Friday, May 13, 2011

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  • Small White Car
    Apr 5, 02:22 PM
    :confused: ALready has Friend Jailbreaking is already legal

    So you used the terms "I will revel in the day" and "yes it will happen" for something that's already happened?

    Uh...ok. :confused:

    Based on your future tense I assumed you meant the day when Apple will actually endorse Jailbreaking directly, not the day they'd be forced to simply allow it. Apparently you were using future tense to talk about past events, so you can see how I got confused.

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  • meanmusic
    Jul 21, 05:22 PM
    If Intel really can start shipping merom by early August (and we see another manufacturer or two ship such laptops), then WWDC would be a perfectly fine place to introduce new MacBook Pros. But I doubt they'll be ready that early.

    Intel has already started shipping Merom. According to Intel retail products should be arriving at the end of July.

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  • Tsunami911
    Apr 5, 02:26 PM
    Did anyone seriously not see this coming. Who is the idiot at the ad company and Toyota that thought this might fly?

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 10, 01:17 PM
    To get 2 requires you to make assumptions about the equation. If you make no assumptions and simply apply the rules then you get 288

    No matter what you do you have to make an assumption as to what "/" means. Nobody over the age of 10 should be using that notation for this exact reason.

    Therefore, assume that author wanted to use "_" but couldn't as this is a forum not suited to equation writing and work from there. I believe the logical conclusion is 288, but that is not the same as saying the answer is 288.

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  • shaolindave
    May 4, 06:12 PM
    I said it in the other thread : All for a download version of OS X Lion, but it should not be through the app store like the current DP. Checkout should provide you with a disc image that you burn to your own DVD/USB Thumb drive.

    It's how Linux distributions have been doing it for the last 10 years.

    Or if it really must be through the app store, provide a small disc image download that when booted off of, just provides an interface to sign-in to the App Store and install Lion, like RedHat was doing in 1996 with its "NetInstall" floppies that were just an installer than fetched its media over FTP or NFS.

    i'll have no problem with it being in the App store, so long as disc backups will be allowed (and easy to accomplish).

    Currently, 0% of app store products come with the option to make a physical backup. sure there's ways to do it, pretty easily in fact, but no apps are sold with this in mind because there's never been an app that'd need this feature before.

    I personally wouldn't buy Lion from the App Store with the current store's setup, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else either.

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  • ThunderSkunk
    Mar 26, 10:09 PM
    What crack-addled mind seriously thinks it'd be sensible or probable that Apple would come out with a new iPad 5 months after... coming out with a new iPad?

    I mean, I suppose, if they just wanted to take the biggest splashiest attention grabber product they have and not bother capitalizing on all the time & money they spent on iPad2, and just completely hamfist the frickin thing up it's own arse for the sheer bloody hell of it, then yea, sure it makes total sense.

    Also, the cloud is only as good as your connection, which is usually less than wonderful, especially with every frickin app in the appstore trying to stream everything it does over wifi, not to mention, god forbid, you actually have other computers in the house trying to send data over your network too. Open that physical USB bus up already! ...or better yet light peak connectivity...

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  • guzhogi
    Aug 7, 06:41 PM
    1 GB Sticks are only $125 each from Third Parties. (

    2x1 = 2GB = $250 vs Apples 4x 512 NOT 6x 512 = + $270
    4x1 = 4GB = $500 vs. Apple's $990

    I think you really should change your order to base ram and add TWO 1GB sticks for only $250 for a total of 3GB to begin with for less than the cost of TWO from Apple taking up only 4 slots. :)
    A good site for RAM is A lot (as in most, if not all) of the RAM is generic, but much cheaper than Apple's!

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 27, 12:09 AM
    If true...sounds like iPhone 3GS and iPad 1 owners are going to be shown the door.

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  • Bonte
    Jul 30, 12:23 PM
    But then the acronym would iPP :D

    Or iPod iPhone - iPiP :) (

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  • aznguyen316
    May 6, 04:25 AM
    No Intel, no care.

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    Jul 21, 02:47 PM
    With the more frequent processor changes/speed upgrades that goes along with switching to Intel, what is Apple going to do with all the "left overs" of old versions of products?

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  • XForge
    Aug 4, 01:41 PM
    I think we're ready now to have a Merom mini at the house. It's the perfect machine for the townhome 'cuz it'll boot any OS we need and takes up absoultely bupkes for space. Whee!! And a 19" flatpanel. And a fat external HD.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 3, 11:37 PM
    are people not expecting merom to go immediately into the macbook as well? i don't see a reason for apple to purposely gimp their best-selling notebook when a merom chip is supposed to cost the same as its yonah counterpart.I think the very last machine to get it will be the bottom end MacBook and slowest Mac Mini. There is no reason why they could not offer both Yonah and Merom in the same systems since they are the same sockets. With the discounted Yonah or Core Solo they could hit there $499 price point on the mini and $899 for the Core Duo white MacBook. The Black MacBook will see Merom near the same time as MBP. They may wait 3 weaks or so to see if the Merom supply can meet demand.

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  • joelypolly
    Jul 30, 03:05 AM
    Given that Apple has always went for the mid market components I don't think this phone will appeal to the phone nerds/freaks like me. But then us being freaks don't represent much of the market.
    Personally I would love to see Apple pair up with Sharp to do a phone.

    Currently I would say sharp has the best high-end mobile on the market that isn't symbian/WMP. You can't bet a phone with a 3.2MP camera, 2x optical zoom and a 640X480 screen. It's a really pity that if Apple brings out anything it will be 1.3MP camera, no zoom and prob a 320x240 screen... but I guess at least it will look good...

    Most of the really good mobile phones are restricted to Japan only so hopefully apple can bring some of the cool stuff around the world.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 25, 11:35 AM
    Except that neither cares about watching YOU.

    You don't believe a company whose sole source of revenue is providing advertising and data search services cares about keeping an eye on you???

    Ignorance truly is bliss.

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 22, 11:40 PM
    I did double the ram from 256 to 512, and didn't notice anthing.That's because you have to get to 1GB before you see the substantial increse in speed. Both my Cubes have 1.5 GB inside and I'm sure it's the only way to fly them properly. That 256 Module was a waste of money. You should put a 512 in that last empty slot at least for only $70 to get it up to a Gig.

    I just don't see much point in upgrading a computer that I expect will only be useful for its hard-drive on a home network.
    But you are right, RAM is dirt cheap nowadays.

    I think you missed my point about Yonah Macbooks. I want the price to drop. There is no point in me owning a Merom Macbook if I buy an iMac. The present Macbook is easily fast enough for writing essays on the train, wouldn't you agree?Price is not going to go down. That's where Apple wants it. You'll have to get a refurb for $949. Lower than that will probably not happen until next year - if they still have them in stock. For writing, you can still buy a 14" iBook for $999 - the 12" iBook refurbs are all gone and the 14" iBook is $999 - in other words, rediculously overpriced. So no money can be saved and you appear to have no imagination for how you could use the additional power in future.

    $949 seems reasonable to me. But I don't want Yonah inside. So I will continue to wait for the 17" MBP with Merom+Santa Rosa+Leopard+802.11n inside next Spring. I might pull the trigger on a Merom refurb MacBook later this year. Knowing what's coming next year makes me want to wait for the whole shebang. But I may cave once Merom MacBooks go refurb to tide me over.

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  • milo
    Sep 11, 01:34 PM

    Read the thread. (HINT: yes)

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  • MonkeySee....
    Mar 28, 10:31 AM
    haha. Love people saying they will move phones if we don't see the new iphone this year.

    Are people really that fed up with what they currently have? :confused:

    I've a 3gs and it's plugging away quite nicely. I don't need a new phone but I would like one when it does come out.

    I'm looking forward to lion and iPad giving me my Apple fix for the year. Why can't we just let Apple get it right instead of jumping all over them?

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  • shaolindave
    May 4, 05:46 PM
    Oh! I see. I can agree to that.

    If Apple does not allow that, I might as well go out and buy the DVD or USB for such a purpose.

    If Apple does not allow that, then a failed hard drive would mean that the only way to install your legal copy of OS X would be to buy a second copy of OS X. Hopefully they see the flaws and will do something about it.

    Aug 2, 11:23 AM
    Its been my experience that after the Expo there's always something released about a month or so AFTER the expo.

    In addition to that, isn't there a Paris thing in September or something in September?? I remember seeing September on a calendar somewhere that related to Apple...

    Christopher Powers

    Jul 22, 04:29 PM
    Nearly the entire line of majot Apple products is in need of an update.

    Now that we are using Intel, I wonder if we will start to see speed bumps every three months instead of every six.

    May 4, 03:09 PM
    This sounds high risk to me.
    Better to go with optical media.
    I wonder if this could leave a number of Macs crippled if their current OS is unstable or otherwise impaired?
    Still they test this stuff right? In multiple scenarios. Will antivirus software and the like let these OS changes occur?

    Aug 4, 12:58 AM
    Who voted negative????? You want it slower, eh? Give the man a G3! No, a 601!

    he can have one my old 68k's

    Apr 21, 04:49 PM
    If it doesn't have Lights Out Management, it isn't a server. Our datacenter doesn't even allow servers without LOM into the building, and I agree with that policy. There's more to making a server than turning it sideways and bolting it to a rack.

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