Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • NT1440
    Feb 26, 12:45 PM
    They say EVERY YEAR that apple is under attack from more threats.

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 25, 03:26 AM
    I looked through some of his older posts, and while none of them are quite as obvious about how shallow and uncaring he is you can tell that he probably doesn't include the whole story. For example, he likes to argue with his neighbors ( I'm guessing that we only got half the story in that thread. Sounds like he was pretty rude in an Apple store. ( and one quote from that thread:
    plus parking in a handicapped spot. ( So based on past examples of his attitude here, I think this is really the way he thinks, not just an attempt to troll.
    You may certainly be right about this. On the other hand, I have encountered several trolls whose shtick (signature behavior) is identical to shallow and uncaring attitude. And the sense of entitlement is just typical for the trolls that were "born" in 2008 when the recession started.

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  • Randall
    Aug 28, 03:35 PM
    I doubt that Apple will announce any Core 2 Duo upgrades to the MacBook Pro line until Sept 18th at Paris. That is just the way Apple does things, and I think it will be within the appropriate time frame for processor upgrades (It's been just 8 months since the initial release of MBP.)

    It will be interresting as this is the first of many processor upgrades from intel's "Core" lineup. If Apple wants to continue to march to the beat of their own drum and feel like they can update their own lines as they see fit, then it would be in their best interest to have multiple upgrades at the same time. In other words upgrade the video card and HDD while you're at it to make it seem like the longer wait was worth while.

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  • Dagless
    Sep 13, 08:58 PM
    well this is certainly big news!

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  • Squonk
    Aug 28, 01:57 PM
    So, uh.... PowerBook G5's tomorrow?

    Yeah, something like that...:cool:

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  • jacollins
    Apr 20, 12:59 PM
    There is no proof that it is sending that information to anyone.

    [conspiracy hat]
    Ah, so the REAL reason for the humongous Apple data center with petabytes of storage? dun dun duuuun...
    [/conspiracy hat]


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  • Amazing Iceman
    Apr 4, 12:10 PM
    Why did they say "went bad"? As robberies go killing the robber is about as good as it gets.

    It was either the guard or the robber, and if the robber wins, other innocent people may get shot too. You may not understand it, unless it happened to someone close to you.

    If the robber had a gun, he planned to use it if necessary. He was not going to have any consideration for whoever he shoots, as long as he could get away with his crime.

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  • MartiNZ
    May 4, 05:59 AM
    I think it serves the same (cynical) purpose in both cases - it makes one go for the top-end as the lower ones seem so gimped by comparison. I only just realised the 15" MBP starts at only 256MB discrete GPU. Mine from early 2008 has 512MB, why has the increase been so slow?

    Of course mine from early 2008 also has a known faulty GPU that is still warranty covered for the logic board for another year ... but that's another story.

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  • Platform
    Sep 26, 08:58 AM
    That artists rendition posted on the front page is pointless. It's not as though that is the actual design. It looks too Nano-ish, and even the Nano look has changed.

    Anyway, I'm not excited about an iPhone. It would need to give me at least one neat feature for this to be worth drooling over.

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  • greg6028
    Sep 14, 08:50 AM
    It's coming soon!
    Thinking of the event last Tuesday, it was interesting that Steve finished the Keynote with,
    On your desktop, in your car, in your pocket in your home theater....
    He was pointing out where Apple products are - so why not your phone.
    Jobs had a lot of events last year in the final quarter. I can see him doing another one soon.
    (I know there is one coming up next week, but my bet on one in Oct. for the iPhone!)

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  • balamw
    Sep 5, 03:33 PM
    None of iTMS's current video content has any commercials. Why would you expect anything different for features?
    I beg to differ. Various episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I have bought have had ads/trailers for other Playhouse Disney shows (Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes) tacked on to the end of the show. I just checked my iPod and they added two minutes of ads to then end of a 24 minute show.

    EDIT: FWIW I know that it's not Apple who put the ads there, it's Disney, but that doesn't change the fact that the files took 8% longer to download and are 8% larger on my HDD because they included 2 minutes of ads in each episode I bought for $2 and they don't offer a season pass. :mad:


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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 23, 04:40 PM
    $100 million? Yikes. :eek:

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  • asdf542
    Apr 22, 12:44 PM
    If you make the MBP thinner, it will just be a big MBA.

    The right way is to make bigger MBAs, not to make thinner MBPs.

    A more powerful competitor to 15" Zacate netbooks.

    Uhh, no, it won't. As long as the logic board is at the thickest point then they will be able to house the same power components as the current Pro.

    Making the Pro thinner and removing the optical drive does not make a big MBA. Not in the slightest.

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  • afd
    Apr 11, 07:30 AM
    Some people have already mentioned AirFoil for audio, and there's AirView for video.

    Airfoil still needs the Airfoil installed on your computer to work, it won't run with just the iOS apps. I think pika2000 is asking about iOS apps that emulate an airport express, so that you could send the same audio to every device in your house.

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  • PlaceofDis
    Nov 13, 01:18 PM
    the tide is turning against Apple here, they need to clean up their act and get this whole thing working better.

    i understand the walled-garden approach and respect that, but they also need to get the store cleaned up/organized and they need to work better with developers - which might just mean hiring more people to work with them on a daily basis.

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  • pink-pony115
    Sep 17, 12:52 AM
    When will the iPhone rumors end? Can't you people see it won't happen?

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 22, 09:20 AM
    That is the problem I'm seeing too....the bandwidth. Everyone is screaming about HDDs. Hello, storage is cheap. I just see the carriers salivating at the idea of Apple wanting people to stream. I do see and understand that some people can find this new setup useful. However, a LOT of us see a major problem in terms of data charges. If Apple still gives the storage capacity in its devices as it does now, then I personally will NOT have a problem with this. I would prefer to have it stored locally. Cellular data connectivity is no where where it needs to be for me to happy with it as a replacement for local storage. Nah way. With my music, video and pictures, I have 3 running copies at any given time and this has worked out for me for many years. Why fix something that isn't broke?

    when you are at home turn on your WIFI...

    why is this concept so hard to grasp?

    you are a different kind of user. 3 running copies at once?? you rely way too much on physical obviously this won't be for you.

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  • turbo79
    Nov 16, 07:29 AM
    When the iPhone 3G was first released, I rushed out and bought one. A year down the line, I gave it to a family member and switched to a Blackberry Bold.

    I absolutely love the thoughtful design that goes into all Apple products, I own an Apple desktop, an Apple laptop, an Apple iPod and various other Apple paraphernalia. However, I didn't gel with the crippled iPhone and am much happier with my Blackberry.

    It has 75% of the fun features of the iPhone and a slew of others that make it a smarter choice - background apps, Google Latitude running all the time, emails arriving instantly, uncapped international data roaming for �20 extra a month on o2 amongst many others - and being able to type an entire email whilst you walk!

    Due to RIM not having a stranglehold over the device's application pool (unlike Apple), there are a lot of fugly applications available, but also a lot of great ones. If you're starting out with the Blackberry, I highly recommend Ubertwitter, BeWeather, Google Sync, Facebook and the Flickr Uploader as high quality apps.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Mar 22, 07:19 PM
    People who are unable to distinguish between claiming that AV software is useless and OS X's degree of security usually have strong incentive$ to not make that distinction.

    Jul 14, 09:34 AM
    Woohoo! 3GHz here we come. As was mentioned before, though, a mid-sized tower priced at the iMac level (but upgradable) would be the final logical step in the Apple product line. That would leave Woodcrest to the high end MacPro with its quad configuration.

    The fasted Core 2 Extreme at launch will be 2.93 (ok, that's pretty close to 3GHz).... however, if we're going QUAD, then we're looking at Xeon 5100 series
    and the 5050, 5060 and 5080 will be 3GHz and above!

    What about a a Mac Pro with dual 3.73 GHz Xeon 5080's?? :D

    We might need an enclosure the size of the G5 for those!! :eek:

    I agree, there's space int he Apple line-up for a single cpu (Conroe) system which is aimed to business and people who want the upgradeability of a "box" but don't want to splash out on dual Xeons!!

    Aug 23, 09:02 PM
    So, in summary...

    Apple pays Creative a one time fee of $100M to licence their patents.

    Creative joins the 'Made for iPod' program making accessories for their competitor, Apple, who gets money for 'Made for iPod'.

    Creative still HAS to defend it's patent against other competitors - that's the nature of patents - or licence it to them. If they do, Apple takes some of that money too. In a round-a-bout way, Apple is getting money back from it's competitors. Nice.

    Creative have a much better case because Apple settled.

    Creative still owns a valid patent. If Apple had won, there would be no patent so anyone could copy the Creative/Apple style interface.

    Apple continues on as if nothing has happened. No long court case delaying sales. No injunctions to halt imports.

    Explain to me why people think Apple lost here?

    Creative knew it was about to get reamed by Microsoft's Zune which it's players aren't compatible with. They knew to get out of the market. Instead of legitimising Microsoft's offering, they've tied up with Apple. It might bug us that Apple have legitimised a bogus patent but it's otherwise very, very smart.

    Yes, this is the reality. It was a wise business move, thinking long-term. Someone said it earlier, but Apple plays good chess, this is why they have over $8 billion in the bank.

    The quote above should have been the last post.

    Sep 5, 06:04 PM
    If this is a product called showtime, that could be a Bad Thing (tm). A media application that has the same name as the movie channel? Sounds like grounds for a trademark lawsuit to me. Mighty Mouse is a little harder to cause consumer confusion: one's an computer mouse, the other is a cartoon character. But a movie software application and a movie channel? hmmmmm....
    I don't think there will be anything with that name.

    Apple did just very recently file for a new iMovie trade mark in Europe, through Italy. They already had the name registered in 2000/2001. This new application is from 22 August, and no real details are currently published.

    Apr 20, 09:50 AM
    Is the Program to read it Mac only or is there a PC version??

    Aug 23, 07:00 PM
    Who says Creative was going broke?

    They have been around a long time and seem to be doing better than ever.

    I'd hardly call a drop in profits "doing better than ever."

    Despite MP3 players that offered more, Creative was on a downward spiral. Now they become a sheep following the iPod shepherd and Apple wins the battle.

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