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  • portishead
    Apr 13, 12:07 AM
    The BBC just purchased 4,000 Premiere systems.

    LOL. 4000 editors are gonna be pissed.

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  • iMeowbot
    Sep 26, 02:01 AM
    Thanks. That's not particularly encouraging... I'm not in the habit of 'doing stuff in the background' when I'm working, unless it's disk-burning. :(
    The situation with Illustrator is particularly maddening, because it's just the sort of thing that could do really well on a pile of CPUs if it was written to take advantage of them :(

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  • r1ch4rd
    Apr 22, 11:02 PM
    Dawkins might. As I said before, most atheists are agnostic atheists.

    I think the definition is a bit tricky to nail down. I don't think that theists know that there is a God. They just believe that there is. I think my belief is just as strong as that. They may argue otherwise.

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 3, 06:02 AM
    OK to swerve this thread back on topic, what if Apple is planning to unleash a massive multi-core assault and fill that big middle gap in the lineup at the same time?
    Here's the theory;
    January Macworld Steve unveils the 8 core Mac Pro, no surprises there, shows off the massive power using Leopard demo's etc. Great for Pro's (like Multimedia and myself) but not much use to the average guy. Prices stay the same or even rise slightly, after all, we are talking 8 cores here. Previously you needed to spend $7-8k to get that kind of power. But what if the one more thing was a Kentsfield Mac Pro (using the C2Q6600), a i975 Mb with DDR2 ram, etc, etc . Sloting into that $1400-2000 zone? I dont see this competing with the iMac, esp. since you get a 24" screen with your $2000 iMac. It's just another choice. Use the same case, make it black or something, but you now have
    Mac Mini 2 cores
    iMac 2 cores + Widescreen display
    Mac Prosumer 4 cores + upgradeable
    Mac Pro 8 cores for ultimate power.

    Sounds good......:)I'm with you there. Not new that there is a small group here that can't understand why the Conroe card isn't being played yet. Kentsfield has got to be coming to a Mac Pro soon, iMacs next Spring and then Kentsfield's successor Bloomsfield in the 2008 iMacs later. Then in 2009 let's see 8-core Yorkfield in that year's iMacs please.

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  • Corban987
    Apr 26, 11:44 PM
    I have recently started using OS X on a hackintosh, I have 1 windows Vista, 1 Win 7, and 1 Hackintosh.

    I will start with the things I do not like about OS X
    - Finder is really bad, the sorting of files is not very nice as folders are sorted among the files, and I like in windows how I can click the date column and the files resort, this is not available in Finder
    - Full Screen, I can't make my apps full screen, I am used to it now and don't even full screen my windows apps anymore.
    - Windows short cuts, F2 - Rename, Win D - Desktop, Win R - Run (I used this to load calc, cmd, notepad faster than using the mouse and start bar), Win E - loads explorer, (I still find myself trying this on OS X to load finder), using keyboard to navigate through explorer
    - Office is better on Windows than on Mac
    - those damn dstore files it leaves everywhere
    - No KOREAN commercial websites accept anything other than Internet Explorer, so much for customer choice.

    Now what I liked about OS X
    - Launch bar - this is so much better than the windows start bar/toolbar
    - everything works, drivers aren't crashing or conflicting
    - Timemachine
    - No Virus protection required, I had to be careful about websites in windows, well not so much in OS X
    - Sleep - so fast to wake up, and so fast to sleep
    - Keyboard is much nicer
    - Easier to install/uninstall applications
    - Adding/removing items on the launch bar
    - simple control panel where its obvious what everything is
    - boot up time even after 12 months of running and no matter how many programs I have installed, windows just takes forever to load, the more you add to windows the longer it takes to load
    - no annoying questions, example when installing on windows you have to answer yes about 10 times then finish, on OS X just drag to APPS and then click it to run (may need password first time its run)
    - Force quit option on right click to kill unresponsive apps - no need to CTRL ALT DEL to get to task manager (then wait for that to load if it will)
    - Can run windows on OSX using Parallels or other virtualisation software, and it does it better than the virtualisation software in windows, ie. I can run the Windows app in the virtual machine but the VM is hidden only the app window is visible so it actually looks like it is running in OSX as a OSX application as the VM machine and desktop is all hidden.
    - Can dual boot Windows and OS X (PC cannot do this), so if I choose to like Windows better I can just not boot into OSX and I end up with great looking windows machine.
    - Less software to choose from so at least I know the software that is available is not software that is going to harm my computer and that it will most likely work (if not I find a windows version and run it in the VM)
    - The filesystem is more organised, so less looking for files
    - No DLL's to worry about
    - No registry hacks, errors, or cleaning
    - Dual monitors is easier to set up and control
    - iPhoto - at least the mac comes with decent video and picture software

    Now Mac vs PC (Hardware not OS)
    - Mac is more compact
    - Mac is much more lighter, comparing case, screen to the iMac (iMac is Half the weight)
    - Mac has significantly better design and style
    - PC is more upgradable (but I used to think thiis was good - I never upgraded any PC of mine even though this was why I always got big towers, extra PCI slots, made sure I had SLI - I never ended up upgrading to take advantage of this, my upgrades ended up with better motherboards and video cards at same time)
    - PC can fit more Hard Disks internal to machine, Mac is either NAS or USB
    - Apples pricing is biased to the US market, Both apps and hardware are cheaper in the US than in any other country even after taking into consideration freight, Tax etc.

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 15, 11:27 PM
    my guess is it is going to come down to them fillings the chamber with concrete

    I thought the same thing ... I wish I knew what was going to happen between now and the Concrete Fix.

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  • nixd2001
    Oct 12, 09:48 AM
    Originally posted by MacCoaster

    javajedi's Java and Cocoa/Objective-C code has been available here ( for a couple of days. My C# port is available for examination if you e-mail me.

    I was thinking of the x86 and PPC assembler produced for the core loops. I could bung the C through GCC and get some assembler on my windy tunnels, true, but I'm not geared up to do the Windows side of things.

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  • UnixMac
    Oct 8, 05:04 PM
    We're on the same sheet of music, Java...

    I for one don't know a thing about using XP/2000 on a desktop, as I have no desire to learn it. I was a windows man from the days of 3.1 thru 98SE, and then I had to go back to Apple, having left them with my IBM PCXT in 1982. I like the IIe, but IBM seemed to be more serious about software at the time. I missed the whole Mac thing, and only joined in with my lastest rig.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 30, 07:29 AM
    Thank God Apple users just amount 3% -or something like that- in the computer industry (forget about the ipod)...

    If everybody thought like most people in this board, the world would be a more scarier (if possible) place to live in...

    I wonder if Dell rated highly because of that battery thing :confused:

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  • PhantomPumpkin
    Apr 21, 08:51 AM
    I own 3 macs and 5 advices. I have a PhD in electrical engineering and designed microprocessors for 14 years, including microprocessors used in many PCs. I've written millions of lines of source code in C, assembler, C++, etc.

    And most of the folks I know who use Linux or solaris all day at work to design chips use macs at home and carry iPhones. I don't know a single one of them who uses an android phone (many carry blackberries however).

    Shhh. Your experiences are obviously the exception, since they don't conform to his viewpoints.

    To be honest, the really "tech savy" ones are the ones who can and do use MULTIPLE platforms. Not just Windows, nor Mac, nor Linux, but a combination of many.

    I do love his "IT guy" argument though. I just had a friend's father, 20+ years as an IT Professional, convert over to Mac after getting fed up with the Windows Virus/Malware/other random issues train.

    He posted the pic of him in the Apple store looking at an iMac with the caption, "You're doing it right."


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  • myamid
    Sep 12, 07:17 PM
    Here's another pic from the event today, taken by the Gizmodo guys...

    Looks like a squished Mini :p

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  • dgree03
    Apr 21, 08:46 AM
    Yeah, I wonder that too sometimes.

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  • WestonHarvey1
    Apr 15, 10:10 AM
    These gay kids need examples of hope and success.

    Um, they're everywhere. Statistics show gays have higher incomes. Gays are 3% of the population, yet you can't name a single new show on TV in the past few years that doesn't have at least one gay character.

    They're doing fine, and I find it hard to believe kids aren't already seeing examples of that on the internet.

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  • millerb7
    May 2, 10:59 AM
    Are you sure that is the end of it, just having safe files checked and this thing installs itself? I'm trying to figure out where this is happening (i tested it myself and all it did was unzip the .zip file, it didn't automatically launch the package installer and then click the Install button for me).

    I mean your #1 issue is using safari... it sucks for anything of importance anyways besides random basic surfing.

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  • whoami
    Apr 12, 10:38 PM
    $300! Makes me think Logic Studio X might be $199.

    This is beyond overdue! :eek:

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 20, 12:36 AM
    Sounds like a very cool device.

    But to be honest, I am hoping this is just one device of many TV integrated services for apple.

    1- more dvr hdtv functionality
    2- hdmi output in 1080p for television of computer and hdtv content
    3- blu-ray drive for movies and for data use
    4- Apple Televisions/monitors (yes tv's with speakers and hdmi inputs in addition to computer inputs)
    5- Itunes movie shop with HDTV Rentals, not have to purchase everything, but instead be able to rent with unlimited views for 1 week. and viewing window can start when user initiates, ie, download lots of movies for a trip, then go view

    well i can always hope. :-)

    lets hope for a 60" Apple tv/monitor is coming for release soon. this would power a home theater and be usable for much more

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  • Macaroony
    Apr 24, 01:34 PM
    I'll support any group (religious or secular) that:

    A: Doesn't try to curtail my freedom and liberty and

    B: Acts as a bulwark against any group which does seek to curtail my freedom and liberty.

    Currently the biggest threat to freedom and democracy is Islam. Call me a bigot or "islamophobe" but that's just burying one's head in the sand. Thus, I support Rational Secularists, Atheists, Agnostics, Israel, Judaism (Orthodox), Christians, and Eastern faiths like Baha'i, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Hindus, etc etc.

    Apologies if I've left anyone out.
    If it weren't a generous attitude I would call it naive. People following the Jewish or the Christian faith to a tee can be just as threatening to everyone's freedom and all-around democracy p just look at your own doorstep. It takes a secular Jew, Christian or even Islamist (of which there are more than you would think) to fit that bill.

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  • jragosta
    Mar 18, 04:43 PM
    Obviously, Apple will freak (what else is new...), but all this does is provide a shortcut around the burn-to-CD-and-rerip shortcut that's built into iTunes. You still need to buy the music. So, at best, this makes it easier to share music, but it doesn't provide a new capability.

    I think it's a great convenience. I'm just saying that the inevitable wrath-of-God response from Apple is somewhat unwarranted.

    I disagree. What he's doing is illegal and unethical.

    If you burn a CD and rip it back, you're losing quality. The owners of the music (mostly RIAA, but anyone who licenses it to Apple) apparently decided that they can live with that. They did NOT agree to what this guy is doing.

    It's theft, pure and simple.

    More like the wrath-of-Jobs! :rolleyes:

    Anyway, I've never been one to agree with the Windows people that argue the security-by-obscurity for why Mac OS X is not hacked to bits like Windows, but it would seem that this adds aome serious fire to their arguement. Here in music where Apple is the most popular and widely used, they are getting hacked (semi-successfully) more often than their WMA counterpart.

    There's a big difference. This is not a system security flaw. It's simply a matter of someone reverse engineering a file format. AFAIK, there isn't a single file format which has not been reverse engineered. That's actually a trivial task.

    iTMS just used web service interfaces and XML over HTTP... It will be interesting to see just how they could stop an app from accessing.

    What is more likely is that the iTMS servers would add in the DRM and buyer metadata before it gets downloaded. Its actually a little shocking that it wasn't designed to do that in the first place!

    Yes, they could do that.

    They will also easily obtain a court injunction to stop this. What he's doing is illegal from two perspectives. First, it's a violation of the iTMS terms of service (which allows only iTunes access). Second, it's a violation of DCMA.

    Personally I think this is great! Any sort of DRM sucks, even if it is rather "liberal". That's like giving all your customers in your shop a pair of handcuffs to prevent theft, and saying "but these cuffs are really comfortable".

    I happen to disagree - but that's because my company depends on the ability to protect our intellectual property in order to stay in business.

    The music owners have the right to do whatever they want with the music. You can legally (and morally) do what they request or live without their music.

    Your position is the same as a person who steals a BMW because he doesn't like the purchase terms.

    This is great news - by removing the DRM I can play my music on any device I like. It is my music after all. .

    No, it's not your music. The music belongs to whoever the artist sold it to (usually a member of the RIAA). They sell you a license to use the music under a given set of terms. If you violate the terms that you paid for, you're stealing.

    And if the industry would sell cheaper music without DRM then P2P wouldn't be as big of a problem.

    If BMW would sell cheaper 5 series cars, no one would steal them.

    The music industry owns the music - and they're free to price it however they want. If you think the price is too high, your only legal and moral response is to not buy it. Not liking the price is not justification for theft.

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  • 840quadra
    Apr 28, 08:17 AM
    You don't get it.

    Please elaborate LTD.

    Sep 24, 01:50 AM
    I'm 99% sure the machine is intended as an independent hub that can use iTunes libraries on the same network but can also go to the iTS directly and view content straight from there (and possibly other sources, such as Google Video.)

    You are going to be sorely disappointed then!.

    The iTV most definitely requires a computer. The iTV is a like a suped up Airport extreme for video. It has already been demoed and it requires a computer. The computer streams the iTunes content to the iTV and the iTV receives the stream and translates it into video and audio out via an HDMI or SVGA connection to your TV. The iTV also supports front row and allows remote control of the iTunes source machine.

    There maybe more features in the future but those are the reported and demoed features.

    Mar 18, 06:31 PM
    All this is just a more convenient way to get the same result as running your purchased music through Hymn or JHymn. It's not quite the same as burning and ripping a CD though, since that is lossy.

    Nov 3, 11:23 AM
    Someone give multimedia 8 cores please. so he will have more time to bring the know. :D
    you rock ;)

    Apr 9, 09:32 AM
    So does that means you didn't like Jungle Hunt?

    Or that millions don't play WOW.

    Apr 28, 07:35 AM
    No surprise the iPad is just a fad and people are starting to realize how limited it is. Its frustrating on a lot of cool websites and no file system makes it very limited.

    Stuck record! Same old comment, still not true.

    They can sell as many as they can make, production is the limiting factor at the moment NOT lack of demand.

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