Friday, May 13, 2011

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prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • Chimera
    Oct 12, 12:21 PM
    Red in the aluminum would be nice I guess, although 5% isn't much to give away.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. prince william and kate
  • prince william and kate

  • radcity
    Apr 23, 09:24 PM
    i picked up a 13" air loaded about a month ago. I know the rumors about sandybridge would be out. But after the 13" pro's were screen neutered I sat down and decided that despite all the 'pro' level work I do an air would be fine. I was right and don't regret my purchase one bit. something new will always come out anyway.

    completely agree

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • MacinDoc
    Sep 14, 03:38 PM
    Any chance we'll see an Apple widescreen H.264/AAC camcorder there?
    It's an interesting idea, but I think this one is in next year territory, when it can be combined with iTV for wireless video streaming to you Mac or your TV.
    And how about an iPod dock connector/cable to use an iPod for storage to keep the costs down (and sell more iPods)?
    A definite possibility, since one of the things Apple is purportedly demoing at the show is a data archiving system.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William has won
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  • cere
    Apr 14, 03:28 PM
    But FW isn't mac only by choice or need. Abit, Asus, Gigabyte and others all offers boards with FW. It was a common feature for motherboard manufacturers for some time. Will TB be included in their low end boards? More then likely not but from mid tier to high end boards will have it.

    Very true, but in the end, USB2 won out.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • powerbook911
    Sep 12, 04:11 PM
    I have the 60 GB 5G. There is no benefit for me to get a 80 GB new one except the extra capacity, correct?

    I mean, I did software update, and it seems great.

    They mention battery life, but music is still 20 hours rated, so I think they only list more battery life because they have the "BRIGHTNESS" setting now! ha-ha. So I think my battery is just as good too?

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • shawnce
    Sep 26, 03:08 PM
    When will we see global releases of iTunes stuff? When the copyright holders, trade organizations, labor groups, local governments, etc. clean up their ***** mess of laws, taxes, etc. that and then Apple will roll it out in very short order.

    The simple fact of the matter Apple wants to make a simple to use and consistent service but so many road blocks exist to doing that because of the above mentioned mess that they cannot do it universally. Folks should be happy that companies like Apple are trying to push the world forward in this space.

    Yet, it works fine in the middle of nowhere. On my way down to New Orleans, I was on the phone in some tiny little town that couldn't have had more than 500 people. The only thing this place had was a gas station. I'm on my phone and call quality is excellent. An hour later in NO, dropped calls and low signal as usual. Or when I'm on the backroads in Missouri talking, again, perfect signal. Enter the STL city limits? Goodbye service. What phone you have? The newer quad band phones get great service in and out of urban areas using Cingular.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Royal Wedding England Prince
  • Royal Wedding England Prince

  • SethEarl
    Sep 13, 12:18 AM
    Does anyone else think something more might be coming? With the price drop of both models and the lack of drastic changes ie the rumored full screen, bluetooth, and virtual click wheel?
    Could there be a "one more thing..." next week?

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • Huntn
    Apr 11, 10:47 PM
    If you try to imagine the future of society and governance, you either are going to regress to unregulated capitalism and barrons or move forward to regulated capitalism or some form of socialism. The idea is to raise up the majority of people, not every person for themselves, not screw over your fellow human being for your personal advantage.

    I'd say since the high point of post WWII, we as a society in the U.S. have done our best to eradicate The New Deal and move back to reaching for magnificant wealth while screwing each other over.

    So what would you call moving forward?

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • shigzeo
    Apr 19, 07:42 PM
    Whatever happens, and no matter how stupid I think this lawsuit is, I hope Samsung get a stinker on their international image where people think they are some cute Korean company. As stated many times in this thread, they are the biggest conglomerate in the world and could swallow Apple whole. Hell, they could swallow Venezuela whole, and maybe even Canada. In Korea, they even run the government through many arms.

    Comparing an electronics company (Apple) to a freaking giant lizard conglomerate that owns everything and (a little and) electronics, is as stupid as can be. In the age of the internet, why not read a little, first, and then comment on that shytebag murderous bloated tax-evading totalitarian regime known as Samsung.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Kate Middleton and Prince
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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 4, 12:47 PM
    I know. And heroics by gun toting civilians is mostly a product of fantasy as well. The idea of whipping your gun out to save the day is absurd.

    It's only fantasy because not enough law-abiding civilians are toting guns.

    Virginia Tech, Trolley Square, Columbine, Ft. Hood, the list goes on and on - someone trained, armed, and on location in any of those tragedies could have been a godsend.

    The fact an off-duty policeman was onsite at Trolley Square certainly saved many lives, but an armed, trained civilian could have done the same.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • HecubusPro
    Sep 17, 11:05 PM
    O no! Our cell phone technology is behind that of Europe's, where the small, congested spaces make it easier to unveil new cell technologies! The horror...

    Agreed. The U.S. is pretty much behind everyone else as far as cell phone technology goes. Do I care? No. My cell phone takes and gives calls. Who cares if it can take 30MP photos and watch steaming TV and movies and play Crysis at 120fps and pay my bills and rob convenient stores and solve world hunger? When I get a new cell phone and the salesman starts running off at the mouth at how cool it is and all the groovy things it does, I stop him and ask, "can I call people on it?" If the answer is yes, then I'm happy. :D

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. kate middleton wedding dress
  • kate middleton wedding dress

  • rgirtler
    Apr 22, 10:31 AM
    That's my point. You don't have to. Most of the ereaders have the ability to swap books as loaners. This is all still very, very new to our society and I am sure that as we progress this is the way it will become.

    Thank you, I was reading this forum losing my mind on some of the comments.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William amp; Kate
  • Prince William amp; Kate

  • fblack
    Sep 10, 02:35 PM
    I agree with you (and I realize I'm preaching to the choir here) but I would argue that in some ways, a 24" AIO is even worse than a 17"/20" AIO, due to the sizable (no pun intended) investment in the display. If your 17" iMac bites the big one, but the display is still fine, well, okay, you have to throw away a perfectly good 17" display. But they're fairly cheap these days, so whatever. However, what if something goes a year or so from now on your 24" iMac? For me at least, throwing away a perfectly good, high quality 24" display would really suck. :cool:

    And that's one of the reasons I don't like all in ones, I dont like throwing away display no matter what the size. My last CRT lasted me about 6 years and I had an old apple 14" monitor that was still working after 10 years! Now that's getting value out of your components! :D

    However, in regards to the longevity of a 24" apple might say hey buy apple care and be covered for those 3 years and "protect your investment". But maybe this is another issue that apple should address and that's their extended warranties. Perhaps you or others might feel more confident in a AIO solution if apple offered 4-5 year extended warranties?

    Who knows they may surprise us yet with a headless imac/pro. But I think they have it set up like buying a car. You want those extra features? Then you have to pay for a higher priced model that has the features you want and dont want...;)

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Kate Middleton Prince William
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  • e-coli
    Apr 30, 01:30 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. prince william kate middleton
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  • archurban
    Sep 19, 02:26 PM
    it's good to hear. somebody compare with TV shows download for first week. but I think it's not the same as movies because TV is always near you to watch anytime. but movie. you should go to buy it at shop or online store like amazon, or rental. however watching movies on HBO or other channels is not the same. so TV shows increase more than movie. 125,000 download is fairly good. of course it will be grown up very fast.

    I purchased two movies so far. hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. they are more than my expectation. near DVD quality. yeah, it is. it's hardly found the difference between ITS movie and DVD. they are just like TV shows which have no commercial. I like it. Special feature? hmm. I don't need. well, someone wants. but it't not a big deal.

    I hope that I will see more studios distribution on ITS from next week. then see how many movies will be added before next year.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • Peace
    Aug 28, 02:10 PM
    from what ive read the difference between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo isnt much
    its not like P4 and Core 2 Duo

    the Core 2 Duo are -10-15% faster at the same clock speed but use more power

    They're also 64-bit and if Apple uses the Conroe the FSB is a lot faster.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
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  • Benjamins
    Mar 29, 12:45 PM
    IF Apple is really serious about dominating the market, BOGO will easily push their market share up a few points.

    But something tells me they don't really care.

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. prince william and kate
  • prince william and kate

  • ScubaDuc
    Sep 14, 08:55 AM
    New version of Aperture!.. Saweeet

    or more likely a new Apple iSLR

    16 Megapixels
    full frame sensor
    Adaptive lens mount supports all Canon and Nikon Lenses
    60gb removeable 1.8" hard drive
    3" OLED screen
    Shoots in a new Apple RAW format
    eye tracking for focus
    Spot metering
    1/8000 shutter with 150,000 shutter life
    Full weather sealing
    Magnesium body
    6fps (up to 25 raw frames)
    Depth of Field Preview
    Pop up flash
    802.11 Wifi
    GPS built in
    Optional Battery Grip
    Scrollwheel navigation for menu system
    Apple iScreen Digital Image processor
    64 Segment Metering and Spot Metering
    Supports Compact Flash

    Ohhh, Please let it be watertight to at least 100ft/30 meters while we are at it..:rolleyes:

    prince william and kate middleton wedding pictures. Prince William and Kate
  • Prince William and Kate

  • xsnightclub
    Sep 13, 10:03 PM
    Maybe the reason for not having a traditional keypad is that this is actually the iPhone Shuffle.

    Apple's market research team has concluded that people get tired of talking to the same people all time. And since the iPod Shuffle is such a hit playing songs randomly,
    the new iPhone Shuffle will randomly dial numbers, so every call you make is never boring.

    Got more than 240 numbers in your adressbook? No problem. Let iTunes autofill your iPhone shuffle and get a new telephonic experience every time. Mom follows Work. Home follows Pizza Parlor. iPhone shuffle loves to improvise. Take the Shuffle switch, for instance. Even if you�ve synced a particular call-list, you can shuffle numbers with a flick.

    Sep 10, 11:35 AM
    Apple, please,


    A small yet powerful Mac. But this this at a REASONABLE price, to be a best-seller.


    You might just get your wish; I saw this article/link while surfing over the MacNN website a couple of days ago (I'm still waiting for new MBPs myself, though! :( ):

    Hope this isn't old news for everyone; this is my first post, although I've been following the forums ever since I started thinking about replacing my old Powerbook (should finally have the money by next month!).

    May 3, 10:54 AM
    SATA III? And if so on all of them or is optical still II like the laptops?

    This is what I want to know also. OCZ Vertex III!

    Jul 20, 05:15 PM
    You don't think Apple would get raked over the coals if they released towers that were slower than the last generation? Conroe is fast, but no way it beats a quad G5. And I don't think a promise of a quad machine later on helps public relations any.

    Also, doesn't the kentsfield have the same limitation as conroe? That you can only use it in single processor configs? A woodcrest chipset would have a longer life since you'd use the same one for multiple cloverton configs.

    Next gen, conroe gets you 2 cores, woodcrest gives you 2 chips for 4 cores.

    Gen after that, kentsfield gets you 4 cores, cloverton gets you 2 chips for 8 cores. There's room for both chipsets for at least the next two generations, and I wouldn't be surprised if it continues beyond that.

    I didn't mean to suggest the Conroe as a replacement for the G5 Quad. I was thinking more in line with replacing the duals. At this time, the only thing that would come close to replacing the current Quad would be Woodcrest and that's why I mentioned a possiblity for a 3GHZ Woodie in the lineup. I do see a need for a Woodcrest Quad as a professional work station, now and in the future... I just don't see why they would need to put Woodcrest in the complete line-up. Not sure how Kentsfield would play into the long term plan. However, I see nothing wrong with using Conroe in the middle and bottom (non Quad) machines if those are going to continue. Yea, everyone seems to want Quad across the board, but for some people that would be overkill and overly expensive. If you are a web developer or motion graphics designer working at web resolutions, do you need a Woodcrest Quad? Once the currently shipping duals are gone, are we going to be forced with choosing between Woodcrest in a tower... or an iMac or mini?

    Maybe it all boils down to the need for Apple to split the lineup as been suggested in other threads. They should have a couple medium towers with Conroe (call them Macs) and then 2 or 3 high-end workstations that are priced accordingly for the Macpro line. I would love to get a Quad Woodcrest, but for the most part, it would be over-kill. Most professional work I do can be done on a single chip / dual core.

    It's going to be interesting to see what direction Apple reveals next month. I still think it's strange that Apple hasn't announced Woodcrest if they are indeed going with that solution. Why wait for WWDC if the chips are ready?

    Sep 27, 01:50 AM
    I mean, if Motorola can sell 50 million of their stupid RAZR phones, then Apple should be able to sell as many iPhones as they can ramp up to manufacture in the next couple of years!!

    The RAZR was a smash because it was very stylish (which the Apple iPhone will certainly be, too). But it also has been huge because every carrier has had it available on subsidy, and it's been available in more than one color. Something I don't expect from the iPhone.

    It's also been such a huge seller because they are junk inside. I imagine every time a carrier has to replace a RAZR because it was insured Motorola counts it as another "sale".

    Mar 23, 05:01 PM
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    Don't these senators have actual work to do. Hands off douchebags. Bad enough you want to regulate the interwebz.

    So get this while you can...

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