Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • addicted44
    Apr 23, 06:09 PM
    Given this. If these "typical consumers, who don't care or really know about specs" are today, looking at their current 1920x1080 screens, or 1920x1200 screens, and they cannot see the individual pixels from their normal, let's say two feet away viewing distance, then what on earth would be the point in increasing costs, and slowing down an iMac by lumbering it with a higher resolution screen?

    What is the point, for these consumers, to increase the screen resolution when they can't make out the individual pixels currently?

    Because those screens WILL look better to those normal customers. Text and graphics will look sharper, and clearer.

    The iPhone screen, before the retina screen, had a higher resolution than macs. People could not see individual pixels. Despite that, ask any Tom Dick or Harry on the street, and they will be unequivocal that the Retina screen is far better looking than the 3GS screens.

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  • Glideslope
    Apr 20, 01:24 PM
    Not a summer update? Surprising.

    Not surprising at all. The new launch date brings the manufacturing lines in step for both GSM and CDMA phones. It was easy to see this coming when the CDMA phone went into production in 8-10.

    iPhone 6 will be back to a July shipment as there will be one phone for both GSM and CDMA. Dual Band Antenna, receiver, and 4G.

    Most will come from Brazil in Foxconn's new 12 Billion dollar Apple Plant.:apple:

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  • coolwater
    Apr 9, 08:34 PM
    Same brand scientific calculator, two different answers. :rolleyes:

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  • Small White Car
    May 4, 03:04 PM
    If I have to DL it from the App Store, I've got to download it 4 times!

    I can copy iPhone apps from one computer to another just fine. As long as they're logged into the same account they work.

    Shouldn't this work the same way?

    I mean, obviously we don't know, but I don't see why it shouldn't.
    So I guess we'll all just send you our AT&T Internet Bills when we go over their newly implemented data usage caps? :eek:


    If you're using AT&T mobile internet as the primary connection for your Macs then you probably need to re-examine your life somewhat.

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  • ChrisNM
    Apr 25, 09:25 AM
    This whole thing is stupid. Of course the iPhone will track what cell towers and wi-fi access points are around it. It needs this information to be able to make phone calls and access the internet. It makes sense that this info be stored so that it does not have to gather in info every time (basic cacheing). What Apple did not anticipate was that someone would find this database and would start screaming about an "invasion of privacy". It is probably something that Apple could have foreseen and they should have encrypted this info, but until someone proves that this info is actually being transmitted back to Apple, it's just a bunch of crap.

    Thank you - this is the first post I read where someone provided a simple and easy to understand reason why this information needs to be on the phone. I am not saying the information is right, because I am not a techie.

    I understand that the information doesn't go anywhere, but it would be nice to know why the phone collects it in the first place. If the explanation above is accurate, then I get it. If it is not accurate, then perhaps someone else can provide an explanation as to why it is needed.

    I think this is a much more rational discourse than all the fanboy versus troll responses.

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  • milozauckerman
    Aug 7, 09:59 PM
    Not everyone is going to use a powerful card for gaming, and I wouldn't want to pay more than I need for my uses.
    Uh, that's the point: you shouldn't have to 'pay more' - it should be standard, and shouldn't raise the price-point, if other manufacturers can do it.

    I don't get the apologists who defend every questionable component from Apple by saying 'well, I don't want to pay extra in the base price' (for a reasonable amount of RAM or for a decent videocard) - demand more from Apple.

    Ask why you can't have a $2500 flagship desktop with a graphics card that didn't cost Apple $40, why Apple can't eat the extra $45 to offer their consumer items with a usable amount of RAM standard.

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  • darrens
    Aug 4, 07:36 AM
    I don't think price for MB will ever drop, even if they're staying with yonah. It's selling quite well at this price. If they offer yonah and merom in the same system, the price diff will not be a lot, and apple will end up stocking for both yonah and merom, which is not something they will do

    More likely is a speed bump to 2.16 Yonah on the MB, Merom on the MBP. 64 bit/power consumption the differentiator for the MBP.

    Yonah's price will be going down a lot once Merom is shipping - perhaps we will see a $499 mini again, just a price drop - no change in specs. If Yonah sees a 60% price drop (it's happened lots of times before with intel chips), maybe the low end mini will go duo.

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  • r1ch4rd
    Apr 10, 08:45 AM
    Dammit, I fell at the last hurdle. I get 288 but then clicked 2 by mistake!

    Should be split 50/50 but I have skewed it a little.

    As many others have said, I followed BODMAS


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  • Torrijos
    May 6, 02:56 AM
    BS to the power of FUD ^^

    The thing is although ARM chips are pretty good in the low power range right now, nothing says that they will perfectly scale in power for a higher performance range.
    Every major player in the chips industry started seeing more and more problems when they started reaching the manufacturing processes ARM will only reach in a couple of years (currently A15 -> 45nm).

    High performance is where Intel is very good at, and their announcement of 3D transistor in Ivy Bridge already will only make them way better in performance and power consumption, and all that as soon as the end of this year (first machines probably next year).

    Now transition from a software standpoint would be painful, but maybe not horrible...
    Apple's compiler already manages ARM architecture, and part of the interest in LLVM is the possibility of JIT compilation.
    But a switch of architecture right now would need Apple to ask devs to re-compile their software, and maybe a change from some libraries, all that for an uncertain gain right now and improbable gain in the future (Intel will remain the master in high performance computing).

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  • nsjoker
    Aug 7, 03:27 PM
    106fps in Doom 3 at high quality with the X1900 XT :eek: :eek:

    What a machine! I'll have 3 to go please.

    alienware, less expensive, 222 fps :D
    granted no os x though so i understand.

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  • Porchland
    Sep 11, 09:18 AM
    Seems to me the new 24" iMac is the "Media Player" - My two largest "monitors" are my 23" ACD and a 26" old skool TV. I watch DVDs on the ACD, as I get a little bit more picture and a lot more clarity than on my TV.
    Seating accommodations in my office aren't as nice as the living room, but oh well...

    It wouldn't be a huge leap for Apple to super-size the 24-inch iMac into 42-inch and 52-inch displays. The architecture of the iMac is well-suited to a plasma display.

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  • drakino
    Apr 5, 01:55 PM
    2010 - Apple Loses #1 Mobile OS spot to Android OS
    2011 - Apple pisses off their JB customers and loses 10% more
    2012 - Apple loses #2 and #3 spot to Windows Mobile & HP OS

    Within 12 months Apple will own the same market share as their computers, 9% ... and it'll have been the same story: rose to glory, abuse the customer and business partners, people get sick of the rulebook and leave for more open pastures.

    This is all deja vu from the 80s repeating itself, wow.

    I dumped iPhone at xmas, now I'll likely dump iPad 2 if this trend continues. If they really push the washington involvement to stop jailbreaking, I'll get rid of my 3 iMac\MB Air\MB Pro... I don't support companies who attack me. They're here because of me, not the opposite. If they don't get that, adios.

    2010 - Wrong. Mobile OS implies iOS, and all the stats ignore the iPad and iPod Touch. Apple is behind Android only in mobile phone side, and not by much when looking at a world view.

    2011 - I know a number of people who are in that 10% of jailbreakers, and they would still stick with Apple even if it was closed off. They enjoy the tinkering, but understand that they are hacking into their devices via exploits that Apple has a responsibility to close from a security standpoint.

    2012 - Doubtful. Windows Mobile share of the market is still dropping even with WP7. Microsoft is likely to mismanage WP7 just like their other products. WebOS? It's practically dead right now, and would take a lot for it to approach anywhere near iOS next year.

    Apple is still very much focused on the consumer. Yes, they control their environment well, but your particular complaint is a no win situation for them. They could ignore jailbreaking, leaving security exploits in the OS, and people would bash them for poor security. But if they close those exploits, people complain their freedom is being taken away, or being attacked. Yes, Apple could allow more customization, and other features jailbreaking brings. But it would require engineering time, and that time is currently being spent on trying to keep the platform advancing to stay competitive. It's all about priorities, and I think we all here can agree a better notification system and other nagging iOS issues are much higher on the list then letting people skin the screen with Scion icons.

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  • fastlane1588
    Jul 21, 11:04 PM
    so what exactly is rumored to be changed on the mbp, the new chip, a new case and a new graphics card? if so im really glad i decided to wait it out, i was getting kind of worried bout college coming up!

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  • rtdunham
    Nov 22, 10:38 AM
    It would be fun to speculate what features Apple brings to the iPhone that could revolutionize the cell phone industry? My guess is 1) ease of use in updating contacts, calendar, emails 2) iPod music integration 3) high quality 640x480 mpeg4 videos and 4) leveraging in flash memory pricing

    Good post. I'm still waiting for a phone that will easily (and thoroughly) sync with my Address Book and iCal, and I'm on the mac platform. So even some of the features you describe would be of immediate value to a lot of mac users.

    But I'm guessing a slick phone that made it easy to have one's songs, contacts, and calendar always at hand would be a major force in the "Switch" campaign as well. Imagine if the phone/iPod windows users were using in the future could also do all those extra things--from the mac platform. I think a lot would find that irresistable.

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  • ste1989
    May 9, 09:41 AM
    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this so far, but to me it is very obvious the reason why some features will be free.

    The iChat and a/v integration on the next iphone.

    Obviously iChat needs either a mobile me email address, or an AIM username, or some other less common ones.
    Needless to say, AIM is not very popular outside of USA. Everyone uses hotmail or gmail afaik.

    If they really want to plug the new iChat, they need to get as many people using it as possible, so therefore the @me email addresses will probably become free, and maybe more features with it

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  • uiuiahesa
    Nov 19, 02:09 AM
    I think this is enough .....
    I do agree with you. Those are the most effective way:p:o:cool:

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  • pubwvj
    Mar 27, 10:49 AM
    With the cloud computing stuff there is too much additional fees. I'm not interested.

    I already pay for my hardware that sits in my house.
    I already pay for my mobile hardware that goes with me.
    I already pay for operating system and other software updates for both.
    I already pay my ISP for connectivity.
    I already pay my phone provider for connectivity (actually my ISP).
    I already pay my web host company for bandwidth and disk space.*
    I'm NOT interested in paying Apple another subscription fee on top of all that.

    Access to my data from my mobile devices should be transparent and should be part of their shared OS. No need for more billing complexity.


    *Why don't I self-host on my home machine? Bandwidth limits of my ISP and the fact that they are a monopoly. A server farm offers orders of magnitude faster connectivity.

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 7, 03:11 PM
    thanks for the utube link. It definitely looks like a sturdy mount even on the dash which tends to not be perfectly smooth.

    I am surprised it appears in the middle of the dash in the video. I am hoping to use it closer to left of center on a sloping part of the dash for even easier reachability while driving.

    You mentioned your dock is shipping midweek. Did you buy from BottomLine Telecommunications for $90?? Says out of stock and on backorder.

    Thanks again.

    I did, and hopefully it will ship when it says on 11/11. They are apparently expecting a boatload of them. We'll see.

    And yes, I'm mounting it closer to me (left of center) on a sloping dash, too.

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  • pack
    Apr 7, 12:12 PM
    If that were true then why does Apple bless the 15inch with a dedicated solution and not the 13? Battery life? Optimus switching (something they already tout), bigger? the 13" and 15" are the same thickness...the 17" is .02" thicker yet has the SAME spec options as the 15". Footprint is NOT the issue...its a simple price/feature model(want more? pay more). Personally, I think THAT is not what Apple customers want.

    Now, I agree with you that they cant go slapping a GTX480m in there for the reasons you cited:)

    PS: How did my earlier post imply that Apple should "give parts to companies"...etc ? Apple can do what they like, I just prefer that competition has a chance to push the envelope.

    it's a lower cost model? Customers that want to pay less buy it, it's not that hard to understand and is done in all industries. You have no point.

    Aug 4, 12:30 PM
    I'm waiting for the Core 2 processors to come out as well. I'm finally replacing my 664MHz P-III (you read that right) that I surf the web with at home. Got my better half to agree to an upgrade, and almost pulled the trigger about 3 weeks ago, but thought I'd wait for the Core 2 Duo iMac to be introduced. That should mean cheaper Core Duo iMacs for me...

    I'm in the same boat (but upgrading from a 867MHz TiBook). I figure if there's no iMac introduced, I pull the trigger on getting a refurb iMac core duo. Same thing if there's a new iMac with minor improvements. I'm thinking that for my home office work that I am going to be using this for (heavy on managing large PDFs and Word files and needing Windows for some VPN stuff with an office database that won't work on Mac, but no graphic design stuff) a Merom core 2 duo would be nice but not necessarily worth the extra money. I figure I might as well wait though because (a) if there's a new iMac then the refurb price on the core duo will probably drop a little; and (b) though the chances are small, there may be a revamping of the entire Mac line, including the iMac, that would make me smack myself on the forehead for not waiting a week or 2.

    Mar 30, 08:34 PM
    This question is primarily because I have a Macbook Air.

    If Apple are going to release this via the App Store (assuming the speculation is true), does this mean that you don't have to burn Lion to a disk to install it? Or would I have to transfer it to some sort of USB drive first?

    I guess I'm asking if you can just double click it in your downloads folder and run the OS installation from there

    I think lion creates an installer partition at the root of your hdd so it can put what would go on a CD in there and then install from it, also giving you a recovery like area to boot from and do time machine restores.
    Of course I could be wrong there.

    Apr 24, 04:04 AM
    Retina 27'' LCD should be 7200x4080 pixels. I think we can't expect it in near future... but i'd love to see it :)

    Jul 22, 03:36 AM
    I'm with you -X-

    Doesn't the iMac use the same intel chip as the MBP? Why all the hoohah about an impending MBP release, when it might also mean an upgrade for the iMac - which hasn't been bumped since it's announcement in Jan?

    Now before I'm lambarsted because the iMac is not a 'pro' machine, I am a professional graphic designer and I am in the market for one.

    Bring on the merom iMac! :cool:


    There's actually been a bit of discussion about this for some time. The debate is whether or not Conroe will be in the iMac upgrade instead of Merom- the computer could probably handle it heatwise, and it would offer a better performance level: 2.4-2.67GHz with a faster FSB than merom.

    My thinking is that if they don't go Conroe now, it'll happen when the 800MT/S FSB Meroms require the socket change next year, forcing a new logic board for the imac anyways.
    I hope it comes sooner though, and with 4GB RAM capacity.

    Apr 23, 04:59 PM
    anyone remember when screens were 1024x768? who would have imagined that now icons are 1024x1024... that icon is bigger than the total resolution of my first computer's display

    Uhmm, how about 640x480? Or less, with the vic 20.

    I remember my pos compaq 386sx2 that came defaulted to 800x600... In 1994.

    Back ot, why is apple dealing wih 3200x3200? Are they abandoning the tradition 4:3, 16x9 or 16:9 aspect ratio?

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