Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • daneoni
    Apr 20, 09:19 AM
    And that update is still an iPhone 5 style update. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are the same thing. One just refers to a potential marketing name, the other to the generation of the device.

    I don't get what is so hard to grasp here. The iPhone 3G was not the iPhone 3 at all, it was the iPhone 2 (and some would argue, the iPhone 1,2).

    What exactly are you arguing about here? all i'm saying is this upgrade regardless of what it's called would be a speed/performance upgrade whilst iPhone 6 would be a new design/overhaul like iPhone 4 was. Even Apple are thinking ( along this line

    PS iPhone 4 carries a 3,1 numbering system. So it can be argued it is iPhone 3 in actuality and iPhone 5 could carry iPhone 3,2 or iPhone 4,1.

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  • MovieCutter
    Jul 29, 09:29 PM
    Haven't we heard before from this "tech-unsavvy friend, who is regularly hired by Apple to do marketing photo shoots", maybe sometime in the past year or two? The line sounds familiar. I don't recall if the previous bit of information from that source was true or not.

    Yeah, he took pictures of the new iMac G5 in an elevator...;)

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  • Mad Mac Maniac
    Mar 26, 09:57 PM
    as long as it is a solid enough update, I'll be happy :)

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  • tmarks11
    Apr 23, 04:59 PM
    anyone remember when screens were 1024x768? who would have imagined that now icons are 1024x1024... that icon is bigger than the total resolution of my first computer's display

    Uhmm, how about 640x480? Or less, with the vic 20.

    I remember my pos compaq 386sx2 that came defaulted to 800x600... In 1994.

    Back ot, why is apple dealing wih 3200x3200? Are they abandoning the tradition 4:3, 16x9 or 16:9 aspect ratio?

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  • Chundles
    Aug 3, 12:55 AM
    1.67 x 3 = 5

    1.67 rounded UP = 2


    But it's perfectly acceptable to round 1.67 down too, it's half way between 1.5 and 2. Also depends on the price of a Sidcrome socket set.

    I'll believe this 2x battery life bollocks when I see the results from the labs, not some chintzy marketing ploy by Intel.

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  • munkery
    Dec 28, 09:42 PM
    Reason not to use AV software with real-time scanning with elevated privileges. (

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  • ValSalva
    May 7, 12:12 PM
    Drop Box

    Drop Box sits on top of Amazon's S3 storage. What they've done is built up the front end so that when you drop a file on your Drop Box it caches the file locally and then syncs to the cloud "behind the scene". So when you open a file sitting in your Drop Box it feels like working on a local file because you "are" working on the local file. Any changes made from you or anyone the file has shared with will be sync'd in the background.

    Most people don't understand the fundamental differences between iDisk and Drop Box. If Apple was to build a front end to iDisk that stored the file locally and then sync'd over WebDAV in the background they'd be able to offer the same performance.

    Thanks. IMHO this should be the future of cloud computing. Working locally is always and will always be faster. When they work, Dropbox type services give one the power of local storage and local computer resources (compared to web apps) with immediate backup and access everywhere.

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  • joelypolly
    Jul 30, 03:05 AM
    Given that Apple has always went for the mid market components I don't think this phone will appeal to the phone nerds/freaks like me. But then us being freaks don't represent much of the market.
    Personally I would love to see Apple pair up with Sharp to do a phone.

    Currently I would say sharp has the best high-end mobile on the market that isn't symbian/WMP. You can't bet a phone with a 3.2MP camera, 2x optical zoom and a 640X480 screen. It's a really pity that if Apple brings out anything it will be 1.3MP camera, no zoom and prob a 320x240 screen... but I guess at least it will look good...

    Most of the really good mobile phones are restricted to Japan only so hopefully apple can bring some of the cool stuff around the world.

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  • carlos700
    Aug 7, 04:56 PM
    The NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT is cool with me. It is actually based on the same chip the GeForce 7600 GT is, just with 4 Pixel Pipelines disabled. It should have been called the GeForce 7600 LE since it is closer to the 7600 than it is to the other 7300s, but whatever...

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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 27, 07:46 AM
    I think this rumor can be readily discredited.

    Apple has been trying for a few years now to streamline product updates so that they happen like clockwork once per year.

    The past few macbook pro updates have been in the spring/late winter, macbooks are seemingly being updated prior to the Back to School deal, iPods are updated in September towards the end of the student sale, iPhones have launched in June every year, iPad and iPad 2 both began selling in the spring, and while iMacs haven't had a clear pattern emerge yet, it appears to be coalescing around 1 year and I think it's safe to say that as time goes on, a yearly cycle will become dominant.

    Despite the news of Lion being almost ready (or ready) for Golden Master, I think it's more probable that Lion is put on hold until iOS 5 is ready to launch as happened with Leopard and to a much lesser extent, Snow Leopard. Apple makes far more money and gets far more worldwide press from the iOS family than it does the OS X lineup. At this point, not launching an iPhone and a new OS for it in June would go against 4 years of pattern and practice, and would cause too much negative publicity, especially in the face of a constantly evolving market where a few months of lag time can cost a company vital market share and mindshare.

    wow. perfect.

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  • Kane08
    Mar 29, 07:22 PM
    I like the competition, and the cloud concept is definitely promising, but I don't think this is a solution I want. Call me pessimistic, but I don't want to rely on another entity for access to my own information. I don't want to store all my music and movies "in the cloud" and hope there is no complications. Rather, what I want is to be able to access my home computer via the cloud, but if all else fails, it's still saved on my home computer, not some remote server I can't access

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  • hynke
    May 6, 07:00 AM
    Citation needed. Especially in light of this 2 month old article :

    Intel, Google Doubt ARM and Atom Have Chances in Servers (

    The article doesn't mention the processor architecture, but it is really supposed to be ARM.

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  • kdarling
    May 9, 02:00 PM
    The best thing about using the free Google Sync, has been that my family has been able to move between different phone models so easily.

    We've swapped between iPhone, WinMo, WebOS, Blackberry and Android... and each new phone gets all our contacts and calendar entries within a few minutes after taking them out of the box and putting in our Google account info.

    It's great that the calendar info is shared between every computer we have as well.

    Our kitchen Touchsmart computer, running a custom iGoogle homepage with Google calendar, is the nexus point for checking our family schedule each morning.

    Does MobileMe support all devices as well? And what's worth $100 a year about it?

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  • tCruzin4lyfe
    Apr 25, 10:03 AM
    Looks like something else being blown out of proportion. It makes me laugh seeing people make threats of switching to another competitor, I wouldn't have responded or just replied "Ok". Most of these people have no idea of how this location thing works, they just hear the news and then their mind starts working overtime and they panic and want an explanation or something free haha.

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  • p0intblank
    Nov 22, 07:19 AM
    Talk about a bold assumption... Steve Jobs isn't stupid. He knows what needs to be done to make cell phones innovative and easy to use. After all, he does own the world when it comes portable music players. :rolleyes:

    Palm is just scared, that's all. It's kind of cute, really.

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  • NorCalLights
    Nov 26, 07:22 PM
    To me, Tablets are worthless. I've had to deal with them at work because some people continue to order them for all their tasks, but they're less mobile than some laptops. They're usually the same thickness or size as a portable, so why carry something that's going to be crippled in some manner?

    What makes you think that an Apple tablet would be the same as every other tablet you've seen? Apple isn't one for releasing "crippled" products... they haven't made an ultra-portable laptop since the Duo, and their full-featured laptops are as thin as most ultra-portables in the PC world.

    There are plenty of applications for tablet computers that may be outside the scope of your imagination. I can think of many in my own life. A tablet running a full version of OSX would fit nicely into my life. I hope it happens.

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  • timothyjay2004
    May 4, 07:41 PM
    Why is everyone getting so bent out of shape so early? First off, this is hear say and not officially stated by Apple yet. If that time comes, I'm sure there will be the option of a physical disk, or some way to make a bootable install disk using disk utility. I mean this thing is already 9 pages long of people flipping out that OMG!!! ITS A DOWNLOAD!!! Guess what? Microsoft offers windows as a download, and guess what? You can burn it to a physical disk.. I can't believe so many people are already jumping the gun on a RUMOR. It's a RUMOR until Apple officially announces it...

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  • timmillwood
    Sep 11, 01:33 PM


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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 06:36 PM
    Just ordered with the X1900 upgrade, memory upgrade, and Bluetooth. Says three to five weeks to ship.

    If I check the order status twice a day, will that make my system ship faster? :)Two 1 GB Sticks are only $386 from Third Parties. (

    2x1 = 2GB = $386 vs Apples 4x 512 NOT 6x 512 = + $386 Plus the One GB from Apple for total of 3GB.
    4x1 = 4GB = $772 vs. Apple's $990 Plus the One GB you get base from Apple for total of 5GB.

    I think you really should change your order to base ram and add TWO 1GB sticks for only $386 for a total of 3GB to begin with for only $116 more than the cost of TWO from Apple taking up only 4 slots. :)

    When you buy 2 GB (4 x 512) from Apple you are paying Apple $270 for ONE GB (because you get ONE GB Base anyway) Instead of $193 per ONE GB from Third Parties plus the ONE it comes with no matter what.

    $386 MINUS $270 = $116 for that first GB it comes with. See?

    Apr 23, 06:21 PM
    Bogus story because Apple would never fit graphics cards capable of outputting at that res in the iMacs or laptops. Plus I don't think any single monitor can have that resolution that you can buy today?

    Do you understand technology?

    Aug 3, 04:13 AM
    What rock have you been hiding under? Merom!

    All I want to see is a new Macbook Pro at the WWDC, couldn't care less about the Mac Pro or Leopard

    Well good for you! :rolleyes: However, WWDC will be all about Leopard and Mac Pro... not the Macbook Pro that has already been updated.

    Amazing how many people are whining for an Intel processor update when the line isn't even completed yet. Emphasis needs to be on getting desktops out ... then updating everything else.

    Apr 7, 11:47 AM
    I would imagine we aren't getting the full story here. Companies would jump at the opportunity to produce more products. I don't care how it's done, 24hr operations, add capacity to their facilities, etc.

    I think RIM's offer to the companies wasn't as good as Apples and the companies said "Well, thanks for the offer, but we just don't have the room" Considering the longevity of the RIM Playbook is still questionable, why would a company commit to supplying a short term product. At least with Apple, they feel comfortable looking long term and committing to building a TON of them. Knowing they won't be left with a supply line dead in the water.

    Again, if the TRUE demand exists, producers will produce. It's all about Money.


    WOW - BC2009, you hit my nail on the head right before I did!!! Nice job!

    A is jump
    Nov 26, 10:44 PM
    This will make the perfect addition to my Space age Bachlor pad! dim lights, play slow music... ha ha.
    what a laugh! I do like the idea. But I cant see myself buying one, unless I have a bunch of money to waste on something that wouldnt be especially productive for me.

    Apr 18, 02:57 PM
    It really does look like a clone, but more importantly (I'm guessing), Samsung, as Apple's screen supplier, has an inside angle on replicating the all-important touch screen interface.

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