Sunday, May 15, 2011

JYJ’s Junsu wows with karaoke live of Secret Garden’s “That Man”

On May 14th, JYJ’s Junsu performed “That Man” off of the “Secret Garden” OST at his home in Paju in celebration of parent’s day.

Immediately after his performance, the singer began ranking in at the top of portal site searches and received an explosive response amongst netizens and fans alike. Junsu had previously been chosen as the #1 vocal talent amongst idol groups in a survey with 10 vocal trainers, so his talent shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A representative of JYJ revealed, “In celebration of parent’s day, Junsu visited his parent’s home in Paju and sang this song at the bar in the basement. He hasn’t seen ‘Secret Garden’ but he always liked the songs and often hummed along.” How the clip was released is unknown.

Netizens praised, “Definitely the #1 most talented idol”, “So emotional”, “His talent will never change”, and “How can he be so good with just a karaoke machine?”

Check it out below!

source: allkpop

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