Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • roadbloc
    Mar 29, 11:21 AM
    The Nokia/Microsoft partnership will guarantee this. It is no joke. I'm already seeing them rise in popularity, plenty shops sell them now.

    And just for them who say Windows Phones are rubbish, they aren't. They are pretty damn good, although I do prefer my iPhone.

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  • jz1492
    Nov 13, 06:26 PM
    Ah, but Apple won't let us sell it in our own store!

    I guess you could say "There's a droid for that", but following my analogy it would be just like a swap meet with a big seller taking up the central aisles.

    But that doesn't mean that now you can reach everyone. The Android swap meet excludes BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, WinMo and Apple customers. You end up with a smaller customer base, with such a diverse set of user needs that you end up pulling your hair out trying to meet every Android phone manufacturer's device specs. :confused:

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  • R2D2 xx
    Mar 22, 01:13 PM
    What about the Mac Pro? It's way past due, would that come first, before the iMac?

    apple doesn't sell as many mac pro's so it's at the end of the list

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  • mac.rumors
    Apr 30, 10:51 PM
    Call me clumsy or whatever, but I hate the 'corners': I accidentally trigger them all the time on a frien's machine. Mostly because I use the Apple menu a lot. I DO miss the old mouse's side buttons/center button!

    Isn't this and your quoted post by JMP the same - MacOS X related troll in an iMac update thread?

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  • BryanLyle
    May 3, 11:18 AM
    "Macworld has confirmation from Apple that the new iMacs will support Target Display Mode but only when the device they are connected to is also a Thunderbolt equipped Mac."

    Is that true?

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  • newdeal
    Apr 22, 11:21 AM
    It doesnt need cpu that badly but could use ipad level battery life

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 14, 12:41 PM
    Yup, I know Apple's marketing loves to be ridiculous. :p 95% of customers* wouldn't notice the difference. I'm one of the 5% who will notice it but its not like I'm buying one, my iMac G5 will keep me happy for another 2+ years.

    *75% of statistics are made up on the spot ;)

    Very nice. :D

    I have to admit, they will be apart of me thats want to drop a Merom into my iMac CD. I may just do it.

    AppleCare or Merom? So many choices!

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 17, 08:29 PM
    (oops, double clicked submit)

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  • kinless
    Apr 4, 11:40 AM
    Guard +1

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  • MacNewsFix
    Apr 19, 09:20 AM
    Samsung also feels the need to depict its products just like Apple's, on a reflective white surface.

    I wonder how it feels to be a designer for Samsung where you are forced to emulate the competitor's work rather than implement your own vision.

    Looking at that image now, I can't believe Samsung missed the opportunity to slap the silhouette of a half-eaten pear on the back. LOL

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  • cube
    Apr 22, 11:48 AM
    And I'm honestly kind of impressed that the MacBook Pro still doesn't give you an option to buy one without a DVD drive; I have a 2011 MBP and I swear, it doesn't get any use whatsoever. Apple's obsession with using every square millimeter of space on a portable device apparently ends when it comes to optical disk drives on MBPs.

    It doesn't happen because what they should really be putting is Blu-Ray.

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  • sully677
    May 1, 12:11 AM
    Any news about a 24in option?

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  • mknopp
    Mar 29, 11:53 AM
    I will pay any attention to this when someone can show me that in 2007 that they predicted that Android would be the market share leader in smartphones in 2011.

    One year projections are tricky. Four year projections in an emerging tech category are a joke. What about WebOS or Motorola's new OS for smartphones? They may not go anywhere or they might and these yahoos don't even account for them at all.

    The very fact that they honestly seem to think that the only smartphone OSes that will have any sort of market share in four years are the ones that exist today tells you just how much anyone should pay attention to this.

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 25, 02:04 AM
    Uh no I didn't. I just interpreted the law. As someone implied earlier, this could all be a ruse. I might not have done anything I said in this thread. No one here can know 100% for sure, because you did not witness the event I claim occurred. That simple fact, in addition to any record searching anyone did without a warrant would be an invasion of privacy would get anything I say in this thread thrown out of court faster than you could blink.


    OP, I do find it amusing you think you know the intricacies of the law just because your uncle is a judge

    Until you have the education/training yourself, I would not be so confident in your opinions...especially as one who has not even finished hs

    I also advise you to stop digging yourself in a hole. I feel you are rapidly losing any credibility/respect that many long time posters previously had of you due to this very, and I mean very childish and selfish mindset you are exhibiting in this thread

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  • Bern
    Aug 23, 05:14 PM
    Well for a company that's almost bankrupt I guess this was a worthwhile event for them. Now Creative can continue to make "adapted copies" of the iPod and lose money all over again.

    Judging by their past business practices it's only a matter of time before they teeter on the edge of insolvency then I guess they'll have to come up with another reason to sue Apple all over again.

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  • homsar
    Mar 29, 11:11 AM
    I call (early) April Fool's joke. The figures don't make any sense, and they're being given by Llamas.

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  • jjhny
    Mar 23, 06:23 PM
    Drunk people aren't gonna be coherent enough to check their phones for check points. Let's the other sane people avoid the added traffic.

    Exactly correct. I am actually more afraid of someone texting while driving. Now that actually scares me more... and how do we stop that? Make handheld devices illegal! There, more lives saved. Outlaw the iphone, android, etc.

    I would say outlaw all cell phones that have text capability (/sarc).

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  • dongmin
    Sep 4, 07:56 PM
    If you're like me, you don't have your Mac right next to your TV. Not only would I have to string a DVI/HDMI cable aaaall the way across the room, I would also have to get an equally long digital audio cable. Probably end up costing about the same as a video AirPort Express (if they keep the prices the same) but with the added hassle of getting those cables across the room.

    This would be a lot less expensive than buying a Mac mini, especially if you already have a powerful desktop just waiting to play some HD videos...Apple seems to agree with you. They want you to buy lifestyle products that complement your Mac and the iLife apps, as opposed to a sepearte 'Media Center' type hardware.

    For me personally, I fantasize about an inexpensive media server that connects to your TV and stereo components and also streams movies, music, photos, etc. to individual computers in your household. It'd basically be a Tivo on steroids. I think this device too can complement the rest of the Mac-iLife world quite nicely.

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  • afields
    Sep 14, 01:15 AM
    gahhhhh.....these iphone rumors are driving me crazy....with anticipation. When is the gonna finally happen? Hopefully before the end of the year.

    World Citizen
    Mar 30, 11:37 AM
    Lets sue the name "apple"

    "the compound noun 'apple' means simply ' a healthy object created by nature wich will give you pleasure and a longer life,' which is merely a definition of the thing itself--a generic characterization."

    Sep 14, 03:17 AM
    Sure is overpriced! Over in Australia it's around $1200. The one good thing I liked was the diamond coated dsiplay. It was scratch proof. Maybe apple should diamond coat their iphone! :p

    EDIT: Actually I just did a bit of research. I think my claim that they diamond coated their displays is false. No one take my word on it.

    Diamond wouldn't be a good choice for a display coating.... Sapphire would
    be much better.

    Mar 14, 01:06 PM
    I recently installed Flash player on the PC side and without my permission McAffe was installed....ARGGGHH.

    Bull�hit. It asked your permission, you just clicked through without reading.

    Apr 10, 11:14 AM
    There's also one other thing:

    Sweden | 9.29 million people
    United States | 309 million people
    (2010 estimates)

    Population does count. We probably have 10 Swedens worth of people that are in the same situation as Sweden itself.

    Sadly, it does appear that USA is on a downward slide with all the problems lately but we could still recover if we could just do something about it.

    Oct 28, 07:35 PM
    I'm not going to wade through all of the posts here and delete another few dozen off-topic ones, but it's clear that this thread is incapable of staying on-topic, which is a requirement in the news forums, and so it's being closed.

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