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  • mmomega
    May 4, 02:58 PM
    That's great that it installs a partition.
    So my warranty is out and I want to install a brand new SSD.
    I've upgraded only about a dozen friends' MacBooks to SSD and w/o the grey disc that came with the computer you're screwed. Retail copy won't work.

    again, I'm completely fine with having any app in the world as download only. Great, it's faster.
    Some never do a full reinstall, that's the majority, but you do still have those that work on these machines and some times you need the physical media.

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  • pmz
    May 4, 03:08 PM
    Here's my problem with this distribution method for an OS:

    I have 4 Macs in my house. Previously, I'd buy a Family License DVD and go from machine to machine installing it.

    If I have to DL it from the App Store, I've got to download it 4 times! I don't care about paying for multiple licenses... I do care about blowing out my internet bandwidth downloading the same multi-gigabyte file 4 times. :mad:

    There had better be a physical-media option!

    Why on earth couldn't you burn your own DVD, or better yet, copy to a USB key, or any external drive?

    Awaiting your response.

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  • Erwin-Br
    Apr 21, 04:33 PM
    It's not going to happen. If Apple was still interested in offering a rack mountable system they would have redesigned the X-Serve instead of the Mac Pro.

    Where is the logic in dropping a perfectly fine rack-mountable system, because apparently it wasn't sold enough, and then convert the Mac Pro workstation to... a rack-mountable system?! They could've dropped the Mac Pro and rebrand X-Serve to Mac Pro instead. Same result.

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  • snberk103
    May 5, 03:30 PM
    .... Most other countries enacted policy through a quiet parliamentary action that was later carried out by agencies or at a time when most people weren't active in politics. ...

    In the US there are a lot of veto points in the legislative process, making any significant change hard to do. ... why should they care about a measurement system when the one they are using right now is working for them?
    Any realistic transition for the US would take decades.

    This, I believe, captures the situation really well. Inertia, coupled with a fairly de-centralized government (at least as far as this issue is concerned). And a population that is fairly resistant to change, in many areas.

    Another example is the move to a $1 coin. How many times and for how long has the US been trying to introduce this coin? Every study done shows it will save taxpayers money. Still no-go. In Canada we had no choice. The $1 coin was introduced, then the banks were told to hand out only the coins, and to start sending back to Ottawa any $1 bills that their customers were depositing. Within a few years we were a $1 bill free country. Then they removed the $2 bills. These bills are still legal, there just isn't any of them circulating. And if a bank gets one, they don't put it back into circulation. Done.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 6, 06:30 PM
    Can't Android users upgrade to the latest OS? 2.3.3 is the latest phone OS.

    Heh. No.

    Remember the line from Animal Farm? "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." Actually, Google's promises are a lot like Communism's promises when you think about it. ;)

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  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 21, 05:00 PM
    If it doesn't have Lights Out Management, it isn't a server. Our datacenter doesn't even allow servers without LOM into the building, and I agree with that policy. There's more to making a server than turning it sideways and bolting it to a rack.

    I'd imagine that would be in the plans.

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  • mobilehavoc
    Mar 29, 08:59 AM
    Wow you are either unintentionally or intentionally sounding very ignorant and naive. The cloud is the future and even Apple knows that as I'm sure they'll announce something similar soon. There are many advantages. For me the main is mobility and convenience.

    Last night I uploaded 15GB of music to Amazon Cloud while I slept. This morning I have the Android app on my phone my Xoom and the web player anywhere else. I now have a single repository that is always in sync across all my devices and I can stream music from anytime. Best of all you can download your music again to any devices too. So it also serves as a great backup tool for your music or your favorite tracks.

    Also whenever I buy an MP3 from Amazon (on phone or computer) it saves to the Cloud and is automatically available on all my devices. If I want I can have it download automatically to my computer and sync with iTunes as well - transparent.

    Finally, the Amazon app for android doubles as a legit music player that can also play music from your local storage as well so it's a one stop shop (with widget of course).

    Just because Apple didn't do it first doesn't mean it's not a game changer.

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  • adbe
    Mar 26, 10:31 PM
    For anyone thinking Apple will release a new iPad in the fall... don't bet on it. The last two releases have shown that it takes AT LEAST several months before supply is able to adequately meet demand--especially when you look at it from a worldwide perspective. Do you really think they'd risk a shortage during the holiday season? Not a chance.

    What if the 3 was pitched as a new tier, rather than a replacement? A retina class screen would probably still squash the margins to levels unacceptable to Apple. If they could simply sell the device for a higher price point, or slightly drop the iPad2s price point, then there's no real shortage risk.

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  • Xtremehkr
    Apr 7, 10:13 AM
    Wow, really? :rolleyes:

    Get this crap out of here.

    Wow, really, who comes to an Apple rumor site and complains about people saying pro Apple things.

    You should go to Autoblog next and complain about people getting excited over new cars.

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  • tny
    Nov 26, 10:25 PM
    Seriously, does anyone here even hear about tablet PCs anymore? Nope.
    What happened with Microsoft Origami? Nothing.

    This is an iSight shot from the front page of today's CompUSA flyer. The Sony VAIO UX Micro PC with Windows XP Professional is brand new, and an "origami" device.

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  • J@ffa
    Sep 11, 06:41 AM
    If Front Row is going to power the streaming device, Apple are going to have to get it to people. Rolling it as a new OS feature as part of the 10.4.8 update sounds like the way to do that, no?

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  • MikeDTyke
    Sep 11, 07:26 AM
    I've been doing a bit of thinking about the video airport express rumor thats been doing the rounds.

    If you were to take the current AE and add a video out, you'd get a fairly poor user experience. ie. no remote, no control! Also the form factor of the current AE is such that you plug it in and hide it away.

    Some might clamour for a wireless remote, but 2 factors limit this possibility, reduced battery life (on wifi) and a poor response through walls (bluetooth). Apple's shown in the past they are quite happy with the reliable and long established infra-red remote.

    I believe therefore that the updated AE will appear as a small set top box, in order to have the IR in plain view. The other thing about the set top box. It' aint gonna be some boring grey flat component. Apple will want people to love it as much as the ipod. Therefore i suspect we'll see a distinctly visible design, different to all the other set top's and AV components we have to date. With SJ's love affair with cubes, perhaps this is an opportunity for the Aluminium Media Cube. Small llike 3" with a small hal like blue eye watching our every move. ;)

    The other aspect i'd like to touch on is that in order to make these puppies sell like hotcakes, i.e.Cheap, i suspect the aforementioned cube to be very basic dumb terminal. Dependent on a wireless mac or PC for disk and essentially only displaying a frontrow remote display. This of course would mean front row for older macs and pc's.

    The other other aspect (Gah i should think about these posts before writing). Is that no one is going to want to run upstairs to their Mac, go on itunes, click on the media store, select Scary movie #17 (more boobs than all the rest), click download. Then run downstairs to the Media cube, finger on button guessing when they can start to play. I therefore think that front row will gain an interface onto the ITMS so that media can be bought from the comfort of the sofa. This will kick off the actual download from upstairs computer and the front row interface will show when the user can start the movie.

    Apple have patents for remote displays and specifically buying a item of media on one device and downloading to another. Search if you're really interested.

    As i said, this is only a bit of out of the box thinking. I personally hope the device is more intelligent with a HardDisk so if my Mac is powered down, its not completely useless, along with the absolutely essential need to be able to record just like tivo. But here's waiting, should know in about 29 hrs. tick tock, tick tock.


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  • Tsunami911
    Apr 5, 02:26 PM
    Did anyone seriously not see this coming. Who is the idiot at the ad company and Toyota that thought this might fly?

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  • weedy
    May 6, 03:53 AM
    This has to be one of the topics on macrumors with the highest ********-per-post ratio.

    Seriously guys, didn't you learn anything from the PPC->Intel move?

    Go learn something about ARM, the industry and Apple itself and then have an informed and imaginative opinion. ;)

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  • shawnce
    Aug 4, 05:09 PM
    That's not really true of the SZ series either. The SZ ranges from 0.9 to 1.33" or so, and the drive area is in the thin part of it at the front with many things moved up into the thinker area.

    If you can find the specs for the different drive mechanisms and compare them to the case designs you should find your answer (note the MBP uses a slot loading drive not a tray system).

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  • tundrabuggy
    Apr 18, 03:22 PM
    Can only be 1 reason, Apple are worried.

    If they felt totally confident in their product then they would not feel any threat from others and need to try something like this on.

    Absolutely not True......they MUST sue or they lose rights to the patent. Its the way the system works

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  • d0minick
    Mar 28, 10:14 AM
    Why because it doesn't have a dual core processor, 1GB of RAM

    LOL that is exactly why. Plus OS improvements, better notifications, FM radio, at least hspa+. These are things that i would love. I love my I4, but it has a lot of room for growth and it does need to stay up with the competition. And to say otherwise, IMO, means stagnant technology because if Apple does not compete, every one gets complacent.

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  • danielsan26
    Jul 29, 10:33 PM
    Apple owns (ownership info) ( It just mirrors their homepage, but has a different IP. It appears they've owned it for a while. Is this old news?

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 7, 11:41 AM
    They only need like ~100,000.

    Hummm... maybe Motorola has some spare Xoom screens they could share with RIM? Oh... the size thing.... Hummm...

    The Tab! There should be about 1 million+ channel returns coming back on the TAB 1.0... Samsung may have some stock that RIM could work with? A little glue and tape and there you go! :p

    Mar 29, 08:38 AM
    Dang... I feel like $80 a month is a LOT of money for 1TB of space. Especially when you can pay $70 ONCE and get your own 1TB drive.

    Of course there are many benefits of having your data "in the cloud," but I think their prices are way too high.

    Mar 30, 08:50 PM
    Installed fine on mine.

    Thanks, will install as soon as the download finish.

    May 7, 02:27 PM
    Uh $9 a month is $108 a year.

    People routinely get Mobileme for roughly $70 through Amazon or less through other places like eBay.

    Amazon Mobileme (

    Hell even Apple doesn't make people pay that much.

    $30 MiR or you get Mobileme for $69 with the purchase of a new Mac.

    Uh, I rounded. Didn't think it'd matter whether I said $8, $8.33, or $9.

    Yes, I can get it cheaper elsewhere or through Apple with a rebate (if you spend another $200 to over $1000 first), but:

    1.) If I'm going to use MobileMe, and I like it (which, I do), I'm going to have to keep subscribing, and while I enjoy the features, I don't think paying for them is worth my money. They are merely added conveniences that would be nice to have, if free, but are only supplementing current functionality that I can live with. But, when I'm paying student loans, a car payment, rent, and trying to plan for a potential wedding and then a mortgage in the next year and a half, I can think of better things to spend $8 or 9$ a month on. I'd much rather go see a movie or something instead of syncing my email and contacts quicker. Just a personal choice that won't apply to everyone, but it's why I don't see the need to pay for it right now.

    2.) I don't buy a new Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch every year to keep getting a rebate. While enticing if I were in the market for anyone of those items, I'm not. Again, just my personal situation.

    Sep 11, 04:16 PM
    Go here...

    Down towards the bottom of that page for the MBP where you read all about the computer and what it does, there's a bolded subheading that reads "It's Showtime." IMac and Mac Mini are the only other systems that offer a similar description, but their description heading says "Put on a Show."

    That is a little odd, since they're basically all describing the same thing. Why would the MBP say "It's Showtime" yet the iMac and Mac Mini descriptions use "Put on a Show?" How long have these read this way? Is this old or new? Does it have something to do with tomorrows' event, or nothing at all?

    Hmmm... very intersting.

    Reaching? Coincidence? Apple being coy?

    Some what-was-his-name?-intern...

    Apr 20, 02:51 AM
    What real difference would a larger screen make, it's half an inch at best, barely any difference.

    I really can't see what could be gained from doing this, other than being in line with the competitions screen sizes. It would have an impact on the resolution and thus affect all apps.

    Would increasing the screen size really enhance the product if it compromised the ecosystem upon which it is so tightly engrained in?

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