Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • crap freakboy
    Jul 14, 11:28 AM
    Remember that the pulse width is the reciprocal of frequency. At 4 GHz, the pulse width is 250 picoseconds. Light travels 0.000075 km in 250 picoseconds. There are 1 million mm in a km, hence light travels about 75mm in that time.

    The size of the Core 2 chip is 143 square mm, or about 12mm x 12mm and getting smaller with each new process generation. At 4GHz, a single pulse can go back and forth across the chip at least 6 times.

    In practice, propagation delays of this type are analyzed by CAD tools and the chip's physical layout is designed to minimize the signal path.

    that was just noise.

    Either way I'll wait until the imac gets a desktop chip rather than a Laptop one.

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  • aurichie
    Apr 19, 07:44 AM
    Google actually doesn't, being an industry newcomer and all (they only appeared at the end of the 90s in the industry). That is one of their Achilles' heels.

    They have plenty of patents. It wasn't until the 90s that the patent madness really started with software. Google is also leading the bidding for a large portfolio of mobile patents to protect them against Apple and Microsoft.

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  • RazzTheFrog
    Sep 13, 08:55 PM
    Finally is this it?

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  • SeaFox
    Sep 16, 12:18 PM
    why is the US so far behind Europe with this kind of technology?

    (edit: maybe it isn't i haven't shopped for a phone in nearly a year)

    It's certainly why I haven't. I wouldn't say the U.S. is so much behind the rest of the world (although that is true) but keep in mind U.S. carriers are all about keeping people locked into contracts. It's much easier to get a phone and change providers in Europe because they don't do hardware locking to network and prepaid is more proliferant. You can get lots of these great phones (by the way, they do make 10 megapixel camera phones now) if you buy them online, paying retail prices.

    The problem is most U.S. consumers are cheap as far as I can tell, most will not pay at all for a phone and even few will pay more than $100. The carriers cannot afford to subsidize these phones because even with them partially covering the cost a consumer will be looking at an over $250 cost with a contract..

    The U.S. cell phone is behind other countries because the U.S. cell phone network is behind other countries. We're just now getting 3G out in most of the country but Japan has had it and two way video calls for years.

    If I could afford it and was willing to take the gamble of learning a new UI, I would get the Nokia N73. But it's hard to justify spending that much on a cell phone for me and I'm more familiar with Nokia series 40 phones.

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  • cirus
    Apr 19, 10:40 AM
    Between Samsung on the hardware and Google on the software, I can't believe anyone in their right mind actually saying with a straight face that the Samsung phone in question is not stealing from Apple. Get a grip.

    What Samsung is going to do is say that individually none of these little similarities are relevant.

    Can apple prevent anyone from using the colour balck? No.
    Metal edges-No.
    Bottom is the best place for home button because of how the device is held. At the top you would block part of the screen. The Prada had the same ear speaker.
    A four by four grid. They are simply going to argue that this is the best size for icons. Three by three is too large and 4 by 5 or 5 by 5 is too small.

    Dock: this is the only logical place to place a dock. Seriously, want it on the side, top, or back?

    White page dots: this is too similar, might have a case here as there are many ways to have page indicators.

    Green phone icon: looks similar but the icon is so simple that its going to be hard to defend. Basically a phone on green. What, so everyone else can't have a green background. What would they use for a phone icon except a phone icon.

    Clock symbols always look like that.

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  • mape2k
    Apr 30, 06:28 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Pointless right now, but what about in 6 month? The price of the iMac will just be the same then but it is very likely some TB displays and external storage device have been released. So why not by now and wait for the TB peripherals?

    Plugging in one cable to connect and external monitor while daisy chaining multiple external storage sources is far from pointless to me...

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  • ctdonath
    Apr 4, 12:59 PM
    The scary thing is some of these people may be sitting on the jury if this ever happens to you. :eek:

    Take an LFI course (look it up). One benefit is things are arranged so if you are on such trial you can put the jury thru the same course so they will understand what happened from your point of view.

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  • milbournosphere
    Apr 20, 12:42 PM
    android enthusiast here.
    everyone here is on facebook, exposing their real names, friends, user uploaded photos that are under the control of facebook under the new TOS agreement, where they live, phone numbers, what they like, what they dislike, their status updates, etc.
    Speak for yourself. I'm on Facebook, but take care to limit what data of mine is given to them. They don't have my phone number, they don't have my address, my profile is private, they don't have ANY work info, I only post what I want to be public, and I only friend people I know in the flesh. Everybody should do the same. It all comes down to owning and caring for one's own data, not allowing somebody else to do it.

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  • EstrlM3
    Mar 30, 11:44 AM
    Disclaimer: Apple fanboy here. But agree with Microsoft.

    App Store is simply the description of the actual thing: An app store. It's just too simple.

    Windows on the other hand is a name that wouldn't be used to describe an operating system. Windows, much like Pages, Keynote and Numbers, is a noun used creatively to create a trademark. App Store is a close second but, IMO, fails due to being the actual description of the object.

    If Microsoft had called Windows simply "Operating System" and copyrighted that, THEN it'd be the same thing :P

    But they are not calling it 'Application Store'

    They are calling it 'App Store' ;)

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  • afields
    Sep 15, 11:49 PM
    man, I really don't hope it takes that contract ends in november. oct/nov seems like a better idea for sales. pweeeze apple? :o

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  • Lesser Evets
    Apr 30, 02:26 PM
    perhaps, don't take it the wrong way but when people buy machines today, they also intend to use it for all the days leading up to the point where you can get 1 TB flashdrives for a few bucks.

    True, but the BluRay market isn't a runaway success. If I didn't have it in my PS3 I'd never have one. Nice, not necessary. With all the programming and money toward the Sony owned rights, etc., the tech isn't worth it in a computer except to a small percentage. Apple sat on their hands long enough that 2005 super-tech looks a little plain. If they waited this long, why put energy and profits down the tubes for a soon-fading tech?

    BluRay in Apple--hold your breath at your own risk.

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  • mattthemutt
    Sep 19, 02:43 PM
    Hmm. Lets see $1M in a week, 52 weeks in a year, yup - that's about $50M. Wow - that dude is a genius!

    My thoughts exactly.

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  • Sol
    Sep 9, 01:57 AM
    Did a certain platform jumping red-cap wearing Italian plumber write the headline?

    Mama mia! iMac Core 2 Duo Benchamarks!

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  • dazzer21
    May 3, 11:39 AM
    Surely I'm not the only one who's noticed that the i7 is slower than the i5, and that the Radeon HD 6970M is slower than the 6750M.

    Whaaaaa? :confused:

    I'd seen that. Confused, also...

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  • manu chao
    Apr 11, 10:01 AM
    More like "click there to stream music to my mac which is connected to my sound system".

    Both financially and from a space and energy consumption point of view, an Apple TV or an Airport Express is a more efficient solution for this. Apple tends to support only the efficient and simple solutions, not the cumbersome ones.

    I think you got it completely wrong here. How is my WiFi router which was given to me for free by my internet provider a luxury?

    You know all well that the router is not free, you pay for through your monthly payments. The fact that your provider does not offer a cheaper service without such hardware freebies is just unfortunate. Would you be happy if Apple included a free Airport Express with all Macs (but naturally increased the price for the Mac)? There is nothing free, at least in the physical world (the digital world can be very close to free, see iOS apps).

    And of course Apple is getting greedy by not adding Airtunes to other wireless solutions they sell.

    So, how much do think Apple is asking for licensing their Airplay technology, I'd guess at most between $5-10.

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  • iMacZealot
    Sep 17, 08:22 PM
    ok.. see, i never said TECHNICALLY it was crap. OK, so CDMA can have higher speed than 3G GSM. ITS A MOBILE PHONE. what the hell do you need 14mbps for?

    a jet car that goes 300mph on a drag strip is NOT better than a Audi/Merc/BMW/Bentley/etc that only does 250mph, but can drive on a normal road.

    for consumers, it (CDMA) is crap. you are so used to having to choose a phone based on what your carrier supports (or vice-versa) that you can't see how that is a problem. GSM (which uses a SIM card) offers so much more flexibility. hell. I can take my phone to any country with a GSM network, put in a sim card, and VOILA i am connected (not that i need to worry anyway, with vodafone global roaming)

    There are GSM carriers here that do that, too, you know. It's not all CDMA here.

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  • balamw
    Sep 19, 02:25 PM
    Imagine how long the download would be if the movie was high def instead of 640 x 480.
    Probably not quite as long as you might think. Less than 3x longer for 720p or 1080i, <6x longer for 1080p.


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  • jofarmer
    Sep 12, 04:53 PM
    See above I am testing this theory now and will report on the result in about a half hour.
    Well, I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I just ripped a chapter to AVC using 768kps and 640x352 and playing it took my powerbook to 60%. We ARE talking about a powerful codec here.

    But then again, 320x240 H.264 made my iBook G3 900 go chunky...

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  • Zoboomafoo
    Sep 13, 10:39 PM
    Not what i was looking for
    I wanted a smart phone wheres the keyboard ?
    i can buy an itunes phone right now from cingular but i dont want one
    what makes them think i will buy one now because its from apple and not motorola

    There's a number of reasons why the non-smart phone route is best.

    1) try to do one thing and do it well. the ipod is great because it does one thing very well.
    2) start from the bottom and build up.
    3) it's always easier to add a feature than it is to take one away.

    who knows, we'll see when/if it comes out. i tend to not like phones that have sliders.

    !� V �!
    Apr 25, 03:56 PM
    hoping for apple te thin the screen bezel. Also hope the main build will have no optical drive. but will make it optional. I do not need one, some do.

    for all those crying for an optical drive. buy an external one. i bet most of you guys will benefit more of having an SSD+HDD instead of one of either with an optical drive.

    next year i expect, slight resolution bump. hi-res option becomes standard. Lighter/ not thinner design. A better ventilation. hopefully 2 thunderbolt ports (instead of FW800) but only if we have advanced enough with converters from TB.

    I do not expect usb3 i think apple will never, as they do with bluray. And as most of you are already very unpleased with this. The future is digital. Within 5 years 2K movies can be downloaded in minutes and also streamed. as far as usb3 apple will sell thier special Thunderbolt to USB3 converter for $30.

    People crying for an Optical Driver where the same ones crying when the Floppy was removed from the original iMac and cried that it would fail. Sometimes these people just need a push in the direction or the vision of Apple. Knowing the PC industry they will still have Floppy and Optical Drivers when Apple moves to something else in the future. :p

    Aug 23, 08:29 PM
    They still can. Apple can turn around tomorrow and buy Creative for what it's worth and would have in essence paid itself the $100M. :D

    in a corporate acquisition, there's a purchase price, and at settlement the buyer pays the purchase price plus the value of assets such as cash, so the scenario you describe, while possible, is not likely the way it would unfold. imho.

    Mar 29, 12:30 PM
    Look at me!

    I'll make a crazy prediction and get a few minutes of fame...

    ... before being ridiculed for decades along with:

    Sep 5, 05:20 PM
    I'm more interested in the 23" iMac Core 2 Duos and new metal iPods, I hope Apple does release them on the 12th of September.

    Apr 11, 06:26 AM
    Because the 3rd party device could be in your neighbours house so your neighbour can see or hear anything that is played through AirPlay from your devices without you knowing. And you might be playing stuff that you wouldn't want your neighbour to see.

    Wouldn't that require your neighbour to be on your WiFi network?

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