Saturday, May 14, 2011

justin bieber never say never album cover

justin bieber never say never album cover. quot;Justin Bieber: Never Say
  • quot;Justin Bieber: Never Say

  • soldatodipxao
    Sep 15, 10:20 PM
    This looks great... I've been reading macrumors for quite some time now... been planning for merom since summer... this will be my first apple experience... can't wait!

    I ordered a macbook pro for my sister on thursday (she wanted to take advantage of the ipod deal for students) and her shipment info says shipping on the 19th (maybe the REAL tuesday!) and arriving on the 25th (coincidence?). she ordered a custom 15' macbook pro. looks like a good sign to me!

    justin bieber never say never album cover. quot;Justin Bieber: Never Say
  • quot;Justin Bieber: Never Say

  • EDH667
    Dec 13, 07:19 AM
    I guess I see the connection to the ignition, but only activating when there is a phone in cradle seems like a strange use of bluetooth ... why not use hardwire connection to eliminate any potential for interference ... or open up and allow use as speaker phone in car regardless of phone in cradle

    I don't believe Magellan uses bluetooth in this way

    I found this on the Magellan website. It appears that their Bluetooth is set up differently than the TomTom kit:

    Can I undock the iPhone from the Premium Car Kit and keep my Bluetooth� connection?

    justin bieber never say never album cover. Justin Bieber - Never Say
  • Justin Bieber - Never Say

  • Stella
    Apr 25, 10:02 AM
    Apple could do themselves a lot of favours if they came out with an offical statement, explaining what iOS does in regards of user tracking ( i.e, location database ). Some 1 line email response fired off by SJ doesn't do much good.

    Once again, Apple fall down in terms of customer relations / communications. If Apple handled this correctly then all the fuss could go away in a couple days.

    justin bieber never say never album cover. Justin Bieber: Never Say
  • Justin Bieber: Never Say

  • roach
    Nov 26, 07:54 PM
    As a tablet PC user. Vista and tablet are an Awesome combo. Vista added so much function that helps computing work on pen alone. I have a slate with removable keyboard which I don't bring anymore.

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  • Justin Bieber To Read

  • archurban
    May 6, 12:26 AM
    if apple believes itself to be too much confident or arrogant because they think market share will continue grow, and people will buy Apple stuff, then they will replace their own processor? then all efforts to be build great company will be fallen. they will go back to where they were struggle (say 1997?). it's what they want, go ahead. I don't care. by the way, remember this. there is no number one forever. Apple will be fallen apart someday. this will drive themselves more faster. if I am wrong, I won't buy apple no more.

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  • Jelite
    Mar 29, 01:37 PM
    I don't trust corporate clouds, especially with a service that Sony is clearly gunning for legally.

    I suggest Subsonic. It streams music from your Mac or PC to your iPhone, Android phone, or Win7 phone. It also allows you to stream from another computer via a web browser. And it's free! Own your data, create your own cloud.

    This is exactly what im talking about, why pay for cloud storage when you already have all you need to make your own?

    justin bieber never say never album cover. justin bieber never say
  • justin bieber never say

  • PBF
    Mar 30, 08:50 PM
    I still can't remove Launchpad on mine >.< Did you update via Software Update or reinstall the new build? I updated via Software Update to build 2.
    Not true. You can not update to DP2 via Software Update. You have to re-install the entire OS via App Store. The only thing you download via Software Update is a 2.2MB pre-install patch.

    justin bieber never say never album cover. Justin Bieber Never Say Never
  • Justin Bieber Never Say Never

  • batchtaster
    Apr 21, 03:51 PM
    This would be an excellent move for enterprise. I've already been told I'm not getting Mac Pros into our data center. At best I can hope for a couple of Mac minis, but that's a pretty big compromise on both my end and our data center manager's.

    It would also be a great move for desktop users, especially if it eliminates the laser-cut, hand-slicing "carry" handles. Ever tried to move one of those things between rooms, floors or buildings? I can't help wondering what TV forensics would make of the resulting lacerations.

    justin bieber never say never album cover. Justin+ieber+never+say+
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  • ChrisTX
    Mar 27, 12:01 AM
    i want what the "reliable sources" are smoking.

    jokes aside, this is terrible. too long of a wait.
    and apple better not skimp my 4th gen touch on features, i want FULL iOS 5 support.

    Every time Apple has demoed a new version of iOS it has been on the current hardware prior to the release of new hardware.

    justin bieber never say never album cover. justin bieber never say never
  • justin bieber never say never

  • r1ch4rd
    Apr 10, 08:45 AM
    Dammit, I fell at the last hurdle. I get 288 but then clicked 2 by mistake!

    Should be split 50/50 but I have skewed it a little.

    As many others have said, I followed BODMAS


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  • kevink2
    May 6, 06:23 AM
    Wouldn't a new CPU have to be much faster than the equivalent Intel chip to make it worthwhile? Not just equivalent. Wouldn't it have to be able to run previous generation software in emulation for a period of years.

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  • Kensai
    Apr 20, 08:40 AM
    Three initials: NFC

    Come on, Apple, reinvent the market yet again! :cool:

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  • kingtj
    Aug 2, 02:40 PM
    Actually, my guess is that Apple/Jobs thinks the whole idea of banning cameras from PCs in the workplace is nonsense anyway. Being a bit of a trendsetter, Apple probably will go ahead and put them in all of their products so the majority who don't mind them will reap the benefits of no-hassle video teleconferencing and so forth.

    Nowdays, it's so *easy* to build a digital camera into even the smallest, most discreet places, that it's pretty much uneforceable if you're going to dictate "no cameras" in a work environment of any sort. It's just like the places that no longer allow USB flash drives or iPods to be brought in, for fear someone will steal data and take it home. You can get a USB key built into a watch with retractable USB cable, or combo pens/USB flash drives. Do you think security guards at the door will really be on top of every possibility for those?

    The *real* answer has always been to only hire employees you trust, and keep them happy and fairly paid for their work - so they don't have an interest in leaking out your company's secrets.

    Any company requiring security clearance most likely will not allow them. Mine does not. It's based on the sensitivity of the environment.

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  • Winni
    Apr 6, 03:53 AM
    It sort of makes you think what it would be like if Apple took a hand at other industries. This theme is absolutely fugly. Toyota basically turned the iphone into a zone.

    What if the tables were turned? If Toyota can make the iphone so unappealing, then how much better would the design of a Toyota be if Apple redesigned it?

    Just because you know how to design a computer user interface doesn't mean that you also know how to design a car. Cars are much more complex than computers -- all cars have computers built in, but no computer has a car built in.

    Also, most of Apple's products look better than they are user friendly or work well. Their keyboards and mice are horrible, for example - every Microsoft or Logitech keyboard or mice blows the Apple competition out of the water when it comes to ergonomics. And ergonomics is something that's VERY important in a car. Apple very obviously sucks at that.

    If you want a car that looks and feels like something that could have been designed by Apple, buy a Smart (Diesel). They're great and affordable city and short distance cars, I love them. The only difference is that if Apple would have designed the Smart, it would cost as much as BMW.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 5, 02:54 PM
    Please recheck your math and research on how many carriers the iPhone is available WORLDWIDE - you know, the world is bigger than just the US - and all those carriers worldwide are not allowed to put any crap on it or modify it in a way that makes maintaining updates too expensive. Every iPhone User worldwide can update the same day.

    I travel internationally weekly, and EVERY international iPhone carrier is bound by their arms and legs just like AT&T. It's Apple's way or no way. Want to advertise iPhone? MUST be Apple's advertisements. Want to offer iPhone? Must include visual voicemail as Apple wants it. Want to sell iPhone? Must be at Apple's prices with apple's terms.

    Want to break the contract with Apple? Must turn over your first born child. It's the same story in every country. I am very well traveled, and I'm very familiar with iPhone in other countries. I bought both mine in the UK, FYI

    justin bieber never say never album cover. justin bieber never say
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  • BrettJDeriso
    May 7, 11:03 AM
    At the end of the day, cloud syncing should not be a paid service -they could easily bake it into the price of Mac hardware (and it probably already is). On the other hand, the IMAP email, iWeb, and gallery hosting it comes with do warrant a premium. Not the current premium by any stretch of the immagination (I get far better deals on web hosting and email elsewhere), but a premium of some dollar value is warranted, I think.

    But, when I really think about it, I don't use my MobileMe email for anything important, I haven't updated my galleries in months, and iWeb sites hosted on Apple's MobileMe servers run slower than steam rising off a manure pile. The syncing however, is invaluable.

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  • rtcruz1
    Apr 26, 04:22 PM
    The way the Android OS is structured, and with the number of manufacturers making Android based smartphones, it would only be a matter time before the total number outgrew what one manufacturer of one phone could make.

    justin bieber never say never album cover. Justin+ieber+album+cover+
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  • PlipPlop
    May 6, 06:19 AM
    Unless ARM suddenly make a really great range of desktop cpus within a year I cant see it happening. The switch from PPC was bad enough. Classic environment was terrible.

    justin bieber never say never album cover. quot;Justin Bieber: Never Say
  • quot;Justin Bieber: Never Say

  • Benjy91
    Apr 25, 09:58 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    Interesting how the guy is a total dick when writing to Steve. Nice to see SJ keeps his cool when these idiots with a massive sense of entitlement choose to hit the send button.

    Hes not acting like a dick, he's just worried because of what hes heard.

    I know your email to Steve would begin with "Your Royal Appleness" and end with "Your faithful Man-Servant"

    The man has heard his phone is tracking his location, and is naturally, entitled to be worried.

    Sep 11, 12:21 AM
    If there is no new case design (maybe SR will bring one) it might be easy for Apple to just slip Merom's into the MBP line beneath the iPod/streaming/video fanfare. Without a new look, how big a deal is a 10% speedbump and 64 bit chips that IMACS for Chrissakes have already had for a week?

    Apr 26, 02:37 PM
    You'll care when the majority of developers will jump to Android because it has more users. Why do you think most people still use Windows? Because it has more software. Once you get behind, it's tough to keep up. Look at Windows Phone 7. They have to pull really hard to get some developers to build apps for them.

    I have to say I'm impressed how Google managed to get this off the ground so fast. Microsoft is still struggling, and they have a pool of traditional .Net developers behind them to potentially build apps for their mobile platform.

    As an iOS developer, with both a Java and .Net background, I can say that right now, all the money to be made is primarily in the iOS camp. Android users DO NOT BUY apps. That is a generalization, but it is a TRUE generalization. They do not buy apps like iPhone users. There are many reasons for that. One is that many Android users got free or really cheap phones, and don't tend to come from higher income backgrounds. They are less likely to spend money than iPhone users. Moreover, the infrastructure for buying apps is not setup as well as iPhone. All iPhone users can buy apps the second they are setup, that is not true for Android users.

    In terms of monetizing free Android apps...they do not pay well when it comes to Ad revenue. For a client's app I released on an iPhone, using iAds, I needed 10,000 daily users at about 1 minute of use time per user per day to make about $5K/month in Ad revenue. In order to get that kind of revenue on a free Android app, I would need approximately 200,000 daily users. That is a huge discrepancy between ecosystems, is not easy to get 10,000 daily users, much less 200,000,...meaning developers are going to stick with iOS as long as it pays better.

    So for the time being, I don't concern myself with Android as a developer. Now if google finds a way to make Android phones just as profitable as iPhones, or develops an ecosystem much like Apple's that drives app purchases and app revenue to something resembling, or outpacing Apple, then I would be REALLY worried as an iPhone developer and user. I just don't see it happening as Google is more concerned with it's own Ad business, and how to make Google more money, rather than spending more time and effort on how to best make developers money. Apple has struck a great balance that allows them to keep developers happy while continuing to reap the rewards in terms of company profits.

    Mar 30, 11:13 AM
    Kudos to Amazon for allowing non-amazon content to be saved. This is just plain cool. The revamped Mobile Me will be plagued by Apple's MO.

    May 3, 12:16 PM
    I'm in.

    Please move all the relevant responses to DP's questions to the OP. If it's not in the OP, I don't consider it to be a rule. Maybe I'm a minority, but I'm not going to read through pages of this thread trying to figure things out.

    Wish granted.

    so, counting plutonius, mscriv and aggie we are 8!

    Awaiting confirmation from mscriv. In the meanwhile, one slot is still open.

    dr Dunkel
    Apr 24, 12:40 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; sv-se) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    3200x2000 sounds great!

    Now, just give us the hardware to run at least last year's games at more than mediocre settings.

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