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miley cyrus outfits 2011

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  • bdavis89
    Mar 26, 11:41 PM
    According to the sources for the report, iOS 5 will be a major update implementing the long-rumored cloud-based hosting for music, videos, and photos, as well as some new services such as location-based offerings.

    FORGET about services! We need improvements to the BASE-UI. Notifications for one!

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  • georgethomas
    Apr 5, 09:17 PM
    well it is a part of marketing ad gone wrong. Nevertheless, it was creative though! Toyota should be applaud for creativity and humbleness to remove the ad in order to maintain the relationship.

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  • iJohnHenry
    May 3, 10:26 AM
    I like my miles, inches, gallons, and pounds.

    I like my inches in centimetres, because it seems longer, and my pounds in stones, because it seems lighter. :p

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  • hcho3
    Apr 20, 07:21 AM
    This update is not good enough, apple. Do more.

    8 megapixel camera with 1080P recording.
    64GB option
    Dual core processor

    Those updates are not good enough for a device that gets an update only once a year.

    Not enough.

    I am going to buy white iphone 4 for 99 dollars or 49 dollars this summer and skip the iPhone 5 on paying 199 dollars.

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  • coder12
    Mar 26, 09:56 PM
    Lion this summer, iOS 5 this fall. Makes sense to me :)

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  • 0010101
    Nov 25, 10:14 PM
    Apple could very easily set up their 'own' cell network.. the same way Virgin Mobile, TracPhone, and several other cell phone companies have done.

    Not by building towers and cell sites.. but by buying blocks of numbers from an existing large carrier and rebranding it as their own.

    Of course, for voice and text usage, this gets expensive for the customer.. but for things like downloads of video and music files, they could simply tack on a 'wireless' surcharge.

    For instance, a particular iTunes song could cost say.. $2 if downloaded with a computer.. but $2.50 if downloaded 'direct to iPod'.

    It would work very simular to the way those 'pre-paid' cell phones work. You buy the iPod from the store, no contract to sign, no comitments. Take it home and 'activate' it for wireless access, then pay for what you download, and pay nothing if you never use the wireless features.

    iPod wireless. Don't talk. Listen.

    Send me a free 17" MacBook Pro and you can have that slogan, Steve!

    That makes perfect sense to me. Especially since the data center Apple just bought would be the perfect rig of the increased download demand, as well as billing for such a service.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 5, 02:05 PM
    2010 - Wrong. Mobile OS implies iOS, and all the stats ignore the iPad and iPod Touch. Apple is behind Android only in mobile phone side, and not by much when looking at a world view.

    2011 - I know a number of people who are in that 10% of jailbreakers, and they would still stick with Apple even if it was closed off. They enjoy the tinkering, but understand that they are hacking into their devices via exploits that Apple has a responsibility to close from a security standpoint.

    2012 - Doubtful. Windows Mobile share of the market is still dropping even with WP7. Microsoft is likely to mismanage WP7 just like their other products. WebOS? It's practically dead right now, and would take a lot for it to approach anywhere near iOS next year.

    Apple is still very much focused on the consumer. Yes, they control their environment well, but your particular complaint is a no win situation for them. They could ignore jailbreaking, leaving security exploits in the OS, and people would bash them for poor security. But if they close those exploits, people complain their freedom is being taken away, or being attacked. Yes, Apple could allow more customization, and other features jailbreaking brings. But it would require engineering time, and that time is currently being spent on trying to keep the platform advancing to stay competitive. It's all about priorities, and I think we all here can agree a better notification system and other nagging iOS issues are much higher on the list then letting people skin the screen with Scion icons.

    Yeah and that's what the loyalists said in the 80's, and there's less than 10% of us in the market now. You talk about security, but it's not a security threat to have a jailbroken user... oh wait, unless by security you're talking about someone picking up my phone and changing my home screen to 16 icon view instead of 12 that apple limits me too... oh the humanity. Call the pentagon, we have a breach... user is trying to put more icons on his screen than apple wants. Wake the president.

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  • Piggie
    May 6, 07:14 AM
    Why so negative on this news?

    As has been said, time and time again, the consumers Apple are tar targeting don't care what's in the box. If the on-screen "user experience" is great then it matters not one jot what brand of CPU or any other parts Apple decides to use.

    It's like having a great car and getting upset about the manufacturer of the engine components. This type of consumer does not care.

    It works, it looks great, I'm happy.

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  • Prof.
    May 7, 02:21 PM
    It's probably already been said but, free with iAd support. ;)

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  • gcby30
    Mar 27, 09:42 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    sounds plausible, but i really don't see iPad 3 coming out any time this year. it's way too soon

    My thoughts exactly. Our school district (ISD 482) just bought 1,465 iPads for its students, and I can see us getting really mad if Apple were to release a new iPad 6 mos. later.

    Getting mad doesn't impact apple's plans, unfortunately.

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  • Stella
    Nov 23, 09:05 AM
    A friend of mine heard from someone who works at Rim that they and Apple are working on a phone! If I thoght that this news would do anything to Apple or Rim stock, I would not be telling you. I already own Apple and cannot see Rim's advancing any more than a few points on the news.

    My future wife's ( who I don't know yet ) cat said Apple would be buying a stake in Symbian and slapping an OSX like interface theme on it.

    Oh, that would be so good, if they did - using the #1 Smartphone OS in the world.

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  • digitalfx
    Mar 30, 07:31 PM
    I can confirm that Preview 2 works w/ the 2011 MBPs.

    is TRIM working w 2011 mbp's?

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  • iApples
    Apr 10, 02:35 AM
    /=divide. 9+3=12*2=24. 48/24=2.

    Oh really? Wow I didn't know that... Sarcasm.

    I'm talking about on a calculator. Enter it EXACTLY how it was in the OP and you'll get 288.

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 01:41 PM
    Man, I tell ya... 2 years+ ago when I wanted a new laptop, that's ALL I ever heard... I think Apple should build a one-off G5 laptop just to appease us crazy people in here, LOL! It would be an awesome tip-of-the-hat to us, don'tcha think? ;)

    Yeah, and it would really put all those heat issues MB and MBP owners are complaining about in perspective...

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  • Akme
    Mar 30, 08:30 PM
    Can someone confirm if this preview can be installed on MBP 2011?

    Installed fine on mine.

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  • Collin973
    Aug 11, 09:43 AM
    Well, I've come to realize not to plan on buying your MBP based on rumors. I sold my 12" PB two weeks ago HOPING WWDC would bring me my MBP, but now I'm laptopless until september sometime.

    Isn't there an old chinese proverb that goes something like..."Don't sell your beautiful powerbook based on rumors..."

    I might not have quoted it right, but I'm pretty sure its close.

    Anyways, I'm soooooo excited!!!!

    Wait a second...if they release it in Paris, won't it no longer qualify for the free ipod?!? :(

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  • OllyW
    Apr 20, 05:31 AM
    I have no desire to have a larger iPhone or any smart phone.

    What will you do if Apple do make it bigger?

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  • vincebio
    Nov 22, 01:13 PM
    Wouldn't it be something if Apple sold one of the first unlocked phones from the get-go.

    You walk into an Apple store, they have the iPhone in GSM form.. and you get a trade-in discount for your old phone.. the Apple reps pop-out your sim card, transfer your contacts.. and hand you an ipod like phone that has all your old info in it and works with your current plan.


    im pretty sure thats what steevie boy has in mind ;)

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  • Americanloti
    Sep 17, 12:51 AM
    Hello everyone,

    this is my first post, but I've been reading you all for a while now. I'm waiting for the MBP merom like most of the people here, but do you think there a possibility to see new Displays as well at Photokina? Maybe built-in iSight?

    Jul 22, 08:08 AM
    Don't forget the Mac Mini :D

    It�s not a stretch to assume all the lower end consumer level units will see upgrades as well.

    MBB (black)

    The Pro Mac is overdue, but the software isn�t ready. Maybe keep a G5 in the works, for people who work and move on with the new Pro Macs.

    If we don�t see it all on Tuesday. What is the longest Apple can wait? And why would they choose to wait?

    Chupa Chupa
    Sep 11, 02:15 PM
    And NOTHING ELSE...don't dare dream about updated MBs or MBPs...these have NOTHING to do with a special event on movies and multimedia...sorry to burst your bubble...SJ told me that already... :rolleyes:

    Oh really? So tell me what the Front Row G5 iMac and the iPod nano had to do with last years iTunes Phone Special Event.

    Don't read into these things so literally. "It's Showtime" can be a double entrdre. It's in "the movie is starting." or It's in "here are our Holiday Season products."

    I think we will see Core 2 MB and MBPs. It's just one little tidbit in the build up to "one last thing."

    Super Dave
    Jul 30, 05:16 AM
    This sounds cool. Initially, though; I was kind of turned off by the idea of Apple doing a cellphone.

    Unfortunately, I'm pulled back into thinking, "What could Apple do with phones that hasn't already been done." Small, light, photos, video, internet, music, games, personal organization? Most of this is pretty well covered with the current offerings. So what is going to be the selling point here? Is it going to be expensive or affordable? Is it going to be full-featured or bare bones?

    Without even getting into new things, they could just do it well. Cell phones have interfaces like goats. Every single one of them.


    Sep 16, 08:59 PM
    It is always bad practice to CTO a machine, as it is if there are no faults with it you are not entitled to send it back...

    Yeah, I realize that now (and will keep it in mind for future).

    On the flipside, with only a couple customizable options it's not like it wouldn't be appropriate for another consumer. The only thing modified is the RAM and it would take about 10 mins (for Apple) to get it back to stock.

    Jul 29, 09:54 PM

    I haven't seen this before but I guess it's old news?
    Looks pretty cool anyway..

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