Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • ineedamac
    Mar 26, 10:53 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Maybe I'm missing something. I don't get all of the comments that iOS 4.3 is so outdated and in need of a major overhaul. I like 4.3. It works for me.

    I like the notification system. An applet pops up when I have a notification and I can choose to ignore it or go into the app for more information. What is wrong with that? I'm all for doing things better and maybe someone can show me a better way.

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  • farmboy
    Apr 18, 05:14 PM
    The "look" of icons clearly can not be patented.

    Absolutely false. For instance on MArch 18, 2011 alone, the EU awarded Apple about 24 patents on icons (

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  • inkswamp
    Sep 11, 04:03 AM
    10 hours? Luxury. I dream of being able to download 2GB in 10 hours.

    It'll take me over 4 days.

    You have it easy. When I was a kid, in order to download a movie, we had to push two wheelbarrows full of blank paper six miles through the snow to the movie company's headquarters where we had to type the binary codes for the movie file out on a broken typewriter, cart it all home and retype it into the computer which would take 6-8 weeks during which we were allowed no sleep and no bathrooms breaks and only a plate of crusty, stale bread and a glass of filthy water. And when we were done, our dad would beat us around the head and the neck with a rusty railspike... if we were lucky.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist carrying on with the Monty Python reference I saw starting up. :D )

    easter cupcakes recipes. Easter Cupcake Recipes
  • Easter Cupcake Recipes

  • ChrisTX
    Apr 20, 05:34 AM
    I dont agree. A 4" screen would be larger real estate, but that would mean developers would have to rewrite their apps to fit the new size. For example, the iPad has an obviously larger screen space, which means that developers had to scale their software up to match, because lets face it, the 2x button just makes things look like pixels and thats just awful, this is not SNES system.
    But the iPad has similar dimensions and screen ratio. But a 4" display would makes things look stretched, so developers would have to code each app to fit the new stretched screen. This would also be quite annoying on the app store, looking for apps which work on 3g, 3gs, i4 and i5 and iPad and iPad 2. It would just become a nuisance to download an app to see its stretched on older phones. this wouldn't be a good move by apple just yet. Apple like to care for older tech users, the 3g and 3gs users, and this larger screen would make apps not run as smoothly.

    Have you ever tried to run any iPhone apps on the iPad? Have you not noticed that what they scale down to is a size larger than the iPhone's current 3.5" size? Not sure why Apple chose a size slightly larger than 3.5" but none the less they scale just fine.

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  • lincolntran
    Mar 29, 03:24 PM
    How about "Legal" immigrants?

    I'm one of them. My family came here a decade ago with $100 bucks in our pockets. We worked like there's no tomorrow and now we have houses, our kids are graduating colleges.

    The way I see it is that "american born and bred" group of people (there's only 1 race - human race) has been spoiled with entitlements and what not. Times are changing and this group is not prepared. This group has to compete with "legal" immigrants and "illegal" immigrants. It's really hard for them because they've never face such competitions before. They have to change their attitude in order to compete. Some realized this and some didn't. Those who realized this is already prepared and are pretty well ahead of the race. Those who didn't are those that're complaining.

    Now, back to the topic. :D

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  • iansilv
    Mar 29, 12:44 PM
    Great move by amazon to bring out a service that competes legitimates with Apple in this space. In fact, on paper at least it destroys it.

    Really, really stupid move to not let iOS devices connect. that is an idiot move.

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  • michaelrjohnson
    Aug 2, 11:47 AM
    The single most thing that I'm excited for is the Leopard Preview... Nevermind that it's the only thing *confirmed*. ;) After that, anything else is just icing on the cake!:D

    (Apparently, I'm easy to please!)

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  • OdduWon
    Nov 26, 11:55 PM
    if apple is going to release a tablet pc they will introduce a touch interface feature that will be shared with the macbook lines. this would explain the recent rumors for the multi use touch pad in the Mb's. IF there is to be a tablet it will be a hand held. It will be the Mac Mobile. the fore told professionals interfacing device. Download media wirlessly or fron data cards. Use it to move media from the capture device to a hard/external drive.

    with front row 2 and internal airport x wirless you can preview on the itv enabled plasma or from the mac mobile in you hand.

    i think it will take the form of the mini but i hope they take it to the level of the consumer. like ibook was. :o

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  • blow45
    Mar 29, 02:58 PM
    It is unclear why only Apple's iPod line is cited in the report, as virtually identical lithium-polymer batteries are used in the iPhone and iPad. Similar technology is also used in Apple's notebook batteries, although those units may not utilize the pliable polymer manufactured by Kureha in their construction.

    Well pick up the phone and ask them, or investigate this somehow. It's unclear in as much as you haven't done your job of researching this...

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  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 18, 03:49 PM
    I guess I can see Apple's point. But, aren't all tablets going to have a similar style and interface? It would seem like there can be only marginal differences in a touch screen interface.

    And that tab does not look like Apple's style! Where's the sleekness? Where's the smooth lines? Where's the unibody? Where's the subtle curves? Where's the... you get my point. Yuck! That Samsung tablet doesn't seem very Apple-esque! Surmise lawsuit will be settled out of court for first dibs on displays and flash memory or better contract terms on parts Apple buys from Samsung. :apple:

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  • CaoCao
    Apr 24, 02:43 AM
    I hope this arrives with the Mac Pros and enough GPU power to drive it (Crossfired 6990s anyone?)

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  • FaziBear
    Sep 15, 05:14 PM
    Yes finally! I think this makes sense, but then like all of you, this is just my opinion... anyways...



    10 Days and counting.

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  • AZREOSpecialist
    Apr 18, 03:25 PM
    If Apple cannot beat them....they sue them. Way to go Apple, you are devoid of morals and innovation.

    When can we officially say that Apple is now the New Microsoft?

    Apple is devoid of morals and innovation? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea of Apple's philanthropy? Also, Apple INVENTED the whole concept of touch UI for iPhone and iPad - now the rest of the industry is scrambling to catch up by copying the leader. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, the imitators are simply copying for free what took Apple years to develop at a likely cost of several hundred million dollars. And Apple does not have a right to protect its investment?

    Apple should just buy Samsung. That will get them a big foot in the consumer electronics sector.

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  • Easter Cupcake Recipes

  • Guitar geek
    Aug 4, 12:01 AM
    This is great and bad at the same time for me. I'm so happy that they'll finally move to Merom. However, I've been holding off an MBP since mid-April. I was really hoping to get one after WWDC. If it's true that they may launch it in September, I may not be able to get it in time for school, and the ipod rebate may be over.

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  • keruah
    Nov 3, 02:17 PM
    Java is what I've been afraid of. I might give this a try.

    Just turn Java off, it's not so hard to do

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  • wclyffe
    Dec 4, 06:37 PM
    Hey guys I just called BLT and they said that they do not have an updated ETA on when they will be receiving a shipment. It almost makes me want to just go to the apple store and pick one up, it is just so hard to give up on 30% off... sigh.

    Are you sure your Apple store has them in stock? I checked one here in LA while I happen to be there and they were out of them, too! On the online Apple store, it still says 7-10 days for delivery so maybe we should all hang in there.

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  • GeekLawyer
    Mar 28, 09:33 AM
    I'm not so sure about that interpretation.

    Not introducing the new iPhone would be a serious break from Apple practice.

    But I guess it's possible. My iPhone 4 still feels "magical" to me. Maybe Apple will hold pat with iPhone 4 - what with the CDMA version and the white model being "new" this year.

    It would be a serious break from past practice.

    And on Macs...

    "Now that we've shown you Lion, with all these great features from iOS that we're bringing Back to the Mac, here's a look at our newest iMac that takes fullest advantage, yada, yada, yada."

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  • easter cupcakes recipes.

  • rjohnstone
    Apr 18, 05:07 PM
    First off the Prada was officially announced by LG on January 18, 2007. The iPhone was announced by Apple on january 9, 2007. The last time that I checked, January 9th came before January 18th. THAT makes the iPhone first, sorry.

    Secondly the All of the other copy cats look a ton more like the iPhone than the iPhone looks like the Prada or anything else for that matter.

    As far as whether the iPhone and iPad are innovative, I respectfully disagree with you.
    You cannot design and build a phone is a week and the LG Prada (KE850) was RELEASED in Jan 2007. PC World did a review of it before it was released.
    Before anyone even knew what an iPhone really was, let alone looked like.

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  • ptysell
    Apr 26, 03:59 PM
    Android could gain the other 36% of the market and it would still make less money in a year than Apple makes off iTunes alone in a quarter.

    Apr 22, 11:52 AM
    It would be a lot harder to cheat a value added tax than income tax.

    Plus it would take no time or money to fill out

    it would naturally put a larger burden on the rich who spend more

    it would be simple to raise/lower

    It would naturally exempt charitable giving

    it would reduce the tax-code a few thousand pages

    It would reduce the need to pay to keep up the IRS program

    nobody would be in debt to the IRS

    Payroll taxes would be easier to manage

    My dad spends two full weeks, and hire personal assistants in order to file taxes as it is. Value added tax instead of income tax would be a blessing

    or even a less complicated flat income tax rate would be an improvement

    Unless basic necessities were exempt, it would hurt the poor more as they spend a far greater percentage of their income on necessities than the rich. It also places a greater burden on small business since they are acting like tax collectors but no greater than it does in states with sales taxes already assuming the taxes are harmonized.

    Apr 25, 10:40 AM
    The info circulating around is false.


    PS shouldn't you be at your gym right now? It's Monday morning, after all.

    Apr 21, 03:54 PM
    I said this back when the Xserve was killed. Apple should make the MacPro rack mountable with optional rack ears. Server users would love it. Music studios and video production people would love it. Why not?

    May 6, 06:01 AM
    If this turns out to be real, and windows 8 doesn't support ARM or for whatever reason doesn't run on Apple ARM laptops, this will be a major disaster.
    Even though I hardly ever use windows, I migrated to Mac because I could use it if I ever needed to.

    Sep 16, 12:20 PM
    I do the ordering for Macs for my company, i ordered a 17" MBP for our new art director early sept and it arrived about a less than a week later. I ordered a new 15" MBP yesterday and the shipping date was Sept 20.

    However, i just read this forum and cancelled the order thinking perhaps i rather not take the risk and wait for the new macbooks, hopefully they do come out on the 19th or 25th.

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