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hayley williams hair 2010. Hayley Williams justified the
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  • asdf542
    Apr 14, 12:35 PM
    First, no I made no such claim. I responded to one. And the claim wasn't that it will be restricted to being Mac only, but that it will end up being Mac only, in the same sense that FW is. Some PC ship with FW, but not many. It is considered a Mac only interface. The gist is that TB may as well, if history repeats. You didn't prove anything. You see many PC's shipping with TB right now? How many PC vendors have announces support for TB? The unfortunate fact is that consumers know the USB brand, so the vendors will support it. TB might be in Intel's spec, but that doesn't mean every system will support it nor that many drive vendors will either. No. The claim simply stated 'Mac only'. Nothing more and nothing less and you agreed with said two word claim. Thunderbolt will be integrated into every Ivy Bridge chipset just like USB 3.0. It's not the same situation as FireWire in the slightest. Not only is it faster than USB 3.0 but it also works with USB via adapters as well as almost any other IO on the planet. FireWire worked only with FireWire devices.

    See econgeek's post. It explains is pretty well.

    You mean the one right above your post that proves you wrong? Funny stuff.

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  • MarcelV
    Aug 31, 08:38 PM
    Apple bought Worldcom's new telecom switch center.

    Google is buying Nortel's dark fiber.

    Google's CEO is on Apple's board.

    Nobody is going to run fiber to the last mile.

    The solution is Intel wimax and Samsung 4G.

    I told you so.

    While it sounds good, I don't see this happen soon at all. Also, Verizon disagrees with you, because they are pulling fiber to the homes in several (large) cities and more to come. The investment for 4G (802.16e I assume you're talking about)will be much too high while not providing enough guarantees it will be financial feasible in short and mid term to make shareholders feel confortable. But if it will, Apple will get my money :) But are there enough gadget geeks like me in the world? That will make or break the project.....

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  • arn
    Aug 31, 01:19 PM
    Story updated.

    It appears there will be an event on Sept 12th in San Francisco which will be broadcast to London.


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  • weg
    Aug 28, 01:03 PM
    not that it really matters. but they stole apples thunder.

    and since steve compared osx to windows and the mac pro to dell and made lot's of fun about both they'd better stay on top of the game.

    I think that Apple shouldn't enter that race.. their products are distinguished by other features than mere processing power (as soon as this changes: goodbye Apple), and coming out with new models every few months will probably just piss off Apple customers (so far, it's pretty easy to know ALL current laptop models that Apple offers - can you say that for Dell, too?).

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  • GGJstudios
    Mar 8, 12:13 PM
    How would Safari be able to install that stuff? Forgive me for not knowing, but I haven't seen anything that allowed you to install software, or any executable code, from iOS Safari. Not with Apple's model. Maybe jailbroken, but that's a different story.
    The other poster doesn't know what they're talking about.

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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 10:43 PM
    You're absolutely right, which means, unless you OWN or LICENSE the icons from Apple, you can't use them. That's what copyright infringement means.

    Not quite. There are at least two other options. Fair use, and exhaustion/implied license/first sale doctrine.

    The use is almost certainly fair use, and Apple's rights may very well be exhausted under the first sale doctrine. It's a thorny question of law since there is nothing in the Mac OS license that makes it clear what you can do with those icons. Apple would have been better off putting something in the development agreement about not being able to use representations of Macs, etc. But they didn't.

    So your argument is that since a court of law would find this to be copyright infringement, it's covered by the development agreement.

    My opinion, as an I.P. lawyer, is that it's not at all clear that it's copyright infringement, that most people would think it probably isn't, and that therefore the development agreement does not at all clearly forbid this sort of thing.

    P.S.: You're saying developers just need to read the agreement. I'm saying they need to read the agreement, go to law school, and guess how Apple will interpret the facts.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 23, 10:25 PM
    Still got to love the fact that Dell wouldn't do anything for the consumers without tha dang video hitting the net.

    Got to love customer relations :cool:

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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 04:09 PM
    I believe you are mistaken. As far as I know, there is no risk of losing a copyright if you failed to defend against previous infringers. If I were to guess, I think you are talking about trademark law, which is different.

    There are many classic examples, but currently Adobe has a policy where it seeks to prevent people from using "Photoshop" in a generalized way, since if it solidly becomes a synonym for digital photo manipulation in the language, they will lose their trademark. If Adobe is shown to not go after those who use Photoshop in a generalized manner, in the future they will be less able to defend against it in the future.

    As far as I know, this has no relevancy to the current situation, since we are talking about copyright, not trademarks.

    You are correct.

    While I don't defend Apple here, to be fair they do have a trademark/tradedress argument. The issue is whether or not the images of the macs would confuse someone as to the source of the software (i.e.: they would think it's Apple software). Aside from the fact that this is unlikely, referential use of trademarks is ok. For example, if you were to write a book about the New York Giants, a trademarked term, you probably wouldn't have to call it the "New York National Football Conference football club." Here, I think the use of the icons is clearly referential, and no different than if the icon was replaced by text like "Cliff's Macbook Pro" (which also includes trademarked terms).

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  • Dunepilot
    Oct 27, 09:01 AM
    I didn't even know there was an Expo on!

    Anyway, before anyone even considers their opinion on the work of Greenpeace, they should read The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg (

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  • KindredMAC
    Apr 19, 08:42 AM
    Apple HAS to file a lawsuit in this case.

    If they did not, then they open the door to not being able to protect their assets in court down the road if someone else tries to copy anything Apple offers.

    Non-issue here people. Just playing by the rules of the game.

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  • xUKHCx
    Sep 10, 04:34 PM
    I have the oringal iMac G5 bought on the very day they were announced. (well i dont have it as it is in for another replacement midplane - total worth of applecare to me so far is about the £1400 mark). It is feeling rather old and very slow for my tasks. I am now wishing i had that display so i could connect it to the mini or a mid range tower. I long for upgradable graphics as a not so proud owner of the geforce 5200 or whatever it is in my mac so such a pitiful perfonace it is not listed as Aperture capable. It really is a shocking video card. I have upgraded the harddrive that was a snap in the iMac, i have even replaced the logic board 30 mins no fuss. THings i liked about the original iMac ease of replacement parts. Things i didnt like: the non upgradable parts - processor and graphics.

    I truely long for the Mid range tower.

    double height Pci graphics slot ala Mac Pro with the X1900.
    Space for two harddrives for Time Machine mostly.
    Pretty beefy processor, preferably with some sort of upgrade path
    Option to purchase a bundle display 17" really cheap option.
    1 gb ram - 8 gb provided by 4 ram slots

    Cost: £700
    Cost: £850 with the 17 inch mointor
    Cost: £1000 with the 20 inch mointor

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  • alexdrinan
    Jul 14, 01:52 PM
    while i agree with you general lineup i don't think the imac goes below 2ghz for marketing reasons.
    i also think the prices for the 2.33 and 2.66 are simply too high. the performance gain will not be that much over the one year old dual core g5's. so the price should go down.

    but in general i would be happy with any 4MB conroe model.

    in a few weeks we will know.

    Do we have benchmarks for Conroe vs. G5 yet? I haven't seen any but I would think that a 2.33ghz chip with more advanced architecture would out-perform a 2.0ghz chip with "old" architecture by enough to justify at least keeping the same price point.

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  • IngerMan
    Apr 30, 07:05 PM
    It has been only 19 months since they changed the look of the iMac.
    In 10/20/09 the released the 21.5" and 27" models with aluminum backing, wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse.

    I beg to differ, My iMac 7,1 looks like the new ones. I have had it for over 3 years.

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  • dsnort
    Sep 19, 01:56 PM
    How long would it take to download a two hour 1080p movie?

    It took my Black MB about 70 mins to download "Deuce Bigalow". This was over a decent but not great motel WiFi setup, and I was downloading some other stuff for about half the time.

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  • NT1440
    Feb 26, 12:45 PM
    They say EVERY YEAR that apple is under attack from more threats.

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  • JobsRules
    Oct 27, 10:45 AM
    There's two things going on here...

    2) More importantly, the big problem is the loud minority that has emerged from within Greenpeace (and other similar organizations). There is a growing problem in this country of people taking the "one person can make a difference" idea and translating it into "act inapporpriately and without moral or social constraint, or you wont get noticed." This is GIANT problem. People aren't being held accountable for their actions anymore, especially when their actions are tied to some sort of noble cause.

    Yes, they should just just shut-up and vote for corporate-sponsored Republicrats or Converalabour every four or five years and take it.

    It's a shame that there is no longer any meaningful democracy.

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 01:19 PM
    I would figure in the meantime they would continue to sell products in areas that they are not restricted. Oh well.

    They would.If you've checked out the iSight it has a ship date of October.

    My guess is they stopped making them in order to redesign them.And since they have to redesign them why not make them better.wink...wink...nudge...nudge..;)

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  • res1233
    Apr 30, 01:50 PM
    One step closer to the MacBook Air update.

    I swear, this guy never seems happy about anything. I seem to recall him saying this for other product releases... $10 says he'll say it again once the MBA is released.

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  • diamond.g
    May 3, 12:41 PM
    I stopped by my local Apple store and had a similar experience. Actually, it was a bit worse... they still had the old iMacs out and when I asked about the new ones, I was told "What new iMacs?"

    Did you log into and show them? :D

    Sep 10, 09:14 AM
    Wonder how the 24" iMac at 2.33GHz will fare.

    i don't know-- but i have a feeling it'll be really fast and a good seller. i'd go to the Apple Store down town and look at the 20" iMac and think "goodness... any bigger and it wouldn't fit on the table." now, for the same price as a 30'' ACD, you get a monitor that is just a little smaller than the 30" PLUS you get a really really good computer. if Apple does't sell a large ammount of these than something is wrong.

    Sep 12, 02:42 PM
    I very much would like to have seen the prices remain the same and include an AC adapter again.

    If you buy this iPod and an AC adapter it is still cheaper than before.

    Tux Kapono
    May 3, 10:20 AM
    It's still cheaper to buy the Trackpad separately by buying the iMac anywhere else besides the Apple Store, since the Apple Store doesn't discount while charging state taxes.

    Jul 14, 09:48 AM
    Note that if I'm right (trust me!), then there's a gap.... no Apple box with a Conroe? I don't think so.... Apple will introduce a new system with support for a single Conroe. Hopefully it won't be the MacPro with a different mobo, but a completely new box (fingers crossed).
    Perhaps some kind of high performance consumer-oriented/gaming-oriented tower?

    (Just pure speculation...)


    Apr 25, 12:09 AM
    She should have pulled out her gun and blown your effin head off:p.

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