVENTURER
    8. mscriv : ??? VILLAIN

    Loras, still with the confidence of the party behind him, declared that they would continue into the next room.

    The torch cast a soft light across the stone floor, but no features were immediately apparent. As they began to walk in, the group heard a sick sucking sound followed by a rhythmic rasping.

    "Stay close" Rosius said confidently, his eyes trying to pierce the darkness the torch would not. The group edged forward as the adventurers drew their swords with the couple bringing up the rear.

    A leg suddenly appeared at the edge of the torchlight as something scurried past. The adventurers fanned out and formed a semi-circle about the party as they prepared to meet their foe. They could hear the creature scurrying about, apparently coming from all directions. "Steady, he's just testing our defense," Rhon confidently declared.

    Then, it brushed Wilmer. He quickly did a 180 and tried to follow the shadow as it ran out of sight. Emboldened, he charged into the darkness in the direction he thought the creature went.

    "Wilmer, NO!" Loras charged forward in an attempt to cast the torchlight on his charging comrade. The group then heard the clang of steel on stone behind them punctuated by grunts and screeches. It ended with a heavy thud and a deep sigh.

    The party whirled around and hurried forward to the sound. There, they found Wilmer's lifeless body.

    "Oh god, what did it!" Beatrice was on the verge of screeching as she struggled to keep her voice from breaking. Rosius stepped forward, took the torch from Loras wordlessly, and inspected the corpse.

    He stood back up, turned and handed the torch back to Loras. The collective gaze on him asked the question for them. He was dead.

    Rhon stole the torch and charged into the darkness, leaving the remaining heroes. They saw him meet his opponent and kill it with a single swing of the sword, beheading it.

    He returned with its head and threw it at their feet, spitting on it as it stopped rolling. "Goblin."

    Wilmer (appleguy123) has died. It is now the villain's turn. All the surviving heroes have leveled up.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. apple iphone 5g release date.
  • apple iphone 5g release date.

  • Jeevs bost
    Jul 31, 06:12 AM
    Sorry to be a killjoy but I know for a fact that if this photographer did do any work for Apple he would of had to of signed a non disclosure agreement and as such would of been 100% bound to it, (unless of course he never wanted to work again and get his ass sued off). I know because I am a digital illustrator ( ) sorry couldn't resist! :D and if I ever do any ad work this is standard practice.
    I'm not denying that Apple might be developing a phone but for sure, this guy knows nothing about it.

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  • Spooner83
    Apr 26, 03:37 PM
    Android is winning 'cause it's cheaper than apple, which is from the recession, people want cheap when they both do the same with a few minor exceptions.

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  • Winni
    Apr 6, 03:44 AM
    In other words, you couldn't port Linux to the iPhone if you wanted to.

    I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but they already have ported it:

    Android is just another customized Linux, and the iDroid project ports Android to Apple's iGadgets.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. iphone 5g release date. APPLE
  • iphone 5g release date. APPLE

  • jibjab kalonji
    Aug 12, 02:53 AM
    i don't think so. i'm sure apple put some sticky stuff on the processor and the motherboard so that it'll stay there basically forever.

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. iphone 5g release date uk.
  • iphone 5g release date uk.

  • Ugg
    Apr 7, 06:04 PM
    > And how would Microsoft go about "leveraging the desktop"? People throw out computers and buy an iPad. People don't say "well, I have a Windows PC, I will buy a Microsoft tablet to go with it". They say "well, I have a Windows PC, I will buy an iPad so I can get rid of that old PC"

    Not true. People go with what they know - and Apple/Google are quickly setting the new OS standard for tablets; But do not ignore that's LOTs of people that are familiar with Windows (over 1 billion window users. Are they going to throw that away or find a way to leverage?).

    I think for the first time, computing is morphing into pro and consumer lines. There will always be a need for powerful desktop machines for PhotoShop, making movies, engineering, architecture, etc. They need big monitors, monitors that at this point at least are largely terrestrial. Then there is the mobile business market. The coders, the salespeople, etc. They don't need a massive screen or massive computing power. A laptop works just fine for them. Finally, there's the consumer market. Tablets do almost everything they need. The cloud and mobile broadband provide them all the computing power and storage they need.

    Where does Microsoft fit into this? Their licensing fees are truly exorbitant and there's been a study flow of customers away from MS. No surprise there. They're always playing catchup in regards to Apple and Google. Where is their relevance in today's computing world? I'm having a hard time seeing it outside of a few specialized applications. MS has become IBM.

    I think the thing to note here is that, yes Apple has the power and money to hold down the main supply of the worlds touchscreen panels but we shouldn't go and believe they are doing it JUST to be anti-competative, they are hardly getting enough for themselves. Its not their fault everyone wants an iPad (blame the competition lol) , so at least the panels are getting used :)

    It is ironic that Apple created this market and now is being thrashed because the iPad is selling like gangbusters and so there's simply no extra capacity available to anyone else.

    When the iPad debuted with such low prices, I was convinced that Apple was determined to corner the tablet market. I'm now more convinced than ever, that is Apple's intention. They'd be stupid not to buy up all the component capacity. The iPad is a major hit.

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  • fastlane1588
    Aug 12, 11:08 AM
    i think a new mpb w/Black Anodized Aluminum and an easy HD swap out capability would be awsome!

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  • myca
    Apr 5, 01:52 PM
    It's my device. I paid for it. I should be able to do what ever I want with it.

    I too agree, even though mine is just fine un-jail broken, I do like to know that I could if I wanted to.

    Heck I'd like to hack my PS3 for the lols, but then Sony might sue me, so before people start spouting about apple being all controlling (which they some times can be) I think they should look at some other closed systems just to see what other companies do, especially to one of the guys who helped you all Jailbreak your phones before moving onto the PS3.

    Even though hacking these systems may lead to some users pirating software, I don't think that they should stop allowing users to hack closed systems (iPhone, Brand X smartphone, Wii, PS3), as long as the user can accept that they shouldn't get any support if they do decide to hack/jailbreak.

    P.S. Give 'em hell Geohot.

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  • guzhogi
    Aug 4, 03:45 PM
    what do you mean, with 64-bit software or 32-bit software?
    Not to be rude, but are you really dumb enough to ask this? Ok, I'll try to make this as simple as possible: if I used a fully 64-bit OS & fully 64-bit software, that is software optimized for 64-bit processors, on a fully 64-bit processor, what would the advantage of using that set-up over using a 32-bit OS & 32-bit software on a 32-bit processor?

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  • Reed Rothchild
    Mar 29, 03:55 PM
    Ok, no offense, but you are not a designer are you lol??? And I have yet to see anything on Android that looks "very nice", just sayin'!

    No offense taken, but seriously how is the web interface to my digital locker so offensive?

    screenshot (

    Not that I'd normally be accessing my media via a desktop website. That's why Amazon also offer a nice and visually friendly ( app for your mobile devices :).

    apple ipod touch 5g release date. Apple+iphone+5g+release+date
  • Apple+iphone+5g+release+date

  • macfan881
    May 7, 08:37 PM
    Great news considering you can get 90 percent of the stuff for free online the only feature i would want is find my iPhone when i get the 4th gen iPhone but if i can get my own .me account i would ditch gmail in a second for me

    Mar 29, 03:07 PM
    Things are only getting worse in Japan...

    Hopefully everything gets under control

    Yeah after they radiate themselves to mutation, and then the rest of the world, they 'll get it under control.

    At some point the global community should hold the nuclear manufacturers responsible for crimes against humanity. This is not only a Japanese issue that they 've been handling with half truths and botching it up. This concerns the world. When Chernobyl hit we where blaming the "bad" commies for concealing the truth, and it's the same and worse from Japan twenty five or so years after...

    Anyway best of luck to the Japanese people, I wish them courage, but I think the japanese government has a lot to answer for to the rest of the world. Had this happened in some other supposedly authoritarian regime, say Libya, you 'd have had foreign occupation to resolve the dreaded nuclear threat. Alas it's not, and the rest of the world is focusing on their oil in Libya. Billions of dollars for arms are spent against Libya, surely, some global task force with the same amount of money would have handled the nuclear threat much much better in Japan as well as helping people out who 've suffered as a result of the earthquake and tsunami... but it seems people are not evolved enough to care for the future of humanity, but for the short term future of their oil investments they act faster than lightning.

    Really disappointing.

    Jul 29, 09:23 PM
    I can already see Phil sitting in the audience and then Job's cell phone rings..

    Jobs: um..excuse me a sec..Seems I have a phone call..
    Pulls out this cool looking cell phone,flips it open and says hello?
    Phil: Say Steve,can we have a chat real fast ? then starts up iChat on his iPhone..
    Jobs: starts up iChat on his cell phone..

    The rest is history :D

    That is pure, Apple style right there. Of course, I don't picture this phone being a flip phones. I believe (and hope) flip phones are on their way out. They were a fad, but aren't as practical as candy bar phones. They have more moving parts that can break and take longer to answer, especially if your hands are full or you're driving your car. (All you flip-phone people out there, before you start lashing out in defense, just accept those statements as truth, because you know they are.) Nothing beats hearing your phone, looking down, and pushing a button to start talking. As far as accidently calling people, I lock my phone with the push of a button and don't have any problems.

    May 6, 03:40 AM
    SemiAccurate claims ( to have heard that Apple will be transitioning from Intel processors to ARM processors in the not too distant future.

    the site name says it all : semi-accurate :eek:

    Mar 30, 06:24 PM
    Well clearly you havent used lion. There are a lot of changes, i thought the developer preview was solid for that early a release. Its looking VERY PROMISING.

    I was talking about the UI. If you are too, what are these "a lot" of changes to the UI? :confused:

    May 6, 07:26 AM
    Of course they will move to ARM, everyone will. Google is allready running their data centres on ARM based servers, Windows 8 will run on ARM as well, Apple is investing huge amount of money into their A4, A5 chips. The main problem of computers nowadays is power efficiency and not computing power, because most of the computers allready are overpowerd for what their users usually do with them.

    Citation needed. Especially in light of this 2 month old article :

    Intel, Google Doubt ARM and Atom Have Chances in Servers (

    And how did you go from that acquisition to "Google are running their datacenters on ARM" might I ask ?

    Not to mention my article is 2 months old, yours is more than 1 year old. ;)

    Nope, you'll have to retract your "facts". As far as we know, Google doesn't run their datacenters on ARM at all.

    Best response of the whole thread.

    Yeah... ARM servers are like JUST coming to light... let alone actually being used by google in their data centers... that won't come for YEARS.

    Hell the CEO even says so...

    Arm Holdings chief executive officer Warren East told EE Times Wednesday that servers based on ARM multicore processors should arrive within the next twelve months. The news confirms previous speculation stemming from Google's acquisition of Agnilux and a recent job advertisement posted by Microsoft. East said that the current architecture, designed for client-side computing, can also be used in server applications.

    "The architecture can support server application as it is," he said while discussing the company's first quarter financial results. "The implementations [of ARM] have traditionally been aimed at relatively low performance optimized for minimum power consumption. But we are seeing higher speed, multicore implementations now pushing up to 2 GHz. The main difference for a server processor is the addition of high-speed communications interfaces."

    Can ARM stand up against rivals Intel and AMD in the server market? In regards to raw processing power, the current ARM processors can't compete with x86. But with a growing concern to reduce the amount of energy consumed by servers and server farms, ARM processors pose as a viable candidate, especially the multi-core options in the higher range.

    "We are seeing people experimenting with multiple ARM cores on a chip," East said. "They have the option to use our A9 at 2 GHz, and four cores. So people can do server experiments with the existing technology at the high-end of the road-map."

    East did not elaborate on the parties considering ARM-based servers. Softpedia also points out that there was also no indication that the company plans to go head to head with Intel's Xeon and AMD's Opteron series. Instead ARM may limit its options to the print and storage server market.

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