Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • BornAgainMac
    Nov 22, 07:36 AM
    He is correct. "PC guys" won't be figuring this out. I am looking forward to Apple's ideas on phones and the keynote comparing it to other phones. It will bring some laughs.

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  • maddonkey
    Sep 11, 12:45 PM
    Has anybody noticed that the shipping times for all Macbooks have gone up to 5-7 days?

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  • Scottgfx
    May 6, 12:43 AM
    This is the most ridiculous thing to appear on the MacRumors front page in quite some time.

    Well, we thought the transition to Intel was pretty ridiculous five years ago. I bet the 680X0 to PowerPC RISC transition was feared as well.

    I personally doubt that Intel on the Mac platform is going away any time soon, but I do anticipate perhaps a new line of devices in the iOS arena.

    Remember what Steve Jobs said about moving onto the "next big thing".

    The PC market is shrinking. It's not going to go away, but Apple has to have the "next thing" ready. Is that just another PC desktop or laptop? I don't think so.

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  • Ballis
    Apr 20, 03:23 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Aslong as the horrid proximity sensor is fixed om upgrading. LTE would be s nice bonus.

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  • 3N16MA
    Mar 28, 11:59 AM
    If this is true and Apple decided to hold off until later in the year I'm expecting a big change for the iPhone 5. If it's going to be a 3G --->3Gs type of upgrade (same design/form facor, new internals) I don't see why they would not be ready this June.

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  • polaris20
    Apr 18, 04:37 PM
    many of this board's comments are great examples why our founding fathers, with great wisdom, chose to form our country with a republic for its government rather than a direct democracy.


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  • natharvey
    Mar 30, 05:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I agree, I just want dome minor UI changes. nothing too major. can't wait for Lion!

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Aug 2, 01:39 PM
    you have got to be CRAZY to think that he's going to intro an ipod at WWDC, when MW Paris is right around the corner! MW Paris in september is pretty much ALWAYS when they intro ipods and consumer products this time of year.
    I am still a bit curious why the last iPod-updater had text strings such as: "t_feature_app_PHONE_APP, kPhoneSignalStrength,
    if an iPhone isn't around the corner. It doesn't make sense to include that unless the iPhone is very close to be released.
    Besides, wouldn't it be beneficial, in terms of new apps, to let the developers know that the iPhone was about to be released very shortly?

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  • dukebound85
    May 5, 03:55 PM
    Talking about the cost of swtiching, I might just add� Stepping out onto the moon cost a pretty penny too. I guess beating the Soviets to bragging rights in space was more important than implementing common sense on the ground.

    Common sense would dictate not fixing something that doesn't really need to be fixed

    If corporations see the benefit of it to their bottom line...great. No one is stopping them from changing

    Why you seem so adament that the Imperial system is horrible for the masses is quite befuddling to me to be honest

    Yes, there are merits to the metric system. There are also merits to not changing. Regardless, if change happens, it will be because it just evolved that way.

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  • Eidorian
    Mar 30, 11:05 PM
    The lack of color in the system icons is god awful. Color graphics are much more easily identified than a scaled down grey icon.Grey is the new grey at Apple it seems. The stark minimalism is starting to become an issue.

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 15, 07:55 PM
    Of course MBPs are being updated... I BOUGHT ONE TODAY! :rolleyes:


    Thanks! When you get it, we will all thank you and invite you over to see our Merom MBP.

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  • ergle2
    Sep 16, 05:59 AM
    Since Fry's is already selling Sony ATAPI Blu-ray burners for $750, why doesn't Apple see the selling opportunity as an offering on the Mac Pro BTO page? They dont even offer a $120 Plextor SATA DVD Burner on that page yet. Seems like they are being extremely conservative about adopting the next generation of Para-Superdrives. It's a conundrum to me. :confused: :eek:

    For whatever reason, Apple seems to not want to endorse Blu-ray nor HD-DVD yet by not offering either one. Guess they're not sure themselves which they think will be best for us in the long run or which one will win in the marketplace? I am confused about what's going on on this front. :confused:

    Speaking personally, I'm not terribly interested in either right now.

    Having said that, is there a (big enough) market for it? Stand-alone player sales have been pretty lacklustre, with HD-DVD outperforming Blu-Ray, but even it isn't doing wonderfully. The large capacity of the writable disc would be nice but the black media is too expensive to be worthwhile right now.

    I guess it's possible they won't until they have playback software ready for OS X -- which would likely mean around the time of Leopard, I guess? It might make more sense then, unless you think Blu-Ray (or HD-DVD) are going to be big this "Holiday Season"? That would certainly change everything...

    Next year might be the one to go for, esp. if the PS3 looks being the big seller for Christmas 2007... it also gives them time to pick which to offer, be it HD-DVD or Blu-Ray (or offer both?) depending upon the fortunes of either/both. I doubt their comments on supporting Blu-Ray thus far are terribly binding (tho the MS-based environment used by HD-DVD might be a deal-killer...).

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  • thogs_cave
    Aug 11, 09:57 AM
    Damn, and I just got my new MacBook yesterday

    Plus if my MacBook gets lonely and depressed he can talk to my 1st gen PowerMac G5

    I really doubt that the MacBook will be updated that quickly. It wouldn't make much sense, but then again we are talking Apple.

    And, don't worry. My MacBook and 1st-gen G5 get along just fine. :D

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  • BenRoethig
    Aug 11, 11:40 AM
    Actually, you don't even need a firmware change, people have already done the swap and it works fine. Conroe does make sense in an iMac just because it's cheaper. And future chips will use the Conroe socket so they're going to need to update the design eventually anyway.

    Cheaper per chip price. Factor in all the design changes that would have to be made, and it might not be in the long run.

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  • mscriv
    May 5, 10:19 AM
    Wow, one person in your little band of misfits dies and look at the lot of you, shaking your fists at the sky and screaming to the gods that life's not fair.

    Ok, I'll break from character to explain a little:

    The system is solid and consistent between the villain and the heroes. I think you all are over thinking it. Ravenvii said early on in his explanation that it might be easier to think of the villains turns as points to avoid confusion. Basically during my round I earn 2 points to spend any way I choose. Some actions require one turn/point to accomplish. For example:

    - move to a new room
    - self heal

    Thus, if during my turn I choose to move or heal then in essence I've used one of the 2 points/turns to accomplish this task meaning for the rest of the round I only have 1 point/turn left. Setting traps or sending out my minions cost various points and thus I must save up points for some things. If I choose to save points then I'm essentially forfeiting action in that turn or for the entire round by choosing to carry over the point or points to my next round.

    Heroes actions work the same way they just aren't broken down into points for easier understanding. You could choose to think of it as getting 2 points at the beginning of your rounds as well and in turn it would cost you 1 point to do any of the following:

    - explore a room
    - move to a new room

    Thus, with your entire round you can take two actions or turns, each costing one point. The only difference is heroes can't save up points like the villain can.

    So, you see, the system is consistent on both sides.

    Now don't tell anyone I helped you out. I've got a reputation to uphold as a nasty villain and all. ;)

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  • Arcus
    Apr 25, 10:37 AM
    +1 the people crying about this are just plain ignorant and have NO idea how much stuff records their location.

    So if you have some device or service that you use in your life and you didnt tale the time to understand every nuance about it do we get to call you ignorant as well?

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 22, 04:15 PM
    Agreed. A light, small, cheap Apple laptop targeted at students would be excellent, and an education iMac that's available to the public would be great too. Unlikely, but I'm with you on this one.

    In other news, I expect the iMac to stay with an X1600 series card (because Apple have historically used the mid-range cards: 9600, X600, X1600 and possibly the rumored X2600s next year) so maybe an X1600 Pro and/or an XT. I also think that they should update the MacBook Pros graphics card because its a Pro laptop with a mid-range card so a Mobility X1800 would be nice.X600 Pro (iSight iMac G5 17") and X600 XT (iSight iMac G5 20") Hopefully we'll see a slight bump on the GPU.

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  • wildmac
    Aug 7, 04:07 PM
    I'm excited but disappointed at the same time.
    the base video card is pretty meh.

    The need a low-end option for those that aren't doing PS, Doom, or 3-D rendering...

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  • justflie
    Nov 26, 10:35 AM
    Interesting I guess. But is there really a home/consumer market for this? I could see it working for artists and other professionals of that nature, but I know more than a few people that own PC tablets that hardly ever use them as such.

    Apr 9, 05:19 PM
    I did parenthesis, then multiplication or division from left to right. That's how I was taught it.

    I'm pretty sure doing PEMDAS left to right is the proper way to do it


    May 6, 06:39 AM
    Not a possibility.

    The real reason Apple moved to Intel was because of this

    Nothing really to do with performance, performance per watt etc. Apple just waited until Intel was gaining over PPC to use those as an excuse. Running on Intel means being able to run Windows. Also means brand recognition of Intel, which is a comforter for the technically challenged.

    Move away from Intel and sales will tank. Even if other vendors offer better chips, which they certainly do.

    Sep 10, 11:30 PM

    Apr 21, 05:19 PM
    The current case size is perfect imo. I know Apple likes their products to be as small and quiet as possible but you have to wonder if heat will be an issue with two six core processors in such a small case.

    exactly, not to mention throwing in a decent GPU and several HDD's

    Aug 7, 05:21 PM
    Can't wait to get one for work, ok I really really can't wait

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