Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • Mr.damien
    Apr 19, 06:54 AM
    Of course, Samsung's Android phone has many additional items such as their pulldown notification shade with built-in radio and orientation lock controls... which many people would love for Apple to copy.
    No ... YOU want.

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  • marshallbedsaul
    Jan 18, 11:26 PM
    Made a correction to the headline. It should be:
    McAfee faces obsolescence with increasing Apple popularity.


    lol I laughed and my co-workers looked at me funny
    back to spread sheets how funny can they be huh

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  • nomik2
    Mar 29, 12:03 PM
    Seems believable...all those people that bought Nokia phones obviously did not care that Symbian was outdated. Why will they not buy Nokia with a much modern OS under the hood?

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  • AaronEdwards
    Apr 20, 12:43 PM
    Every single search is localized in some sense. Google is keeping track of where you are based off GPS or IP address. This is why I don't have an issue with this; I'd rather have the file on my computer than with a company that we aren't sure is going to be on the good side for long.

    Unless you decide to work for Google (which from your comment, I presume your aren't), or if you get famous, then I'd say that the chance that anyone at Google would decide to look at any data they collected about you is abysmal. This goes for any information Apple collects too. Obviously, there's a risqu� for security breaches, but the chance that your info then would be accessed or used is also rather small.
    Not that it's not a problem.

    This is different. The information is made accessible to people around you. So, while an iPhone owner is away from the house, someone else, who will be a lot more interested in him or her, can access the log in their backup.

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  • powers74
    Mar 30, 12:51 PM
    What is the App Store? It is a store where you buy apps, an app store.

    It's not a "shed where you buy apps", for example.

    Wow, great point. Care to pick off any of the other ideas?

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  • jamferma
    Sep 5, 01:28 AM

    What is this....

    comes up with


    You don't have permission to access /movies on this server.

    What might this mean

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 28, 01:24 PM
    Apple dont needhelp shifting notebooks but if they announce a new ipod you would bet that not many people would want the original ipod video over a new improved one!?

    This is my hope...
    The merom MBP's are available before the free Nano promotion ends. I buy a MBP and get the free Nano.
    New widescreen iPod video's are released sometime after (October?) to coincide with Apple's annoucement of movie downloads on iTunes.
    Then, I sell both my Nano and my old iPod video, and buy the brand new iPod video. :D

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  • bdj21ya
    Sep 15, 05:51 PM
    I hear that in Japan 6 to 7 megapixels is more common for the phones.

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  • whyrichard
    Aug 28, 12:49 PM

    I was thinking of buying an intel core solo and dropping in a processor that is the best i can get for it to use it as a rendering machine.....

    .... should i bother waiting for the new mac mini's or should i go ahead and buy a cheapo core solo? especially since they would be sold for much less.....


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  • DHUK
    Sep 1, 08:18 AM
    I'd say a refresh of the Mac Mini and/or iMac might happen. Why would they call both of the existing models 'early 2006' (esp. the mini) in this page.

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  • kurtsayin
    Oct 12, 11:07 PM
    Ultimately: who cares?
    Bono still sucks, U2 has always sucked, and, much as i like a) the color of the new iPod and b) fighting AIDS, Apple's weird extended relationship with Bono makes very little sense to me.

    P.S. Damn, Bono sucks.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes!! I keep asking myself why the hell there is so much Bono/U2 stuff... What if I wanted a "Gordon Lightfoot Edition iPod"?

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  • ComputersaysNo
    Apr 19, 08:01 AM
    Here's another lawsuit. I had no idea where to post it, so here it is:

    Apple requesting to drop a lawsuit: (poor google translation)

    Published: April 19, 2011 2:17 p.m.
    Last updated: April 19, 2011 2:17 p.m.
    LONDON - Apple has asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit around iTunes. The case has dragged on since 2004.
    � AP

    A ruling on the application is expected next month.

    The case dates from 2004. The company RealNetworks, owner of the then popular RealPlayer, sued Apple because the iPod can only sync music from iTunes.

    Earlier, the company succeeded at an iPod 'crack' so that all music formats were playable. Apple reacted furiously.

    Steve Jobs

    Recently a judge is that Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, to appear in court because it already protracted process. Jobs is on sick leave for months and had previously agreed that he therefore was not required to testify.

    The court held that Jobs considers the information required, however. The CEO then appeared at the beginning of this month, two hours in court for questioning. About his situation is nothing published.


    Apple's request to suspend the lawsuit claiming that iPods only raised a certain music format support for the quality.

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  • MacRumors
    Aug 23, 05:07 PM (

    Apple and Creative have resolved their legal disputes ( which started on May 15th of this year when Creative and Apple sued each other ( claiming patent infringement. According to a joint-press release, Apple will pay Creative $100 million USD to settle all outstanding lawsuits.

    "Creative is very fortunate to have been granted this early patent," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "This settlement resolves all of our differences with Creative, including the five lawsuits currently pending between the companies, and removes the uncertainty and distraction of prolonged litigation."

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  • bigbossbmb
    Aug 28, 05:52 PM
    So with all this dumping going on, Apple better have at least equal hardware. They were first out with the core 2 duo xeon and with yonah.

    I don't know about woodcrest...but they were definitely not the first with yonah.

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  • stracky
    Sep 14, 07:09 AM
    a ipod nano with phone function really isnt anythign amazing and would be well behind current technology, they should be fully going for that crazy multi device that was patented lately. at least that would be up with or infront of other technology.

    2 iPhones,
    - iphone (nano) base phone and cheaper, limited abilties
    - iPhone (multifunction device) more expensive and more pda like.

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  • spazzcat
    Mar 29, 12:55 PM

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  • yg17
    Apr 25, 09:31 AM
    Instead of increasing the driving age, what about requiring more logged hours with a parent whit a learner's permit, manditory quality driver's ed, and making it harder for unsafe drivers to get their licence? Then require a one year driving check up a year after the licence was attained?

    I don't think that would've done much good here. His mom was encouraging him to do this ****.

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  • sammyman
    Apr 30, 01:11 PM
    Time to buy a machine for my wife.

    Just hope they don't decide to redesign the iMac the beginning of next year like they plan to do with the Macbooks.

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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 20, 10:18 AM
    Section 4b:

    Thanks a lot.

    People are sooo raving about this. Haters. lol. Funny now. :D

    Apr 16, 10:34 PM
    Paying higher taxes in Canada is well worth the benefits here IMO. There are still those groups who take advantage, but it seems to a lesser extent here. Aside from wait times everyone seems content with paying taxes for what they receive. There are some things I disagree with where the government oversteps their bounds (and others where they don't step in enough, cell phone companies/Internet suck up here due to no competition)., but the election system is also much better IMO. I don't know 100% how the system for election works here but it seems the government was challenged a couple months ago and they are already voting for pm. No year long campaign.

    Vote of non-confidence. Yeah, short campaigns are the best and the cell/Internet situation sucks balls but there are a few ways around it with some restrictions. No waiting lists outside big cities. Good to see you are settling in, ZA.

    Sep 12, 02:35 PM
    Well $349 is a lot better price than the $600 when the 60 gig iPod Photo came out two years ago.

    Been wanting to up grade this just might give me a reason since I'm beginning to max out my 60 gig.

    May 3, 12:18 PM
    Love the free upgrade to the Magic Trackpad... I already have an $80 mouse (the Logitech MX Revolution) so I don't need a Magic Mouse, but I would love a free Magic Trackpad!


    Sep 10, 06:34 PM
    My guess is that the Core 2 Duo MBs & MBPs will be a silent release who knows when.

    The Showtime event will be for the iTunes Movie Store and an upgraded iPod with a slight design change (not the widescreen iPod). And possibly an Airport Express with video streaming, which would be sweet because I'd like to get another Airport Express anyway.

    Sep 13, 06:22 AM
    I ordered a black 80GB Ipod last night, after approval from the wife.

    I had a bad feeling about it, and promtly cancelled this morning.

    My current Ipod is a 60GB Photo, and I have been looking to upgrade to video for some time, but I can't shake the feeling that this update was very minor, with a price reduction thrown into the equation.

    I reckon, macworld in January there will be the iTV (or whatever it's called), and a new 6G widescreen iPod, with a few more movie companies thrown in.

    So I think I'll ride it out until then.

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