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cricket world cup final 2011 photos

cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup final photos
  • cricket world cup final photos

  • johnnowak
    Mar 20, 07:00 AM
    Gah... "it's against the law"... whatever.

    When stuff is ********, you have to protest. I assume you also think all "illegal" protests, such as the sit-ins and the like during the civil rights movement, were wrong because they were technically illegal?

    My mp3 collection is 100% legal (ripped from CDs and downloaded from artists' websites). However, I might consider using this service. Everyone still gets paid, and I get a version of the song that I CAN ****ING PLAY ON MY LINUX PARTITION. *ahem*

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. world cup cricket final 2011
  • world cup cricket final 2011

  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Mar 14, 12:18 AM
    I hope you are aware that Bikini Atol is exactly where Godzilla was born.
    I cannot like this comment enough. I'm a life long Godzilla fan!

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. world cup cricket final 2011
  • world cup cricket final 2011

  • RogueWarrior65
    Aug 30, 10:31 AM
    Greenpeas never gave a damn until Apple was a red-hot company again. Same thing with Creative. You waited THIS long to bitch and moan about your intellectual property?

    No lawyer ever gives a crap unless the target has lots of money.

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  • World Cup Final

  • Speedy2
    Oct 7, 11:38 AM
    Erm.. you're being closed minded.

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  • world cup cricket 2011 final

  • chrono1081
    Apr 20, 09:31 PM
    I honestly have no idea how you have the job that you do, because you fail tremendously in this aspect.

    I have the job that I do because I know MUCH more about Windows than you do obviously. If you think what I posted above is a bunch of fud then you really don't know anything about Windows OS or manual malware removal. There is all kinds of ways malware can hide and on Windows many times the only way you know its on the system is by finding altered registry keys, but removing the key doesn't remove the malware so you have to manually dig for files. Most of the time you can find them by looking but some malware uses the feature to hide folders completely even if you tell the system to show all files. If you want a prime example of a virus that does this look up and infect your system with Oboma (yes its spelled incorrectly). It went around our workplace all the time and most of the time it used the file hiding technique mentioned above. Another is WD32Silly (or something close to that). Thats another one that always did it. With over 6,000 users to support I see this stuff all the time.

    EDIT: This is why tools that access files outside the OS are popular, like BartPE and various other packages. You can see these files if Windows is not booted up and your not plugging the drive into another machine.

    Why do they allow the files to be hidden?

    Of course if you used Norton you wouldn't have this problem. :D:D:D

    Actually....we use Symantec which is the the first scanner we use which doesn't find anything ;) Or, to its credit it will find something, but not remove it (hence how we find out the names half of the time). Honestly though you really want multi-layered scanning. If the program on the computer doesn't catch anything it goes to IT and we scan it with other tools, as a last resort we will manually remove it but if it doesn't work or ends up being to "messy" the machine gets re-imaged.

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup final pics
  • cricket world cup final pics

  • gohanmzt
    Apr 20, 06:47 PM
    Once you use Windows, you are doing something stupid :D
    Well not really, I guess if you want a computer that is cheap and weak, you can get a Windows computer.


    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup final 2011
  • cricket world cup final 2011

  • Lone Deranger
    Apr 9, 01:10 PM
    Hard core gaming is PC gaming. Why because you have to really care about the quality of your games to go out and spend 1000 plus just to play games.
    Second iOS devices are not competing with nintendo or Sony's portables. People buy an iPhone as a phone, not to play games and the same goes with all the iOS devices. People Pick up a Portable game like a DS or PSP to play games not to listen to music not to surf the web or watch movies. You are comparing a device that does gaming as a secondary function to something that was developed for the one purpose of gaming.

    Nintendo and Sony beg to differ....

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup final 2011
  • cricket world cup final 2011

  • Iscariot
    Mar 25, 04:50 PM

    I'm far from the first or only person who has deviated from the original topic. You can either move with the discussion, or virtually everything from page 2 on is off-topic. For those of you playing at home, the goalposts have now been moved from hatred to violence to violence specifically from a catholic source to violence specifically from a "real" catholic.
    IIRC, you're also the one that made up a statistic

    Despite your disregard for the pretext of civility, my source was wikipedia, which I did in fact cite in post #27. I'll thank you not to make unfounded accusations.

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup final photos
  • cricket world cup final photos

  • jonnyb
    Apr 15, 09:10 AM
    Personally, I think it's great. However, they should be careful. Moves like this have the potential to alienate customers. That said, props to the employees.

    If they alienate customers who think bullying people into suicidal depression is a good thing, then great.

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. Final Cricket World Cup
  • Final Cricket World Cup

  • elbirth
    Oct 13, 07:29 PM is good, but the members at Fatwallet are HARDCORE savers. Definitely worth checking out.

    Just a quick comment about this:
    I completely agree that you can get some great deals from Fatwallet forumers. My only problem with quite a number of their deals is that they require you to jump through so many loops to get them- i.e, buy at one store with a coupon via Fatwallet to get some money back via FatCash, then take it to a store to price match, send in 4 rebates, sacrifice a goat, and pray to the deal gods that it all goes through in 6-8 weeks.

    dealmac focuses on finding straight-forward deals that don't require a lot of hassle and has at *least* 1 writer and 1 editor investigate any given deal before it gets posted on the front page to ensure that it's valid. Of course mistakes take place and prices change... But I'm not the type to want to try reaching out on a limb to get a good deal and risk breaking my neck (read: my finances). For the people that are willing to do it, more power to you.

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. world cup cricket final 2011
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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 11, 04:27 AM
    Live Coverage here...

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. 2011 cricket world cup final
  • 2011 cricket world cup final

  • Multimedia
    Sep 26, 12:54 PM
    I'm aware of Tigerton, but I was told in another thread that it's not a true successor to Clovertown and could not possibly be used in a Mac Pro. That being the case, is Clovertown it until -- Harpertown?If what you say is true, then yes that would be IT. Why won't Tigerton go in Summer '07 Mac Pros?

    Odd, since my three-year-old dual-2.0 PM still does a great job for more than just "the simplest type of stuff"... so you're saying that Apple actually made the dual-core PMs slower than their much-older dual-CPU ancestors?No I'm saying once you get used to the speed of a Quad and you have everyday need for all those cores, then ALL the single 2GHz DC or Dual Processor Macs are LAME. I happen to have found a burning need for as many cores as I can get my hands on this past Winter so when I turn to use the single 2GHz DC G5 PM it hits the wall of power needed in nothing flat and is crawling incredibly slowly toward the finish line all the time. Even it's basic responsiveness is considerably slower than that of the Quad's.

    I'm crushing video constantly. Unusual power-all-the-time need. I need to run two, three, sometimes even four multi-core enabled processes simultaneously almost all the time and each one can use up to 3 even 4 cores on the Intel Mac Pro (I tested my apps on the Mac Pro in an Apple Store). So I am not saying it's not ok for email and browsing although that would not be possible on any of the DP or DC PMs while my video crushing operations are running as well.

    That's what happend to me in January. I had a 2.5 GHz DP G5 PM and suddenly, as I really got this video crushing process rolling, I hit the wall and it was like being back in 1985 with a Mac Plus. NOTHING would work beyond crushing video very slowly. It scared me to death. In a panic, I ordered a refurb Quad G5 and thank God I did 'cause that old 2.5 GHz Dual Porcessor G5 was way underpowered for what I for what I was wanting to do all the time.

    I recently went into a Fry's in Campbell just after the Mac Pros were announced. They had a sign up Apple PowerMac G5 $864.26 for the 2GHz DC same generation as the Quad but the bottom $2k model from last October '05. Couldn't pass it up. But I can tell you that it is very slow with very limited processing power compared to the Quad. I am a veteran G5 PM guy. I had the original 2GHz DP G5 like you still have, two 2.5GHz DP G5's, the Quad G5 and now most recetly, at a bargain I couldn't pass up, the 2GHz DC G5. I love 'em all. But they do not provide enough cores for the type of work I do a lot.

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. Cricket World Cup Final 2011
  • Cricket World Cup Final 2011

  • drsmithy
    Sep 26, 12:23 AM
    So say I�m using my 8-core Mac Pro for CPU intensive digital audio recording. Would I be able to assign two cores the main program, two to virtual processing, two to auxiliary �re-wire� applications, and two to the general system? If so, I guess I need to hold out on my impending Mac Pro purchase!

    You can typically bind processes to specific cores. Some OSes have a concept of processor "pools" where you can group, say, 3 CPUs together and assign a certain group of processes to them, another 2 CPUs get a different set of processes, etc.

    Most of the time though (outside of benchmarks and corner cases) you're generally better off letting the OS's scheduler shuffle tasks around CPUs as it sees fit.

    OS X still has a ways to go with its multiprocessor support, however, so it might not do it as well as other platforms do yet.

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  • world cup cricket final 2011

  • Simm0nS777
    Mar 18, 12:46 PM
    How the hell do you propose they implement an "Hey, it's cool if you tether with your unlimited, since you're just browsing forums" policy? Because, you know what? Not everyone tethering on unlimited is as cool as you.

    Maybe if they make everyone pinky swear on it?

    I just dont get why all you are acting like children about it. Who cares? what is your 3G download speed gonna go up by .00001?

    I see people who claim they have used like 80 gigs in a month. Do I care and cry that ATT should do something about it so they can "clear" up the network for me? No I dont give a crap. My speeds are great even with all that. ATT introducing tethering is MUCH worse than the select few who jailbreak and tether.

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup 2011 final
  • cricket world cup 2011 final

  • ddtlm
    Oct 10, 01:10 PM

    Great to see you fighting the good fight!


    As true as it is that the G4 is slower than most of its compeditiors, when it is performing as bad as the numbers that some people have posted here then I can just about assure you that the Mac is at a severe software disadvantage. I mean really, look at the specs of a G4, the worst case performance delta between it and a top-of-the-line PC should be maybe 4x or 5x, not these 10x and higher numbers. There are very few situations when a G4 should do less work per clock than a P4.

    So lets try to remain realistic here. It is virtually gaurenteed that the actual performance potential of a 1.25ghz G4 falls between that of a 1.3ghz P4 and the 2.8ghz P4.

    Almost forgot to talk about SPEC. Some time ago, the only SPEC results that I know of for Macs were obtained by c't:

    In these they showed the G4 was more or less the same speed as a P3 of equal clock (1.0ghz) in the integer tests, when both where done done with GCC. Intel's compiler can give the P3 at 30% edge or something, so we know that the quality of compiler is hurting the G4 here. It is not fair to look at SPEC and declare other chips to be a zillion times faster than the G4, simply because they are all using very good compilers whereas Apple is stuck with GCC. Apple is working to improve GCC however, so things may get better.

    (In SPEC FP the G4 get beat worse, I might add. Compilers played a role for sure, but can't explain the whole loss.)

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  • miloblithe
    Aug 29, 10:56 AM
    Boo hoo. its a business, waht do they realistically expect?

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. cricket world cup 2011 final
  • cricket world cup 2011 final

  • sisyphus
    Sep 25, 11:59 PM (
    Kentsfield/Core 2 Quadro is also unlikely to see an inclusion in any current models.

    Which of course leads to the missing piece! :D

    We can't just go from 2 Cores on the iMac to 8 Cores on the Mac Pro without a handy dandy 4 core prosumer model in the middle. ;)

    (Somebody around here has to keep the "Mac" computer around in the rumor threads). :rolleyes:

    I had thought Apple was going to release a Conroe based computer, but now seeing that Intel is releasing the Kentsfield as early as Late October/Early November it would make no sense. Apple would release the machine in September, be unable to meet demand then replace it less than 2 months later? Not very Appleish (ignore the November/January iMac occurence last year ;) ).

    But now that would make a hot item for the Christmas shopping season wouldn't it? This is the reason Apple didn't release a Conroe based system... too short of a time in the pipeline.

    This now gives us the perfect differentiated lineup going into Christmas:

    Mac Mini - Core Duo
    iMac - Core 2 Duo
    Mac - Core 2 Quattro
    Mac Pro - Dual Cloverton (May not arrive until MWSF)

    I'd buy myself a Mac Quattro for Christmas! :D

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. icc world cup final 2011
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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 29, 11:30 AM
    i wouldnt truly worry about that till it happens. one thing i have learned over the years is that roadmaps never hold up. if they had, we'd all be running dual core 6GHZ G5 or G6 right now, with 10GHZ in production readying themselves for 2007. Intel would have a oentium 5 or something out or their 64 bit itanium with consumes 200W of power. just a year ago, we had laptops with pentium M that wre as fast or faster than pentium 4's. who knows where we'll be in a year or 2 from now. i wont worry about laptop performance until we are behind, not what some roadmap says. years ago clock speed was all the rage, today its multiple cores. what will it be tomorrow? who knows.

    Exactly. Roadmaps are just projections based on what current technology and market trends seem to indicate. Back when Intel and AMD were both deadlocked in the MHz race and were pushing to break the 2GHz barrier, we were hearing claims of 4GHz within a year and 10GHz by '07. Well, '07 is almost here and 4GHz is still just a pipedream in most situations and not something we see without overclocking and aftermarket cooling options. The only thing that we can rely on is that both AMD and Intel have become quite reliable when they officially announce a product is in development and production and they are usually good about when it will arrive and what it will do. Often only missing a release by a matter of a few days to a week or two, even though it was announced nearly 8 months or more in advance. But upcoming products on their roadmap mean little. Nehalem may not even happen... There's been several tentative chip products over the years that appear on a roadmap, only to be replaced by something else later. I think at this point, all those future entries on the roadmap mean is that it's something being investigated. There could be a significant breakthrough tomorrow in nanotech that allows for 28um production industry-wide within the next two years and then you can bet that Intel, AMD and IBM will throw their current roadmaps out the window. So it means nada until they officially start development and testing on a new product...

    cricket world cup final 2011 photos. icc world cup final 2011
  • icc world cup final 2011

  • BoyBach
    Aug 29, 04:08 PM
    Greenpeace are terrorists.


    Why the vitriol against Greenpeace? It appears that a lot of people on this forum HATE them. What have they done to deserve this?

    Apr 15, 10:56 AM
    No, they're wrong. Sorry to ruin it for you.:rolleyes:

    Ha ha! I love when people rationalize all their views through scientific/observable fact...and then use the same subjectivity and bias (they ridicule) to judge opinions they disagree with. Sorry friend, you can no more prove that scripture invalid than MacVault can prove it valid. :rolleyes:

    Apr 13, 10:42 AM
    So we have the usual posts from those who follow the old

    iPod.. sucks
    iPhone.. sucks
    iMac/book/pro.. sucks
    iTunes ... sucks
    iOS/OSX.. sucks
    iPad.. sucks
    and now FCPX.. sucks

    which has gone on since we can all remember, and all from people so convinced of their own self importance they actually think other people care..

    but quite interestingly they have also changed track from

    'My Dell/HP/Asus can do almost as much as a mac and it only cost half the price!!'

    Which has become harder to say as Apple's market share has grown, and then became completely redundant since the launch of the iPad made competitors weep, so their only line now is.

    'Apple's selling it really cheap cos they're just dumbing it down....and I'm such a 'pro'.......".

    So yes it sucks, and yes it's really dumb!

    and the rational and intelligent people will buy it because it will be a quality product that has the Apple 'just works' magic...

    Oct 12, 04:08 PM
    Originally posted by ddtlm
    OK, lets look at this code again. I'll write some x86 assembly to do it. Not the best in the world, but we'll get an idea whats going on. Also I need to do this to help my memory. :)

    Ok, lets do it the stupidest way possible in x86 NASM:

    I'll be back. Watch this space, I will write it up to make sure it runs.

    ddtlm: I didn't know if you downloaded, but basically the only difference there was it was done with 2x precision fp, and doing square roots. BTW: I think I mentioned this in one of my previous post, but for the Mac OS X version, I compiled it with GCC 3.1, then ran both tests on the iBook and PowerBook G4.

    C for Mac OS X:

    double x1,x2,x3

    mac jones
    Mar 12, 03:58 AM
    Hey, I've been hanging out on the forum for the iPad. But frankly i'm a little confused right now about what i just saw. From appearances (I mean appearances), the nuke plant in Japan BLEW UP, and they are lying about it if they say it's a minor issue. I don't want to believe this . You can see it with your own eyes, but i'm not sure exactly what i'm seeing. Certainly it isn't a small explosion.

    Until I know what's really happening I'm officially, totally, freaked out......Any takers? :D

    Apr 28, 08:39 AM
    I am one of the many people carrying them, but, sales numbers of those versus the iPod Touch, and iPhone are telling us that the fad is over. ;)

    I don't want them to stop selling classic iPods, however I am not blind to the fact that I am a member of a dying breed of classic iPod users. :(

    Oh yeah, it's definitely trending downward now instead of still climbing, but it took almost a decade before that happened, not 3 or 4 years as claimed earlier. And they still sell millions every year, which you cannot say about pet rocks. That's the difference between a fad and a popular product. In a fad, the sales dry up quickly.

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