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iphone 4 verizon sim card slot

iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. have the SIM CARD slot
  • have the SIM CARD slot

  • twoodcc
    Jul 29, 08:40 PM
    well 2 months after i buy a new Razr, i don't doubt that this phone will be released :(

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. Verizon and ATamp;T iPhone 4s
  • Verizon and ATamp;T iPhone 4s

  • Applejuiced
    Mar 26, 11:11 PM
    Change the thread title!!!! Whats with all these crappy/misleading titles lately!!!

    Just to get attention that's all.
    I doubt iOS 5.0 or the next iphone will be delayed.

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. The Verizon iPhone has hit
  • The Verizon iPhone has hit

  • asdf542
    Mar 30, 11:19 PM
    Application Launcher is horrendous. Moving an app each icon at a time, and restarting after command+alt+control deleting applications brings them back. If you could command+click on more than one app to arrange them, that's an improvement. Beyond that, it's an implementation that makes more sense on a multi-touch iOS device than a desktop OS. FAIL

    Mission Control - I agree, an improvement. A bit buggy, but it is convenient to see Expos�/Spaces/Desktops unified (although I loathe the 2-dimensial/linear "Spaces" implementation, "Snow Leopard" had it right. An iOS Springboard "Spaces" on a desktop system is counterintuitive Mr Jobs, especially for those who use spaces on a projector for demonstrating different desktops quickly in lectures, presentations, etc.This is beta/unfinished software. What the hell do you expect?

    As for the rest, applications such as "MacPilot" already have the ability to utilize those functions (and ad-hoc AirDrop is interesting but unless you are with another nearby Lion system and both are present to "accept" a transfer, it seems rather meh).'MacPilot' is a mess of multiple functions that do not replicate native API's that are always enabled for use. Wow you have to click accept? Good. Why would you want the possibility of a bunch of random garbage sent to you without your consent?

    The lack of color in the system icons is god awful. Color graphics are much more easily identified than a scaled down grey icon.

    Stroop effect (

    This is very relevant in working as it distracts and takes longer to identify aspects that lose inherent and easily characterized qualities. If there isn't an option for this in the GM/Commercial build there better be a patch ala iTunes.rsrc to bring back sidebar color icons.

    Cool story bro, I was never talking about the actual UI elements.

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  • flir67
    Nov 26, 11:51 AM
    the success of this tablet will really depend on its design. if its like the pc's ones that are ultra thin with no media drive and the swivel screen it might make it. but if its just a flat panel square single sided tablet then it will fail..

    it sounds like a macbook replacement. thinner and lighter same price.

    history will always repeat itself sometime.

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  • (the included SIM card is for

  • cactus33
    Apr 23, 10:31 PM
    Although I'd absolutely love this, I highly doubt it'll be here for a while.

    I think the first step would be increasing displays to like 1800x1080 on the 13", and 1900x1200 on the 15" and 2400x1440 on the 17" - while keeping the same user interface size. That would be awesome.

    Then in the next 5-10 years, I'd expect full retina.

    I doubt it would be a full jump from 1440x900 --> 3200x2000 on a 15" or something like that.

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  • Iphone+4+verizon+sim+card

  • cecildk9999
    Nov 22, 05:50 AM
    A single network might be interested if they feel that the features in the Apple phone will gain them new customers.

    End-users would still be able to buy a phone separately and use their existing SIM of course. But as this is so different to the entrenched practice in the UK, it would have to be a very good device.

    I think T-Mobile might fit this bill, at least in the US. I remember seeing a story here earlier in the year where T-Mobile said its vision was aligned with Apple (but not necessarily a partnership; abc article here ( T-Mobile wants to win customers, and a sleek new phone that's easy to use may get some real good word of mouth. Of course, Apple can still sell the phone separately, but the key would be to get all of the carriers to pick it up. If a T-Mobile pairing could build a base and generate some strong 'switcher' sales, other companies may want to jump on the bandwagon as quickly as possible.

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. The SIM slot is gone.
  • The SIM slot is gone.

  • MikeDTyke
    Sep 11, 07:26 AM
    I've been doing a bit of thinking about the video airport express rumor thats been doing the rounds.

    If you were to take the current AE and add a video out, you'd get a fairly poor user experience. ie. no remote, no control! Also the form factor of the current AE is such that you plug it in and hide it away.

    Some might clamour for a wireless remote, but 2 factors limit this possibility, reduced battery life (on wifi) and a poor response through walls (bluetooth). Apple's shown in the past they are quite happy with the reliable and long established infra-red remote.

    I believe therefore that the updated AE will appear as a small set top box, in order to have the IR in plain view. The other thing about the set top box. It' aint gonna be some boring grey flat component. Apple will want people to love it as much as the ipod. Therefore i suspect we'll see a distinctly visible design, different to all the other set top's and AV components we have to date. With SJ's love affair with cubes, perhaps this is an opportunity for the Aluminium Media Cube. Small llike 3" with a small hal like blue eye watching our every move. ;)

    The other aspect i'd like to touch on is that in order to make these puppies sell like hotcakes, i.e.Cheap, i suspect the aforementioned cube to be very basic dumb terminal. Dependent on a wireless mac or PC for disk and essentially only displaying a frontrow remote display. This of course would mean front row for older macs and pc's.

    The other other aspect (Gah i should think about these posts before writing). Is that no one is going to want to run upstairs to their Mac, go on itunes, click on the media store, select Scary movie #17 (more boobs than all the rest), click download. Then run downstairs to the Media cube, finger on button guessing when they can start to play. I therefore think that front row will gain an interface onto the ITMS so that media can be bought from the comfort of the sofa. This will kick off the actual download from upstairs computer and the front row interface will show when the user can start the movie.

    Apple have patents for remote displays and specifically buying a item of media on one device and downloading to another. Search if you're really interested.

    As i said, this is only a bit of out of the box thinking. I personally hope the device is more intelligent with a HardDisk so if my Mac is powered down, its not completely useless, along with the absolutely essential need to be able to record just like tivo. But here's waiting, should know in about 29 hrs. tick tock, tick tock.


    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. Iphone 4 Sim Card Slot.
  • Iphone 4 Sim Card Slot.

  • balamw
    Apr 11, 01:06 AM
    Surely we should not interpret everything following the first division symbol as belonging in the denominator, including an additional fraction.

    You've just stumbled on a new notation for continued fractions ( Oh wait, we already have better ways of representing that.


    The only way it would be 288 is if it was written:

    Where do the square brackets fall in your interpretation of PE(MD)(AS) + left to right? And how in the name of all that is holy can you interpret that as giving 288 instead of 2. Wouldn't 288 require [2(9+3)] to evaluate to (1/6) so the final answer would be 48*6 = 228. I would have expected [48/2](9+3).


    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. Iphone-verizon
  • Iphone-verizon

  • marvel2
    Jan 20, 01:19 PM
    Let me know how loud the volume is during a call conversation. If it is significantly louder than the TomTom, I may jump ship and get the Megellan unit.

    My car has no sound dampening material :(

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  • the SIM card slot has

  • Rodimus Prime
    Mar 28, 11:43 AM
    wasn't that samsung's fault with the custom UI they put on the phone and issues with 2.3?

    even if it was not the custom UI there would still be blocking by AT&T claiming "testing" That and every phone has some underlining drivers and what not that is closed source that needs to be updated and what not.

    And as I said before clearly it is not samsung's fault. Captivated is a GalaxyS phone.
    Captivated is running android 2.1 while over in Europe it is getting the 2.3 updated. Tell me who is at fault there. Clearly not Samsung. Samsung has pointed the finger back at the carriers here multiple times.

    Google release update. You have to give the manufactures at least 3 months to update their stuff then you get trapped in the carrier crap endlessly.

    The manufactures are also finally starting to figure out that people do not want all that custom crap but at the same time you have to look at it from the manufactures point to view. The custom UI makes them seperate from everyone else. Other wise it would just different hardware and nothing else separting them. This way that all have their own custom UI. At least they are starting to figure out that all they need to control is the launcher and they can start backing out going as deep. This is good for us,.

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. included a SIM card slot
  • included a SIM card slot

  • clibinarius
    Mar 29, 02:54 PM
    The batteries of note are probably for the nano/shuffle, not the touch. Hence why the supply isn't a problem yet with the iphones.

    Try to remember, people who post these things, there's several types of ipods.

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  • islanders
    Jul 23, 09:36 AM
    If Apple is really trying to stay state-of-the-art, they will lose Yonah as soon as Intel's supply can keep up with Apple's production volume. On the MacBook front, this should be able to happen by October-November, I imagine.

    If Apple doesn't put Core 2 Duo in MacBooks @ 1.83 & 2GHz by November, the competition on the PC front is going to make Apple look like they are selling outdated products as if they are current. This will not fly among savy buyers and MacBook sales might falter - perhaps even tank without such a switch. :eek:

    Almost all mobile computers selling for more than $1k by November will be Core 2 Duo. So for the holiday shopping season, Apple has got to put them inside MacBooks by then.

    This seems to be a realistic approach� how long can Apple wait?

    Just because Intel is shipping Merom, who are they shipping to? Apple? Dell? Sony?

    When are these chips going to be delivered to Apple for at least one line of MBP?

    Is it possible we are getting ahead of ourselves here? After all Apple was the last player to sign with Intel.

    Or has Intel already produced enough chips to satisfy demand before shipping to any single company?

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. The inclusion of a SIM card
  • The inclusion of a SIM card

  • kevink2
    Mar 28, 12:12 PM
    This may explain why Apple is, apparently, still going ahead with the white iPhone 4. And also not obsolete some Verizon purchasers so fast.

    Maybe if they go on a little longer refresh schedule, it will match up a little better with carrier subsidies.

    On the other hand, since my intent is to skip the next generation, that may mean I wait 2 1/2 years instead of 2 years. Will the phone absorb the drops, etc, that it gets that long?

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  • features a SIM card slot

  • ericinboston
    Apr 18, 04:19 PM
    Samsung will simply pay a hefty amount to Apple and we will never hear anything about this again.

    Exactly. And how different has/is Windows 9x/XP been from Mac OS (and vice versa) over the past 15 years? What about tvs? Receivers?

    Come on...the iPhone look/feel has been out for quite awhile's not like the competitors released products 6 months after the iPhone.

    Regardless of how many examples we can list here, this lawsuit ridiculous...a lot of things/products in life are going to look/feel very similar...especially in computers.

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. iPhone 4 has a SIM card slot
  • iPhone 4 has a SIM card slot

  • Vulpinemac
    Apr 25, 09:33 AM
    I've been reading MacRumors for years - only added to the discussion a few times since 08. Not a troll, but still considered a "newbie". :D

    Well, he did say "most". If their join date were, say, yesterday, then they're much more likely to be a troll, no?

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. There is a slot for micro SIM
  • There is a slot for micro SIM

  • vartanarsen
    Mar 28, 10:45 AM
    It's the usual geek misconception of what a device needs. They are all about checklist items. And thus they are missing the fact that a major paradigm shift is occurring in this world where the far larger non-tech audience is now buying tech toys. This audience does not know much about specs, and cares even less. All they care about is cost (Apple is right there in phones), how their apps work (just great on the iPhone), choice of apps (no one has more choice than Apple), and what they have read or heard about (Apple is the advertising leader).

    So geeks will continue to stamp their feet and pout about checklists that Apple is "failing" at. The rest of the world will keep happily using their amazing iPhones.

    Agreed that its not about a checklist. Apple takes time to make sure hardware, software, features, everything, all works together seamlessly in 1 nice neat, durable, elegent piece.

    Sometimes, jamming highest specs all into a crappy product is not the answer. What good is an 8 MP camera in a plasticky-phone?

    iphone 4 verizon sim card slot. a micro-SIM card slot.
  • a micro-SIM card slot.

  • flopticalcube
    Apr 22, 12:17 PM
    good point, I suppose it would increase taxes on the poor. and of course I see no benefit to that.

    Surely finding a way to exempt the poor from that would be less complicated the current system.

    Also, perhaps the necessary % would be less than expected bc normal people wouldn't be able to skate around taxation.

    I'm not saying that this should be a primary political focus, but I believe it would be a nice thing to consider once government spending and overreach is under control and the national debt is less scary
    I have no issues with a VAT as long as it is not imposed on food, energy and shelter. Unfortunately, it no longer becomes a great revenue generator if you exempt it from what the majority spend most of their money on.

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  • There#39;s no more SIM card slot,

  • OneMike
    Mar 29, 02:51 PM :p

    craigslist takes 1st - 1000th place for all the state/city sub categories.

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  • its SIM card slot as well.

  • danielwsmithee
    Aug 2, 11:04 AM
    There will be no update to the iPods yet, but they will be updated for sure before the release of Zune in October making Zune look old.

    As far as other hardware updates: Mac Pro, Displays (iSight and significant price drop). The other possibilities are updated MacBook Pro or iMac. The MBP really needs it soon as the MacBook seams to be a much better value. I could see them updating it the week after quietly via the web only, as it is essentially only a processor speed-bump to the Core 2 Duo 2.33 Ghz.

    Apr 21, 05:05 PM
    I think the next Mac Pro refresh will be a huge milestone. Not only will it be the first case redesign in nearly a decade and add all the latest tech (USB3, sata III, thunderbolt, etc) but I believe Apple will take this opportunity to finally revise the pricing structure. Over the past few years, Apple has been making a clear shift towards the consumer market. Part of that is arguably negative ("dumbing things down") but the positive is more reasonable prices. The Mac Pro is the only computer left that hasn't been revised. My hope is that Apple will create a few models of the new Mac Pro, at least one of which is an affordable mid-range consumer tower starting under the the $2,000 mark.

    Unfortunately, they will probably wait to use the new performance desktop/server sandy bridge CPUs which Intel won't have ready until Q4 2011 (or later). If that's true then we won't see these new beauties until 1H 2012. :(

    If anything the pro will increase in price as its very much close to the price of the 27" iMac, which is hampering its sales. Also, don't hold your breath for USB3 - as far as Apple's concerned, USB3 is a dead technology.

    May 3, 05:32 PM
    I would rather that you started leading us since you seem to be much more versed in the rules guiding us :).

    We�re doomed.:D

    May 4, 08:41 PM
    pro: one less disc to keep track of. my family already lost my iWork disc.

    cons: what if i want to format the hard drive and restart from scratch? or even just archive and install? what if i completely replace my hard drive? what if i want to sell my mac and get a new one, would i retain the license or would the buyer get it? how would they reinstall the OS after I wipe the hard drive? how long is this going to take to download? will we be able and authorized to burn our own install DVDs from the downloaded software?

    No I doubt apple will let us burn our own CD's. Although it is possible. Also I have 4 computers I am planning to put lion on. If I have to download it on each computer it will use all of peoples internet usage up (say it is a 5GB download thats 5*4=20GB) although I have 1TB of usage that won't be a problem just a pain.
    SO apple please make it available at your stores and I will be in line on the day it comes out to update my new macbook pro
    @KnightWRX- The internet was barley out in the 90's let alone downloading software

    May 7, 04:46 PM
    Only if you choose to "sync" your data in the preferences as was stated before in this thread so in fact iDisk out of the box does "not" work like Drop Box. I think WebDAV may be a speed culprit as well but if anyone knows of a blazing fast WebDAV service chime in.

    I would say thats bit trivial since if you don't need to watch for amount data transfer the logical choice is "Automatic". If you pay for according to transfer or if there are limitations on it (tethering with some service providers etc.) you would then be better off with the "Manual" option. In any case you are always working with local files which are sitting in you local HD. Even if you have chosen "Manual" and then sync the transfer happens in the background. Anyway, you're correct that WebDAV is what really sets these apart (and not in the good way from Apple's perspective). Also I'm betting my money on low number of data centers and lack of spread (due to global variations in transfer speeds).

    What actually worries me is the quality of service if Apple decides to make MobilMe a free service. In its current form iDisk is far from being snappy™ but what happens when the masses start rolling in? One gigantic data center means very little in global perspective. You need wide spread of them all around the world if you want to offer free and reliable cloud services. Just looking at Google data centers in 2008 gives good idea what was required back then... I'm well aware that Google is a different kind of beast but it's a beast with good access and response.

    Google data centers in 2008:

    May 6, 08:05 AM
    All I have to say is thank goodness 90% Of you aren't running companies, especially apple. So many short sighted ppl. Great workers I''m sure but bad visionaries. All options must be considered when a company is looking at long term plans. Doing the opposite is how you kill a company by saying, keep things same and forward ho! By long term I mean 10+ years out.

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