Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bristol Palin is going to help a new charity

Bristol Palin is going to help a new charity…. what do ya think? You do think, don’tchya?

I woke up this morning to find that once again Bristol Palin is in the news. Bio, a cable tv channel has announced that they will air a 10 episode reality show featuring Briston Palin and her son Tripp Easton Mitchel as they move from Alaska to Los Angeles to live with Kyle Massey and his actor brother Christopher. These are her reported new best friends since being on Dancing with the stars. Bristol will be working for a “small charity in need” that has not yet been named.

I am very excited about this. It makes me wonder. Will we finally find out what her son’s name is all about? Did she name him Tripp as in accident, as in the same thing she said in her teen abstinence commercials? Is his middle name Easton a place or a hockey company? Can I place bets on this one? Did she look up the name Mitchell and know that it means “who is like God”? Put it all together and you get – my accident/mistake, hockey stick, who is like God. Some people believe the psychology of a name effects who we become. Maybe the producers should go all Truman show on this baby like the dark humor Jim Carrey movie from the 90’s and see who he becomes. I’m sure if the price was right, after all isn’t it obvious that money is the reason to do things in the Palin family?

Ok, maybe that’s not fair for me to say that. I don’t really know them, just what I read about them and we can’t believe everything we read. But, we can wonder and I am wondering about this small charity in need.

Maybe in keeping with the illogical reasoning of having Bristol Palin represent teen abstinence I’m placing my bet that the small charity she will be working with is for abused and neglected children. You know the children who have parents that are so selfish they forget their responsibility to care and pay attention to the child they brought into this world? I can picture her walking into the building and the conversation goes something like this.

“I am here to help. Oh my God, there are so many of them. Are there really that many people in the world without enough money to care for their children?”

“Bristol, abused children come from all walks of life, not just poor families.”

“No, seriously your joking right, because where I come from money is the answer to everything.”

“Bristol think for a minute, you can do it for that long can’t you? There are many children who are brought up in poverty who feel loved and cared for even though they don’t have a lot of stuff. These children go on to become people who help many others in society, by becoming doctors, writers, artists, scientists, or whatever they want to be. Then there are many children brought up in the lap of luxury, we call them the poor little rich kids, who are neglected because their parents take a different view and feel that buying their child stuff is the path to happiness. They leave the child alone – a lot (aka neglect) to pursue the all mighty dollar and the child never learns what love from a parent feels like. Sometimes neglect and abuse of a child come from a poor parent choosing large quantities of alcohol, drugs and good times over caring for their baby or from a rich parent doing the same. Drugs and alcohol impair judgement, that’s a fact not just an opinion. People on these substances are not in their right mind and sometimes do horrible things to their own child. It is a crime to hurt a child but sometimes the hurt is so subtle or hidden you just hope the child can forgive and rise above and go on to be something better than his or her parent was.

This is the part where Bristol’s head will explode and the ratings will go through the roof because violence and sex are what the people are willing to pay for over and over and over again.

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