Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • jaydub
    Aug 28, 10:31 PM
    wake up then, because it won't happen for awhile.
    The current enclosure is very nice, so why change it?
    Because people are so scared of immediate obsolescence that they'd rather hope for a new enclosure than enjoy what is currently out. It gets really old.

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  • Ace R.
    Apr 4, 12:57 PM

    People do not READ. It was self defense. Those robbers were BLASTING. 40 rounds exchanged.

    Sucks someone had to die but that's the price you pay when you decide to commit a crime and use deadly force.. aka we're going to rob the Apple store and if anyone tries to stop us we're shooting.

    I'm just glad the security guard survived this ordeal. Imagine if the headline read "Security guard dead in Apple store robbery"

    This could easily of been the case.

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  • BRLawyer
    Aug 31, 02:13 PM
    I have just called SJ, and he told me the following:

    - iTMS Movie Store;

    - MBPs with Merom, and the new MBP 12";

    - MacMini with Core Duo;

    - iMacs with Conroe;

    - Apple IIGS 2006 Edition.

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  • iGary
    Aug 24, 08:19 AM
    Can't wait to see what my Apple stock does today...:rolleyes:

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  • g4 powerbookboy
    Feb 9, 10:27 AM
    when my mac gets a virus ill be shocked, il buy it when i do. (not that ill know when i have one anyway0

    while typing this one of those 20 year animal adoption commercials, they make me want to punch the puppy more than help it. gosh they cant just make a short to the point video no they have to get in your face about it!:mad:

    hey now, no punching poor homeless abused pets, especially poor sweet puppies and dogs!! i own a sweet doberman that i adopted from paws chicago who was used for dog fighting and now he has a home where he is loved on a daily basis, thats the only way poor abused animals have a chance, making commercials showing the fact that they need peoples help and maybe someone will even adopt one or a few... that would be great as long as the animal got in a good home!

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  • freebooter
    Sep 14, 12:14 PM
    A camera isnt only about MP. The weakest link of the camera in phones is the optics. You just cant get good pics from a camera phone due to the limited formfactor, even if you had 3200 MP.
    So yes, in a foreseeable furture, the cameras in phones are crap.

    There are software solutions that promise a different future than what you envision. DXO Optics made an announcement recently about using software to drastically correct cell phone camera pictures. Shouldn't be long...

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  • Pravius
    Apr 22, 08:37 AM
    You never OWNED any of this stuff. You owned the physical media, and you had an unlimited license to you. The technology is just clarifying this.

    If you had actually owned it, you could have copied it as much as you wanted-- legally-- and resold the copies to others. You have been capable of doing this, but it was illegal; it also was difficult to enforce the law. Now the technology is actually starting to match your legal rights. It's actually wonderful. You are not losing anything you had legally, but the true owners (the content creators and the people who support them financially) can stop getting ripped off by criminals.

    Not sure this will completely stop piracy, but it will further deter it. However if you can store it on a drive without any sort of DRM. This service will do nothing for piracy.

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  • MattyMac
    Sep 4, 09:56 PM
    Read on and be wowed:


    I can't wait to see the invitations...let alone the new products.

    ...and the day before my birthday too:p

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  • doctoree
    Nov 13, 01:04 PM
    Lets see how long they will stay away. There are buckets of DOLLARS waiting to be made in the App Store.

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  • rajid
    Mar 23, 06:14 PM
    show me the law that says it'l illegal to notify other drivers of a cop checking speeds, or to notify the position of a DUI check point.

    Maybe it's not illegal everywhere. I was always taught that it was illegal, for example, to flash your lights to oncoming traffic in order to warn of a speed trap. I grew up in North Carolina. Maybe it's only illegal there.

    As for notifying of the position of a DUI check, maybe it's not illegal, but perhaps it should be? If it's not illegal, then these programs are doing wrong, so why pull them?

    I simply maintain that pulling the programs will simply mean that people will share the information via some other method, and I even made a prediction of the method they will use. It would actually surprise me if it's not already in use that way.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 25, 06:58 AM
    For 99% of the market, the integrated graphics are fine. The majority of consumers don't read tech sites and are happy with the performance. The typical pc buyer doesn't know what a benchmark is. In almost every Apple vs Winodws pc argument on this and every other Mac site, the Mac fans without fail say specs don't matter. If you're a gamer, you'll notice the performance hit. To the million plus people who will buy the next model it won't make any difference.

    Yes, that is the Apple mentality. No more is it about making the best machine, but about making it "good enough". That speech in 2008 with the intro of the Unibody MacBook with the then nVidia 9400m where Apple realises "graphics are important and boy did we pack this thing with graphics power!" is gone.

    You're right. I should just eat my pill and accept the lesser GPU. :rolleyes:

    The only thing holding me back from a Mac before 2008 was the Intel GPU. The only thing that will hold me back from purchasing a new one after this is Air is... Intel graphics.

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  • fetchmebeers
    Sep 12, 03:15 PM
    I am so glad that I didnt sell my ipod. I would really be kicking myself if I had of jumped the gun....taking a hit on the price plus having to pony up money to essentially buy back the same ipod.

    *whew wipes sweat


    i'm well content that apple couldn't have come up with anything OUT OF this league

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 20, 04:45 PM
    I've never once even hinted that anti-viral software would be helpful on a Mac. But apparently you wish I had made that 'argument' (even though you just made an absurd claim that I haven't presented as argument...and so why are you even replying with a counter-argument? :rolleyes: That is called a logical absurdity. ;) ) Sophos does, however, make free software that deals with over 100 possible threats to OSX.
    I just love the irony! You state that you haven't claimed AV software would be useful and in the same paragraph claim that it can deal with 100 possible threats! :p

    You're quite the Snake Oil salesman.

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  • firsttube
    Sep 13, 09:59 PM
    Here's the real iPhone:

    that's a mockup by that magazine, and nice "new" headphones.

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 4, 12:31 PM
    I've never seen a mall security guard carrying a gun.

    He was there to get the last ipad 2 ;) how dare anyone rob an Apple (cult) store. That will teach anyone else, rob a bank no problem, rob an Apple store and we will hang you with an imac power cord. :rolleyes:

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  • viccles
    Sep 12, 02:53 PM
    Hey at least I don't have to sell my 5g video iPod not worth it

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  • aristotle
    Nov 13, 11:56 PM
    Come off it, cmaier has a darn good point. Apple is being utterly ridiculous in this debacle between themselves and Rogue Amoeba. There was no reason at all that such a debate should have evolved into a 3 month conflict, nor was it that it should have ended with Rogue Amoeba having to indulge their customers in a battle with Apple over icons. Having user interface unity is something Apple strives for in all of their products. By giving 3rd party developers the ninth degree over something so ingrained in this product is simply stupid. It does nothing to help the end user, ingrain the confidence of developers, or aid Apple. It just brings out end users and developers with grievances and sharpened pitchforks.
    Dude. You have a double standard. If Apple were to infringe on the copyright of someone else, you would be here pitchfork in hand screaming for blood.

    If you look on other sites like macnn, you will see that the airfoil app does not only display Apple icons but rather the icon of whatever browser is configured as the main browser. They cannot make the claim that they have to right to use the Firefox, Camino or Omniweb icon in their app. It is not "streaming" the icon data, it is copied over and displayed superimposed on another icon which is presumably an internal OS X bundle. The audio is streamed but those icons are copied over and superimposed on each other on the phone. That is a clear violation of the IP of other programs in a manner that is not consistent with use on the mac it was pulled from.

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  • Littleodie914
    Sep 13, 08:56 PM
    Hmm... Does this really count as front page news? :confused:

    Not to say it isn't cool, but we're still talking about an artist rendition based on a reliable source... Not the iPhone "revealed".

    Just my 2 pennies. ;)

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  • Erasmus
    Aug 29, 06:35 AM
    Not in MacBook nor MacBook Pros because they have no socket. You can only upgrade mini and iMac with Merom because only they both have compatible sockets. :rolleyes:

    I'm pretty sure the guy doesn't deserve to be shot down.

    It seems to me that by "MB" he did not bean "MacBook" as is the most common use of these two letters, but "Mother Board" which makes perfect sense, covers all Yonah macs and is perfectly true. Disregarding the soldering issue of the 'books, which is a different point.

    Oct 12, 01:35 PM
    well i must say i'd be very suprized if it happened tomorrow. but in any case, i hope it does!

    Sep 12, 06:27 PM
    What does this mean for the long-rumored widescreen ipod? Are they saving the new samsung 120gig drives for that? Will they wait until the hype dies down then hit it hard with the new 6g ipod like last year? Personally I like the updates, better battery, brighter screen, gapless playback(!), more storage. I just don't want to buy this and then have an uber ipod out in a month's time...

    Mar 29, 01:37 PM
    I bet these same analysts can predict lottery numbers for the next 4 years too.

    Nov 13, 11:26 PM
    Not quite. There are at least two other options. Fair use, and exhaustion/implied license/first sale doctrine.

    The use is almost certainly fair use, and Apple's rights may very well be exhausted under the first sale doctrine. It's a thorny question of law since there is nothing in the Mac OS license that makes it clear what you can do with those icons. Apple would have been better off putting something in the development agreement about not being able to use representations of Macs, etc. But they didn't.

    So your argument is that since a court of law would find this to be copyright infringement, it's covered by the development agreement.

    My opinion, as an I.P. lawyer, is that it's not at all clear that it's copyright infringement, that most people would think it probably isn't, and that therefore the development agreement does not at all clearly forbid this sort of thing.

    P.S.: You're saying developers just need to read the agreement. I'm saying they need to read the agreement, go to law school, and guess how Apple will interpret the facts.
    Which law firm please. We'd all like to know for future reference, who to not trust our cases with. While most law has to do with the letter of the law, jury trials often are won or lost based on what the jury believes to be the intent or spirit of the law.

    The british common law legal system was never intended to be like this. The lawyers have destroyed and twisted it beyond all recognition. It was originally supposed to be based on judeo-christian morals and ethics. There is not supposed to be a grey area. You are either deliberately infringing on the rights of others or you are not. The original intent was to have a court case as the last resort where parties would first try to solve the problem by talking to each other, then go to arbitration and then court as a last resort.

    Screenshots on other sites show airflow displaying a Firefox icon. That icon is definitely not covered any implied license through use of the API on the mac. Care to explain that to us Mr. Lawyer?

    Mar 29, 12:13 PM
    Cmd+Drag moves a file which is enough to replace cutting a file for me.

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