Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • filmantopia
    Apr 25, 11:44 AM
    He has come down from the mountain, he has spoken. Please return to your huts.


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  • milo
    Aug 11, 11:22 AM
    Well, hopefully the iMac will be updated sooner than the portables. Conroe is out and available in quantities now where as Merom won't be as available in quantities until the end of this month.

    But the portables can be upgraded with no change to the motherboard. Conroe is a different socket, so it needs a redesign. I hope they take iMac to conroe, but it's possible they could do a merom update instead, at least as a temporary measure.

    This is probably because merom is aimed at mainly at laptops, however there's no reason by they shouldn't put it in an iMac.

    There are reasons. Biggest one is merom is more expensive than conroe. You'd be wasting money on power saving features that aren't needed.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it was my understanding that Yonah and Merom were being priced identically (at same clock speed) by Intel.

    I doubt that will last. I assume Yonah prices will drop once merom ships.

    Quad Xeons in the MacBook Pro, pretty please. After all, it is Apple's professional notebook line.

    You're kidding, right? The xeon isn't a portable chip, the heat and power usage would make that impossible. Why don't you ask for three open PCI slots in your laptop while you're at it? And a pony?

    NO!!!! I'm broke and have the midrange MB. I just cannot stand them releasing the much faster processor (IE: not just mhz increase) in my computer this soon!

    It's not that much faster, probably about 20% at the same clock speed. That's nice, but not much different from a mhz boost.

    I look at it this way, the iMac, MacMini, Macbook, and Macbook pro can use Merom as is. No changes except firmware. In the iMac's case, why mess with a good thing and spend millions on another reengineering job when you already have a machine that is fast and dead quiet right now? Conroe in an iMac only makes sense it you think of it as a prosumer Mac instead of a family machine. Then again the idea of the iMac as a prosumer machine doesn�t make sense to me at all.

    Actually, you don't even need a firmware change, people have already done the swap and it works fine. Conroe does make sense in an iMac just because it's cheaper. And future chips will use the Conroe socket so they're going to need to update the design eventually anyway.

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  • sineplex
    Apr 6, 05:30 PM
    Shame people are brainwashed by Apple with their crappy product, and the superior tablet is behind on sales. Im sure it will pick up soon.

    why is it a shame? because everyone isn't buying what you're buying?

    just enjoy what ever you like and be thankful that you have choices.
    please support motorolla, please support apple and everyone else.

    these really are just glorified toys for adults but people talk about them like theyr'e the holy grail.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 18, 05:13 PM
    What would you and Leguna have Samsung do to the Galaxy Tab to make it less "identical"?

    Do what every other Android hardware manufacturer has done and come up with their own industrial design.

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 11, 08:02 AM
    The answer of what was typed is 288. If the entity between the keyboard and chair meant something else, they should have typed something else.

    That's all well and good on a forum, but the intention of the author can matter a lot more in real-world scenarios. I completed a my master's research year in chemistry last year, and that involved a lot of equations. If someone in my group had sent me a quick email with this equation I would expect to see-

    (48/2)(9+3) or 48/[2(9+3)]

    This is even more important when the equations I was using were a lot more complex!

    Nobody in the group thought in terms of /, I've never met a scientist or mathematician who thought in these terms. To treat a / at face value when there were no brackets to verify the exact meaning would have been silly. It could have meant hours or days of wasted work and analysis, and that makes it my problem!

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  • navguy
    Jan 6, 06:10 PM
    after a week of experimenting ...

    no rattle

    good bluetooth connection

    landscape position is delicate, but holding fine - no movement on bumps (i've tested center position on back and shifted toward bottom in landscape; both work well)

    GPS lock is interesting ... 1. definitely takes mount GPS 20-30 seconds from cold start; 2. fast lock is no doubt iPhone assisted GPS initially; 3. there is a moment 30 seconds from cold start when it switches over to mount GPS once lock is achieved (a noticable lag moment - but gotta be watching close)

    while i don't have complete facts, i do think the satnavs use the mount most of the time, except from cold start when GPS lock is a bit slower then phone's assisted GPS

    speaker works fine - although i'd like to be able to change the inital volume (too loud) w/in the free app

    no use of AUX

    one add'l thing i've found is that phone boots the mount bluetooth for ear piece - no multi connect option as far as i can tell (iPhone 'feature'?)

    otherwise, enjoying the integrated features of the mount so far ...

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  • GGJstudios
    Jan 12, 09:57 AM
    This is quite ignorant on a number of levels:
    It's not ignorant at all.
    1. Trojans do exist for OSX,
    Yes, a handful do, and they can be easily avoided with a reasonable dose of common sense.
    although unless you're logged in as admin (and who routinely operates their Mac like that?
    I do, as do many others. There is no problem running on an admin account, if you're even moderately aware of what you're doing.
    the request to install should alert you to something wrong.
    Exactly. See "common sense" remark above.
    2. Security through obscurity is no security at all, especially as OSX and iOS become more mainstream.
    The market share myth is ridiculous and has no basis in fact. The fact is, OSX has a larger market than ever before, growing by over a million Macs every month, and the number of malware threats is at an all-time low, the number of viruses is now zero.
    3. If you send files to friends, relations, or business colleagues with a less fortunate computing experience it would be playing nice not to pass on nasties to them.
    If they use even a tiny amount of the above-mentioned common sense, they already have anti-virus running on their computers. If not, they have a much larger exposure to malware from other sources than they do from a Mac user sending them a file. If someone stands in the middle of the freeway, my choosing to drive on a different road to avoid hitting them does nothing to ensure they're protected.
    Talk to GGJStudios about point #3. He will rip your head off and call you unprofessional :D
    No, he won't. He will, however, respectfully point out the fallacy of that argument.

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  • shigzeo
    Aug 7, 06:03 PM
    Suppose it'd be a bit heretic to buy one of these solely for Windows, right?

    I'd not get a quad Xeon Woodcrest anywhere else for less, and my Athlon 64 just doesn't cut it...

    I like your style. i sold my beloved ibook in order to get a new bicycle which is not good for cs2.

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  • Chris Bangle
    Sep 11, 01:12 PM
    Am I the only one hoping that Apple adds Firewire use to the iPods again?

    I want firewire aswell usb 1 is far toooo slow. How my sposed to transfer films with USB, It will take all day.

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  • rerelease
    Apr 23, 04:34 PM
    Wish Apple did something towards resolution independence and not make images bigger and bigger. :confused:

    You could argue that when they pump all consumer Mac resolutions up to the limit of human perception, resolution independence becomes sort of moot.

    Of course, a fully scalable OS would help accessibility, but for many consumers a retina screen would be an excellent "one size fits all" solution.

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  • fswmacguy
    Mar 27, 07:46 AM
    I have extremely slow DSL. There is one ISP in my area so upgrading is not an option (if it was I would have upgraded long ago). A cloud-based OS is horrifying to me. The last thing I want is for my files to transfer back and forth, slowly, to a server somewhere.

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  • lilo777
    Apr 18, 03:54 PM
    Revenues are equal to zero if not associated with costs. Give us the profit figures. :D

    From Wikipedia:

    Samsung: Net income US$ 8.33 billion (2009)
    Apple: Profit US$ 14.01 billion (FY 2010)

    Apple's profits are higher but that's because they spend about $8 billion less on R&D than Samsung ;)

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  • gnasher729
    Apr 10, 07:55 AM
    Depending on how you solve it, your answer is either 288 or 2.

    Nothing is missing in the equation - no math symbol is missing between 2 and (9+3), so solve it as is.

    Now, cast your vote! :)

    What a thread.

    The premise is incorrect from the start - this is not a mathematical problem, it is a problem of noting a very simple formula using ASCII characters only, and deciding how that sequence of ASCII characters should be interpreted.

    The "PEMDAS" rule was quoted, which is apparently used to drill children in the USA and remove any inkling of mathematical talent from their tiny little brains. PEMDAS has nothing to do with mathematics. It is about interpretation of a textual representation of a formula.

    Someone went so far to ask "do you think you are more intelligent than a calculator"? What a stupid question. Even the most stupid poster here on this thread has an intelligence that is far superior to that of any calculator.

    When you write down a formula, it is essential to write it down in a way that doesn't leave room for interpretation, and in a way that survives the limitations of the medium involved. This wasn't done here. Whatever the original poster wrote went through some major textual manipulation. It went through a web browser, a "POST" command, was interpreted by the MacRumors server software, translated into HTML, and then displayed on my screen. There is no way for me or anyone else to know what the user actually posted. And to the majority of posters here, whatever rules are tought to children in the US school system don't apply.

    Trying to give an answer to the question is just stupid, when it is clear that nobody knows what the original poster actually meant when writing down the formula. It would have been very simple to either write (48/2) * (9+3) or 48 / (2 * (9 + 3)) where in each case there would have been agreement how to interpret this. That didn't happen; any attempt of interpreting the text as given is pointless.

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  • Jape
    Dec 20, 09:17 PM
    Ok, its the 20th...lets see what email we get next from BLT.

    Well looks Like it didn't come again :(

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  • ozone
    Nov 28, 12:41 PM
    I didn't get to your comment before I posted mine; sorry about that. You're absolutely right. I could see artists, students, professors, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and countless other professionals who would be elated to have a Mac-based tablet. In fact, the only things I can see it not being useful for is Word and Excel. Even writers could use it to markup their edits using standard proofreading symbols. Much faster than other methods, I'd think; plus much more environmentally friendly because it would alleviate the need for printing out so many hard copies of everything.

    You bet Insider! The tablet was intended to be an electronic notebook - literally. There are many professions that could benefit from it - it depends more on your personal approach to work and what you need to do rather than rigidly grouping users into broad categories.

    Most of us do not complain about the tablet form factor or even the handwriting recognition - it's pretty good. What bugs most of us is that we're wedded to Windows and all its problems since there is no alternative platform at the moment.:mad:

    Here's hoping we see some kind of tablet in the near or far future from Apple... :D

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  • res1233
    May 6, 05:57 AM
    My bet is they have BOTH on board.

    Except your laptop would probably die in 4-5 hours. You'd have to have two complete logic boards unless you do some crazy never before done voodoo with multi-architecture components? Who knows.

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  • dmw007
    Nov 26, 11:13 AM
    i don't think it would appeal to that many people, to have an apple tablet.

    i mean, the PC/Win versions aren't great sellers...

    No, probably not...but maybe with some Apple magic the Tablet PC industry could finally take off. :o :)

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 4, 08:37 AM
    After working on my MBP for about two months now, I call BS. Apple says it's 4-5 x faster than the last powerbooks, I couldn't really tell. I think we are in a new era of ********, where they (Apple) are trying to get people to upgrade just because of a slight Mhz boost, and lower power consumption. Bring on the real world test, and post them on their website.

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  • cadillac1234
    Mar 29, 11:04 AM
    Upshot: buy it from Amazon, they use one copy and tout "free storage"; upload it to Amazon's storage, they have to store that copy independent of any other duplicates.

    That will be their pitch. Value added cloud service. There really is no difference now for Android users between buying a mp3 or movie from iTunes or Amazon.

    May 6, 04:45 AM
    Apple even made the bold move to take ARM processor design in house with the acquisition P.A. Semi and Intrinsity.

    That's just shoddy reporting. Apple did have a lot of arm brains in their vslr teams, they just added talent, nothing more, nothing less. And A4 and 5 are rumoured to be more the work of the existing team, than anyone from pa semi.

    Mar 29, 09:43 AM
    The more things that are in the cloud, the closer I get to hitting AT&T's 150GB home DSL (non-uverse) data limit.

    I just dropped them for this very reason, went back to Brighthouse networks. 40Mbps no cap. :D

    May 8, 03:29 AM
    Steve Jobs tweeted a few days ago that MobilMe was going to be free for Mac uses.

    lol if you think ceoSteveJobs (who posted that tweet about mobileme) on twitter is the real deal, then perhaps you should read some of the other tweets. stuff like "I don't care what you think of me. You care what I think of you", "Number of apps in iPad commercial: 42, number of black hands: 0", and "Why charge 80 for Apple earbuds? because someone somewhere will pay for it"

    May 7, 02:38 PM
    Having used MobileMe to keep my iPhone, iMac, Macbook and work iMac in sync, I pretty much can't live without it.

    With it, I know if I plug something into my calendar with an alert on it, it will definitely pop up (multiple times and in multiple places, often to my annoyance). I can also quickly keep all my dashboard widgets, bookmarks and everything else in sync. Walking into the Apple store, upgrading my iPhone and having practically my whole phone (minus the apps) synced up by the time I get back to the car is definitely nice as well.

    Of course, I know people's individual mileage may vary.


    The people talking about "Google is free and enough " don't realize the scope of MobileMe and how liberating it is. I could lose my phone another and be back to 100% in a matter of minutes.

    I doubt I'll have any qualms about renewing next Feb.

    Mar 31, 08:12 AM
    I've been using the inverted scrolling for a few weeks. At first, it was very weird and found myself scrolling the wrong way often. However, after a few day, I started to "get" the metaphor and it became natural. Now when I go to work and use their computers, I feel the scrolling on XP is the opposite of what feels natural.

    If it only took me a few days to reverse over a decade of training and muscle memory, then maybe it's not that a stupid setting.

    LMAO, come on man!

    You changed your ways to suit the OS? I'd understand if you were use to inverted but the OP is correct. It should not be defaulted inverted.

    I bet you were also "holding it wrong". I love my apple gadgets, but thats a bit borderline ridiculous.

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