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ipod touch 5g 2011

ipod touch 5g 2011. the iPod Touch interface
  • the iPod Touch interface

  • MistaBungle
    Mar 30, 05:53 PM
    I really hope they deploy some form of full screen iTunes in this build. Would be nice to see.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. Ipod Touch 5g Features.
  • Ipod Touch 5g Features.

  • Aldyn
    Aug 4, 09:07 AM
    ug, i just really hope that the imac is updated soon. i've waited all summer for the imac to be updated, and it still hasnt -- i have no computer for school this year as of now, and i'm just praying apple updates the imac before mid august. so i can have one ordered and at my house before school starts. :mad:

    ipod touch 5g 2011. apple ipod touch 5g release
  • apple ipod touch 5g release

  • blow45
    Mar 29, 03:57 PM
    Right I get that, and thats the point. On the military note does any country spend/waste more money than us on our armed forces. Not even close.

    The arms dealers run the US, pretty much, if one is a cynic here. And it's not only the money spent on them, it's the havoc they wreak worldwide. Ask the Libyans, the Iraqis, the Afganis, the Serbs, the Vietnamese, the Cubans etc. etc. It's the price to pay for being a world bully. I am not making a value judgement here, I am just calling it like it is, but I am myself OOT here, so I won't say anymore respecting the topic at hand and the forums.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. I think that the iPod Touch 5G
  • I think that the iPod Touch 5G

  • treysmay
    Aug 6, 12:06 AM
    Whats the normal run of events?

    3 split up segments and then one more thing

    Here is what i reckon

    1) Intel transition
    blah blah blah, it has been quick, painless developers, developers developers. Everyone has been receptive except $#%#@@! Adobe
    Intel keep giving us the chips
    today we update MBP and iMac to core 2 duo

    2)Talking about tranistion there are 2 products which haven't yet been transistioned
    PowerMac > Mac Pro
    Xserve > Xserve? Mac Serve?

    Mac Pro has 3 configs
    Best - Dual Xeon, 1GB 500GB 256X1800 $3299
    Better - Core 2 Duo 2.93ghz 1GB 500gb 256mb X1600 $2499
    Good - Core 2 Duo 2.6 1GB 250gb 256mb X1600 $1999

    Xserves - All Xeons, dah

    3) Leopard talk

    4) One more thing
    Candidates: iPhone, iPod, New Screens (may be intro'd with Mac Pro's) what ever else there could be

    I completely second that.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. 3DS vs iPod touch 5G”.
  • 3DS vs iPod touch 5G”.

  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 25, 10:40 AM
    2. Steve Jobs is the CEO of a major company and can't afford to lie in public.

    You're holding it wrong. Non-Issue.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. 2011 Pink Skin For Ipod 5g
  • 2011 Pink Skin For Ipod 5g

  • LanPhantom
    Apr 7, 11:47 AM
    I would imagine we aren't getting the full story here. Companies would jump at the opportunity to produce more products. I don't care how it's done, 24hr operations, add capacity to their facilities, etc.

    I think RIM's offer to the companies wasn't as good as Apples and the companies said "Well, thanks for the offer, but we just don't have the room" Considering the longevity of the RIM Playbook is still questionable, why would a company commit to supplying a short term product. At least with Apple, they feel comfortable looking long term and committing to building a TON of them. Knowing they won't be left with a supply line dead in the water.

    Again, if the TRUE demand exists, producers will produce. It's all about Money.


    WOW - BC2009, you hit my nail on the head right before I did!!! Nice job!

    ipod touch 5g 2011. Next Generation iPod Touch 5G
  • Next Generation iPod Touch 5G

  • madhatter61
    Mar 26, 11:43 PM
    The upgrade timing of ipad2 caught the key competitors by surprise. They had designs based on ipad. the dual core processor was an easy one to anticipate, but the dual chip GPU with the unexpected graphics performance boost via the Power VR SGX 543M2 with double the memory and other technical goodies makes the iPad2 a first class upgrade. As the software developments come along ... I would expect this design to certainly carry well into next year. There is no way Retina is feasible and a quad core is just way out. A lot more "I want" than practical in a business sense. Hardware always comes first, then the software. The apps developers are just getting started with this new stuff... and the rumor (which is all it is) that iPad3 will be here is 6 months just is pure foolishness. But the media hype just keeps chewing this idea ... Give it a rest... how about some realism. The gaming performance and the interfacing with the big Screen TV is much more likely to grow very rapidly... it is already beginning to show.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. ipod touch 5g release date
  • ipod touch 5g release date

  • nazaar
    Apr 5, 01:31 PM
    Get the F over it Apple...
    I just recently JB'ed my iPhone and it's sooo much better.
    It's my device. I paid for it. I should be able to do what ever I want with it.

    Don't give in Toyota!

    ipod touch 5g 2011. Class Of 2011 Pink Skin For
  • Class Of 2011 Pink Skin For

  • iansilv
    May 7, 11:38 AM
    The best option is to cover both ends.


    Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks
    Small iDisk
    Find my iDevice
    Web Gallery
    Web Page


    iTunes Cloud (Lala music streaming)
    More Sync options
    Larger iDisk Pro (Dropbox like speed)
    Larger Web space and Gallery
    Online Backup Pro (Collaboration and editing)

    I'm ready to go Google Free. I just need to know Mobileme is worth investing in more.

    I totally agree with this, and would be happy if it worked out like this.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. iPod Touch 5G Delayed
  • iPod Touch 5G Delayed

  • iJohnHenry
    May 3, 10:26 AM
    I like my miles, inches, gallons, and pounds.

    I like my inches in centimetres, because it seems longer, and my pounds in stones, because it seems lighter. :p

    ipod touch 5g 2011. Ipod Touch 5g Features.
  • Ipod Touch 5g Features.

  • rhsgolfer33
    Apr 15, 08:35 PM
    I guess you just can't relate to us creative types.

    What are you, an accountant?

    Next time, I'll try to say in numbers so you can understand.

    Hey, come on, I resent that, I'm a tax accountant. :p

    But then again, judging by GE, we're a pretty creative bunch ourselves. ;)

    ipod touch 5g 2011. 2011 in buy ipod touch) by
  • 2011 in buy ipod touch) by

  • 42streetsdown
    May 6, 01:50 AM
    This seems like an inevitable move in the convergence of iOS devices and Mac computers. They will eventually be the same thing. Powerful, robust, thin, power efficient, easy to use touch interface. Lion is moving in the direction of the iPad and iOS in general. The iPad has been gaining more Mac-like features and robust applications. I think the time tables are probably off. I don't see this happening for 4 to 5 years at the earliest. But with billions upon billions in cash reserves, Apple can pretty much do whatever they want!

    If this convergence were to happen i think it'd be more likely for iOS to take on intel processors, not the other way around.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. iPod touch 5G Shown In Leaked
  • iPod touch 5G Shown In Leaked

  • topherchris
    Sep 11, 03:31 PM
    Nobody else seems interested, so they must have already seen it, but I have not. That's pretty interesting.

    no. THIS is interesting (though old)

    ipod touch 5g 2011. show the iPod touch 5G
  • show the iPod touch 5G

  • kingtj
    Mar 28, 10:02 AM
    Apple has been repeatedly bashed for focusing too much on iOS devices, to the detriment of their core computer product line. (They took people off of working on OS X to finish fixing things on the iPad, etc. etc.)

    Now, it sounds like they're trying to bring the focus back to the Mac again for a little while, and people are complaining??

    Why would you feel a need to get a new cellphone every single year? Contracts tend to run 2 years, discouraging you from upgrading that often anyway. But regardless, all of the recent "smartphones" I've seen are built well enough so they'll easily hold up for a good 2 years of use. All of the things I'd really need to do on a mobile phone will work fine next year, just the way they work this year. Even if you're just hung up on having "the latest thing"? If Apple delays release of the iPhone 5, then the 4 remains the "latest thing" from them for a while longer.

    More to the point of the original topic though? I can definitely see why this WWDC would be a critical one, in many ways, to talk about a lot of software changes! Apparently, the Linux community is rapidly switching over their software to the "GPL3" license, which has a lot of "gotchas" in it that try to restrict what commercial businesses can do with the code. Essentially, they're trying to keep companies like Apple from benefiting from their free, open-source projects, and keep them for Linux users instead. The Apache web server is moving to a GPL3 license, for example, as is the gcc compiler and Samba.

    Apple has to start moving to alternate products for all of this core functionality and get developers up to speed on the changes, or we're in for a LOT of reduced functionality in future OS X versions.

    That's just getting complacent in my opinion, people like myself like changing phones yearly, no new iPhone means no return business, I'll try something else instead, bad move if true.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. The iPod touch has become
  • The iPod touch has become

  • ArizonaKid
    Jul 23, 12:05 AM
    recent AppleInsider story[/url] had indicated that Intel may have plans to move up Merom's formal launch to next Monday, July 23rd, to coincide with the Core 2 Duo Desktop variant ("Conroe") launch.

    Monday is the 24th. This is the third post on this. How long does it take for an admin to correct a simple mistake?

    ipod touch 5g 2011. iPod Touch 5G Photos Leaked,
  • iPod Touch 5G Photos Leaked,

  • lilo777
    Apr 26, 04:44 PM
    I just don't really see how anyone should be surprised. It should be totally obvious to anyone who watches the smart phone market that Android would easily surpass IOS--they are indeed everywhere and I'm sure when it comes time to get a new phone--those with no preconceived ideas on what they want will walk out of the store with some kind of Android. Most who go in looking for an iPhone will probably leave with one. As long as Apple--and their shareholders are happy, I don't think it really matters.

    Phone users will be the first to see feel the impact of these developments as Android ecosystem will see much faster development than iOS. With more and better options, users will overwhelmingly switch to Android. And then, it'll be AAPL shareholders turn to feel the impact.

    ipod touch 5g 2011. iPod Touch 5G Leaked Photos:
  • iPod Touch 5G Leaked Photos:

  • Plutonius
    May 3, 05:22 PM
    [QUOTE=ravenvii;12507483]CURRENT KNOWN MAP:

    map confusion - I'm assuming the yellow marks are three doors. but is our start position inside the mansion ?

    ipod touch 5g 2011. iPod touch 5G
  • iPod touch 5G

  • coder12
    Mar 26, 09:56 PM
    Lion this summer, iOS 5 this fall. Makes sense to me :)

    ipod touch 5g 2011. apple iphone 5g 2011,
  • apple iphone 5g 2011,

  • pmz
    May 4, 03:08 PM
    Here's my problem with this distribution method for an OS:

    I have 4 Macs in my house. Previously, I'd buy a Family License DVD and go from machine to machine installing it.

    If I have to DL it from the App Store, I've got to download it 4 times! I don't care about paying for multiple licenses... I do care about blowing out my internet bandwidth downloading the same multi-gigabyte file 4 times. :mad:

    There had better be a physical-media option!

    Why on earth couldn't you burn your own DVD, or better yet, copy to a USB key, or any external drive?

    Awaiting your response.

    Dec 13, 10:29 AM
    [QUOTE=EDH667;8950245]Thank you for your feedback relating to this issue. We hope to have this issue resolved with a future update to the TomTom application."QUOTE]

    that's curious ... it's an 'application' problem?? i would have thought it was a typical bluetooth h/w issue ... wonder if the other navigation apps have similar issue w/ TomTom car kit?

    thanks for sharing

    Sep 10, 10:59 PM
    If the rumors of near $15 downloads are true - are you really interested? That's way too much for me to have interest in it.

    But then again, I think $0.99 per track isn't as attractive as subscription based services too.. :)

    Now a streaming Media Device I'm excited about.

    New [Video] iPod I'm excited about as well.

    Randy at

    Sep 16, 12:53 PM
    They released the C2D iMACS altogether. I would be really surprised if they didn't do AT LEAST the same to their pro line-ups.

    Except that Apple has typically released only the 15 inch model before later introducing the 17 (and 12 when they existed) when they do major updates. Witness the introduction of the Al case and the Intel switch. Of course it matters whether this is a major update. If, like the iMacs, there is not a major case redesign and it is just a processor bump then expect them to be released simultaneously. But if there is a change in case, I would be surprised (pleasantly though) if the 17 came out at the same time.

    Mar 29, 05:30 PM
    I think amazon and the kindle are the only legitimate competitors to the ipad/itunes store. And I don't know if they are really direct competitors.

    Anyway, amazon's kindle and overall user experience are not direct rip offs of Apple and that is refreshing.

    Sep 11, 08:02 AM
    I told Rob about the event yesterday...

    "Great, all we need is another iPod." :rolleyes:

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