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mortal kombat legacy wiki

mortal kombat legacy wiki. The first episode of director Kevin Tancharoen#39;s Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been released online. It looks like each of the 9 episodes (web series) will
  • The first episode of director Kevin Tancharoen#39;s Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been released online. It looks like each of the 9 episodes (web series) will

  • dj2mc
    Nov 28, 02:23 AM
    what do you mean by dual boot?

    You mentioned Boot Camp, so I assume you run Windows on the partition? That's what I mean by dual boot, 2 OS's on one hard disk.

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  • Krafty
    Apr 5, 03:02 PM
    If only they had a passion for you :(
    Yeah, I wouldn't be on these forums, I'd have a life, a job, and a smile.

    If only... :(

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  • ergle2
    Sep 16, 05:15 AM
    At most it would have the yet to be released Mobility X1700 or currently available Geforce GO7600.

    There is simply not enough room for either a Mobility X1800 or Geforce GO7700 chip in this 1" thick notebook. Stay in fairyland . . . why can't people be a bit realistic?

    Thanks for the condescending tone in response to an off-the-cuff "would be nice" comment -- it makes you look such a man.

    Of course, given the Go 7700 is effectively an 80nm 7600 -- and therefore should use less power -- I'd say it was realistic to suggest it be used.

    Well done.

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  • Frisco
    Jul 29, 08:41 PM
    I'd buy in a second, even if I had a Razr.

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  • mikeapple
    Apr 25, 10:03 AM
    Hilarious that the email sender said a DROID won't track him...hahahah so funny... as if a "GOOGLE" phone doesn't track their Android user's every move... This isn't really a iPhone matter, its a matter of all smartphones, with maybe a little exception for blackberry's. It's really nothing new... Google even has a stored database for random screen-caps it takes on all its Android users at any time.

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 11, 02:39 PM
    What about the keyboard don't you like? I have MacBook and my wife has a MacBook Pro. Both seem very good. I do miss the lighted keyboard though. Almost went and bough a Pro today with Glossy screen but afraid of Sept. updates:)

    I think that whoever is complaining about the MacBook keyboard has never used one. I personally like it much better than the old PB and new MBP.

    The whole keyboard is firmer. Keys have larger area to press. The individual keys are not as mushy feeling as the flimsy keys of the PB and the keys don't come close to touching the screen.

    Backlighting would be only ehancement that the new keyboard could use.

    I would love to see a new MBP design. I would like to see a new display, go back to hard plastic like the MB, eliminate open latch, new keyboard like MB, FW 800, Merom core 2 duo, X1900 GPU, redesigned case with removable HD, battery, and easy memory access like the MB.:D :D :D :D

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  • don.keishlong
    Apr 5, 03:09 PM
    Why all the hate for the jailbreak? Are you guys just too moronic to use it? Any iOS device is infinitely more capable when it is jailbroken. Without some of the apps in the Cydia store, many would say the iphone/ipad/touch is unusable. What is on your lockscreen all of you unjailbroken users? A measly clock? You cant access all your mail, notifications, calendar events, and the weather from your lockscreen? Are you serious? Oh you want to turn off bluetooth? You can't swipe across the bottom of the screen to toggle it? Want integrated google voice? Apple says no. Cydia says **** that, hell yes. I would wager that most of the jailbreak haters dont even know what its capable of nor have ever tried it before. Stay in your cave and watch shadows if you will. The rest of us will experience the real world.

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  • roland.g
    May 4, 04:00 PM
    The entire idea of restoring from a Time Machine backup has always been illogical to me.

    If Time Machine backs up everything, then it backs up whatever problems you had that resulted in your need for restore.

    Time Machine has limited real use, and its basically limited to accidentally deleting things.

    Use TM for your Home Folder and things like that. Even Apps. You can always reinstall and update an OS. Don't bother TMing your OS.

    Indeed, which is why I also do a Carbon Copy Clone once in a while. Most people, for some reason, just use Time Machine. Maybe they never have encountered a catastrophic disk failure. Seems like a big risk to take.

    I use CCC but only to clone my external iTunes media drive to a clone of it set, incremental of course, so if anything gets deleted, the clone doesn't delete it. But I TM by internal drive to a separate drive.

    Internal 750 - OS, Apps, Docs, Photo Library, etc.
    External 2 TB - iTunes media drive - all movies, iOS Apps, Music, etc. Everything iTunes.
    External 2 TB - incremental clone of iTunes drive.
    External 750 - TM of internal drive.

    External 2 TB - Offsite, monthly backup of iTunes drive and TM drive. Because if there is a house fire or something, I have all the media, esp. photos and home movies on a safe backup.

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  • DudeDad
    Apr 25, 11:29 AM
    (have not read all the posts, so forgive me if already pointed out)

    Uh....the phone companies track you and know where you are....they have to so that you can get a signal from a cell why is this a big deal?

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  • bbeagle
    Apr 7, 11:27 AM
    Apple would probably HURT the competition more by easing up production of iPads allowing competitors to buy up more screens.

    See, the competitors would buy too many screens, then never be able to sell their crappy devices, thus lose a lot of money and go bankrupt.

    Then Apple would have the whole market to itself. Genius. :D

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  • moet_01
    Aug 12, 06:35 PM
    You're wrong. The promotion is for ANY mac before September 16, as Nuks said. They can't (and won't) change the terms of the promotion before it expires.

    I'm planning to order a MBP and a nano right after Paris. If MBPs come out before Paris, I'm still going to wait to see if they revise the nano...that would make up for the 3 months of waiting to get the MBP.

    Not sure why you guys think you will get a free iPod with a new MBP.. Did you read the Terms and conditions? Where does it list the new MBP ?

    They did add the Mac Pro so you guys still have hopes to get a free iPod if released in time.

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  • dexthageek
    Apr 26, 02:53 PM
    Where do these survey companies get there data from? I have NEVER been asked any questions about stuff like this. Plus with statistics you can fudge the numbers to represent just about anything.

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  • arnizzlewhizzle
    Jul 30, 07:59 PM
    i think cingular would be their best bet as a serious partner. their sim cards would be ideal for this.

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  • tpavur
    Apr 21, 08:31 PM
    Yet another sign Apple is going to kill the Mac Pro.

    You'll see! With Final Cut Pro on it's deathbed there is no way the Mac Pro is sticking around!


    doubtful, this is a key switcher market... it would be crazy to axe the very thing that will continue to switch the PC builders/gamers over the next 5 years... this is a key ingredient to apple taking the industry over with time.

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  • Erasmus
    Jul 22, 05:49 AM
    I suppose we are all relying on Apple to do what they do best: To give us what we want, to not skimp on performance regardless of cost, and to provide us with the best hardware in the world. Don't let us down.

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  • PBF
    Apr 23, 10:01 PM
    I love retinal operating systems. It's so freakin' futuristic.

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  • wacky4alanis
    Nov 3, 12:25 PM
    Suction mounts are magnets for thieves. They leave a circular mark on the windshield that says "break into my car - I have a GPS unit for you to steal!". The thief will be very annoyed when they just find the Tom-Tom mount - until they figure out that they sell for > $100 LOL They will undoubtedly steal other stuff and break your window in the process.

    I prefer the friction mounts that just sit on your dashboard and fit easily into the glove box. They are much more stealthy, and work great. Mine never slips or slides around. This is the one I use for my Garmin Nuvi:

    Is there something like that for the iPhone? If so, I would like to buy one.

    *edit* I did a web search and found that Arkon sells a general purpose friction mount that could most likely be used with the Tom-Tom mount:

    They also sell a mount designed for the iPhone.

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  • Jape
    Nov 17, 02:11 PM
    I keep on looking at their real time up dates on there website, hoping to see a change.... Lol. I wonder when shipments usually come in. You would think big shipments like that come in the early morning or late at night, but who knows.

    mortal kombat legacy wiki. Digital Distribution and have debuted the first episode of director Kevin Tancharoen#39;s “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”
  • Digital Distribution and have debuted the first episode of director Kevin Tancharoen#39;s “Mortal Kombat: Legacy”

  • CalBoy
    Apr 15, 12:18 PM
    You could be right. I've changed my mind a bunch of times before. But I'd like to hear your explanation for why a lower marginal tax rate has caused more people to enter poverty and unemployment.

    Essentially my theory is (and it's not really mine but I've forgotten who deserves credit for it) that as tax rates drop, wealth concentrates and becomes less mobile. The free market ceases to operate because bargaining power, knowledge, and resources are all on one side, eventually causing 95% to be at the whim of the remaining 5.

    This was essentially the status quo in places like pre-revolution France. It predominated societies until the reforms of the 20th Century. It was only then that we saw incomes improve for the masses. The historical record clearly shows that higher marginal tax rates are good because they don't allow the rich to rest on their laurels while at the same time helping out the unfortunate (who are then able to more fully participate in the economy).

    Clive At Five
    Nov 26, 02:42 PM
    After time-and-time-again of seeing no Apple tablet (even after following "Next MWSF, 100% for sure!" rumors) I've been convinced that there won't be one. As everyone is saying, the Tablet PC is dead... or, if anything, is being replaced by laptops whose screens turn around at the neck.

    What does anyone need a tablet for anyway? If the demand is for a $300 - $600 portable, there is WAY more demand for a MacBook Mini than a tablet. Plus, how would you protect that screen?? Laptops have distinct advantages over tablets... the main ones being that they are durable and versatile. Tablets are clumsy and weak.

    I would be SERIOUSLY surprised if Apple debuted a tablet


    May 3, 06:18 PM
    holy smokes these games are intimidating to play....

    here I am thinking the basic werewolves games were hard lol

    We�ve never had a game like this before, so you shouldn�t let this put you off.

    if we explore is that our move and then the villain makes his? Or if we pick a door would this be a way to avoid the villain�s traps, since he may have put one in the room we�re in?

    Sep 10, 11:02 PM
    I'm hoping for a streaming device with a remote that allows me access to media on my mac from my TV. Of course Apple will overly simplify it and limits it's capabilities, but well love it anyways.

    NY Guitarist
    Apr 21, 03:36 PM
    The rack mount format is just for that: to mount in a standard 19" rack, along with other equipment and even a rack-mount UPS. That's not the realm of a Mac Pro. It's the realm of servers. I like the current, and brilliant, case design very much. It's an example of form follows function and great industrial design.

    I know many professional situations where a Mac Pro would be ideal as a rack mountable unit.

    Recording studio, on location video production (DIT), and studio based post-production rigs, basically places where other equipment is racked, may need to be secured, cooled, power conditioned, or in mobile racks. Rack mounting in not only for servers.

    Having said that, I love the current Mac Pro towers, brilliant industrial design both inside and outside, unlike the G5 Quad 2.5.

    May 2, 09:04 PM
    SI is superior in conversions only
    Imperial is superior as I actually have a feel for the numbers

    Please tell me that's sarcasm. :rolleyes:

    I have a "feel" for Imperial measurements, and they are a pain in the ***.

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