Sunday, May 15, 2011

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  • ABernardoJr
    May 6, 01:22 AM
    No.. They make mobile processors. Low power usage.
    If you read the article again, it ays the rumor is for laptops. Very doubtful apple will move the desktop line to an ARM processor as there is nothing that competes with the current tech.
    For laptops (specifically the air), the move may make sense. I don't see apple moving the whole macbook pro line to ARM. maybe the airs and the regular macbooks.

    The short story is that Apple is moving the laptop line, and presumably desktops too, to ARM based chips as soon as possible.

    Anyway the main reason why I feel reluctant about this hypothetical (and I stress hypothetical) situation is the potentiality of troubles that would come from transitioning everything again (like others have said).

    P.S. Is anyone else slightly concerned with the site's name being "SemiAccurate"? lol It's just a name of course and I'm half joking, but still :D

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  • wclyffe
    Jan 6, 04:41 PM
    I've had mine since November, generally use it in the horizontal position, and haven't had problems with it rattling (and I've got a car with a not-very-smooth-ride). That would suggest that the mechanism is not always loose. I am nervous about it wearing loose over time, because it is surprisingly easy to move by hand, and seems kind of delicate.

    tstreete, nice to see you are still checking in...I remember you were one of the first to get a car kit. In the landscape view, my unit does not rattle, but in the vertical position it rattles a lot and I often keep it like this to charge the phone or listen to music, etc when I'm not using the nav app. I'm going to exchange it and see how I fair while waiting to see what the word on the Magellan kit is. Thanks for your help.

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  • ticman
    Dec 11, 03:49 PM
    ticman, thanks for all the info!

    Question: You obviously used the included disk to mount the car kit to. Does that disk hold onto your dash really securely with the adhesive they supply?

    Also, when you are using Voice Control, do you have to reach around the back of the car kit to press the button to activate it, or can you just press the Home button on the iPhone?

    Lastly, I have to use an FM transmitter in my car so I was going to plug it into the jack on the car kit and transmit music to my radio. It sounds like the Navigon instructions will come out my radio speakers not the little speaker on the car kit, but when I make a phone call it will use the car kit speaker. Right? Hope so, as I don't really want my phone calls blasted through my speakers.

    The included disk is holding very very well to the area i used which was on plastic near the radio. IT WOULD NOT HOLD TO MY DASH AT ALL as the dash had a grainy leather and not a smooth surface.

    Voice control is done by pressing the HOME button.

    I have MADE a call by using Voice Control and talk was through the iPhone speakers. I have NOT tried using ipod music and navigon and tried making a call but would suspect that again talk would come out of the iphone and not car speakers. What would be interesting is what happens to Navigon directions and volume of ipod music. I'll check that out and leave another post.

    Hope that helps.

    The only slight issue i have is that when i place the phone in landscape mode I have to do it in such a way that the 2 input cords are on TOP of the iphone dock. It i hit a bump it sometimes cause the iphone to swing down a bit towards Portrait mode. Must be the weight of the two plugs.

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  • macenforcer
    Aug 7, 05:47 PM
    3ghz Xeon = 80W
    2.66ghz Xeon = 65W
    2ghz Xeon = 65W

    Looks like the 2.66ghz Xeon is the best bang for buck and heat.

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  • milo
    May 4, 03:32 PM
    I'm only "hung up" on that because that's what everything points to right now.

    Except that NOTHING points to that right now. There has never been an OS for sale on the app store before. Assuming that it will be handled exactly the same as an app is lunacy.

    This reminds me of the thread a couple weeks back about FCS where the "professional experts" were all ranting because they assumed that since only Final Cut was shown it meant all the other apps in the suite were discontinued, and assumed that any feature that wasn't shown in the presentation was removed from the app.

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  • vincenz
    Apr 25, 10:56 AM
    Only Steve could reply with sentences like those and get away with it. :p

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jul 23, 05:59 AM
    I posted this question in another thread but no one has answered it, so... I was wondering what thoughts you had on this:

    Will this upgrade to Core 2 Duo be considered a RevB strictly speaking, for the iMacs? I mean, since it's a new generation of Intel chip as opposed to a speed bump of an existing chip, is it likely to cause any unknown bugs or dramas that the Core Duos didn't?

    I'm in the market for a new iMac when they put the new chips in, but I want to be confident that this time they'll have ironed out all the bugs from the initial release of Intel iMacs, plus not be likely to have new bugs caused by the new architecture of the Core 2 Duos.



    If iMacs get Merom its highly likely there'll be 0 new problems. If they get Conroe there is a very very small possibility of heat issues.

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  • ender land
    Apr 14, 11:08 AM
    So we have websites that allow us to track where a dollar goes, how about letting us see where all the money the government spends is going

    You mean like

    or any other websites easily found via google?

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  • tigress666
    Apr 25, 11:45 AM
    The issue is more being concerned about those in abusive relationships and the like. You definitely don't want a physically abusive spouse to have access to your location information.

    Wow, some one who pointed out a realistic, not paranoid theory, reason why this is not a good thing (not that I don't think some people being paranoid have a point. But I also think this scenario is a much more likely to happen reason why the info being stored on the phone unencrypted is a bad thing).

    1. Apple is not tracking you until they actually make the phone send them that info.The info stays on your phone and your computer so you have control over it (well as long as it doesn't get into some one else's hands). I don't even know why this is being discussed since it's not happening.

    2. I think the bigger problem is that the phone doesn't erase this info after a while and it doesn't encrypt it which makes it easier if some one takes your phone to get that info. Leaving it to issues of if people (criminals, abusive spouses, the government) steal your phone or force the info off. It makes it that much easier to them and that much more available.

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  • Don't panic
    May 3, 10:06 PM
    that example is based on an impossible scenario (according to the rest of the rules) because the hero has more HP than AP while the max for both should be the level
    it still illustrate the mechanics, but it does introduce confusion. that's why i had dropped it in my re-write. the second example is clearer

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  • toddybody
    Apr 24, 08:28 AM
    Very interesting...I think we'd be better off with a res bump in the notebook line. Aside from the air...things have been stagnant there for. While.

    Also, people are getting all this retina/ppi discussion muddled. PPI IS fixed
    and not based on viewing distance. On the other hand, the eyes capability to perceive those pixels IS dependent on viewing distance. No, an iMac does not need to have a 7xxx Display to be it's viewing distance shouldn't be what the iP4 is. Sould be more to the tune of 24inches

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  • QCassidy352
    Aug 4, 09:31 AM
    Where does this leave Conroe and Allendale? Apple's marketing strategy has always been that the PowerBooks (MacBook Pro) have faster processers then any of the iMac offerings. The Conroe and Allendale (Desktop) chips run faster then the Merom (Mobile) chips.

    :confused: The imac had a G5 for a long time while the powerbook had a G4. The imac ended with a 2.1 G5 and the powerbook topped out at a 1.67 G4. Apple has no problem, nor should they, putting a faster processor in a desktop than a notebook, even when the notebook is a "pro" machine and the desktop a "consumer" machine.

    I've maintained all along that the imac will get Conroe. It's a midrange desktop, not a laptop. Why would/should it get a laptop processor? (and don't say "yonah is a laptop processor." Apple did that because they wanted to switch to intel and the Pentium IV was not a valid option, so yonah was the only choice. Now they have a real desktop processor available, and they will use it.)

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  • bigjnyc
    May 7, 10:02 AM
    What they need is tier level pricing. Those who wish to only use the features of say Find My iWhatever can choose just that, storage + e-mail, e-mail, etc.

    Mobileme is certainly worth more than free. Apple doesn't scrape your emails and other data to target adds at you a la Google.

    I could see Apple making some features of Mobileme free. I don't think they're just going kill a revenue stream but they could offer a basic free Mobileme account which gives you.

    A email address with 5 aliases.
    Sync features
    "Find my damn iDevice"
    Calendar, Contacts, Bookmark sync
    Web page

    Then roll out Mobileme Pro

    Make iDisk more like Drop Box.
    Enhance the sync
    Online Backup
    Cloud Music (Lala style) Pro (adds collaborative editing)
    Whatever other cool stuff they can deliver

    These are both good ideas and very feasible.

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  • alent1234
    Mar 29, 08:39 AM
    just updated my Amazon android app on my HTC Inspire and it works

    5GB is enough space for weeks of listening. all you need is to choose some favorite songs you listen to over and over again for this. not like you have to upload every song you own and listen to only once in a few years

    cool idea. apple buys up all the flash, so amazon comes out with a service where you don't need any flash in a phone

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  • belsokar
    Apr 26, 02:37 PM
    You'll care when the majority of developers will jump to Android because it has more users. Why do you think most people still use Windows? Because it has more software. Once you get behind, it's tough to keep up. Look at Windows Phone 7. They have to pull really hard to get some developers to build apps for them.

    I have to say I'm impressed how Google managed to get this off the ground so fast. Microsoft is still struggling, and they have a pool of traditional .Net developers behind them to potentially build apps for their mobile platform.

    As an iOS developer, with both a Java and .Net background, I can say that right now, all the money to be made is primarily in the iOS camp. Android users DO NOT BUY apps. That is a generalization, but it is a TRUE generalization. They do not buy apps like iPhone users. There are many reasons for that. One is that many Android users got free or really cheap phones, and don't tend to come from higher income backgrounds. They are less likely to spend money than iPhone users. Moreover, the infrastructure for buying apps is not setup as well as iPhone. All iPhone users can buy apps the second they are setup, that is not true for Android users.

    In terms of monetizing free Android apps...they do not pay well when it comes to Ad revenue. For a client's app I released on an iPhone, using iAds, I needed 10,000 daily users at about 1 minute of use time per user per day to make about $5K/month in Ad revenue. In order to get that kind of revenue on a free Android app, I would need approximately 200,000 daily users. That is a huge discrepancy between ecosystems, is not easy to get 10,000 daily users, much less 200,000,...meaning developers are going to stick with iOS as long as it pays better.

    So for the time being, I don't concern myself with Android as a developer. Now if google finds a way to make Android phones just as profitable as iPhones, or develops an ecosystem much like Apple's that drives app purchases and app revenue to something resembling, or outpacing Apple, then I would be REALLY worried as an iPhone developer and user. I just don't see it happening as Google is more concerned with it's own Ad business, and how to make Google more money, rather than spending more time and effort on how to best make developers money. Apple has struck a great balance that allows them to keep developers happy while continuing to reap the rewards in terms of company profits.

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  • NebulaClash
    Apr 25, 09:51 AM
    That's crazy - I just found that site recently when searching for a potential hire... Found the dude's address, parents' name, the fact he had a sister, and how much his house was worth. First listing in Google results, too. And I don't even have an account with it. That was the free information...

    But keep in mind that the data might be wrong. I typed in my real name and it came up with me . . . but with details oddly wrong. Multiple accounts that could be me, but in each case with wrong data. I clearly have messed up some databases along the way (good).

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  • mobi
    Apr 5, 01:10 PM
    ...Of course they did. Big brother is watching everyone.

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  • valkraider
    Apr 26, 03:02 PM
    Except that each and every single person who has purchased an Android phone could have purchased an iPhone instead. The fact there is one Android phone or ten Android phones is irrelevant. Every one of those people could have chose to buy an iPhone. They didn't.

    Only true in the sense that every Honda Fit owner could have chose to buy an Audi R8 but didn't.

    Not every Android device is purchased. My brother has one only because IT WAS FREE (and he has no clue how to use even 10% of the functions). He has never once purchased an app.

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  • Stevamundo
    Dec 14, 10:25 PM
    I don't, either. That's why I'm polite enough to make sure my PC friends are running anti-virus software, to protect them from malware, no matter where it may come from.

    Eventually Macs will get viruses too.

    What's the big deal? It's free and it runs well on my Mac. It's just extra protection for my Mac and for my PC friends.

    Jul 30, 11:35 PM
    Uhhhh boys,

    check this:

    Mar 29, 09:11 AM
    And Amazon thinks crippling ioS compatibility will be good business? FAIL.

    It's Apple crippling it with their, we get 30% of everything no matter what it is.

    Amazon would love to get this on iOS devices, it helps with their sales. That is why Kindle is available.

    Talk to Apple, they are the bad guy here.

    Nov 9, 12:04 PM
    You better believe I promptly cancelled my order with Apple for $128.05 shipping Nov 25 (just have to send it right back to Apple once it arrives for full refund) and ordered from BTL for $89 with estimated ETA weeks before Apple's ship date.

    Mar 29, 12:04 PM
    Ownership of data is a concern. If I buy music through the cloud service does that affect my ownership of the music/data? Can I download the music to my hard drive and have unrestricted access to it after I cancel my cloud subscription?

    You can log in to your cloud account at any time and download any music you've purchased from

    If you have a paid account, and you use more than the 5GB of "free" data space, then you stop paying for it and your account reverts back to "free" mode, you can still download your data, but you can't add any new data to the account until you remove enough to get you back under the 5GB cap.

    If you have stuff on the cloud that you don't already have stored on your own device somewhere, you're playing with fire to begin with.

    May 3, 10:54 PM
    Can you cite reliable figures for the cost advantage versus the cost to switch?

    Nope. Ask me what the cost advantage of wearing my Adidas runners over a pair of wooden clogs is when I go out. I couldn't tell you. But I can appreciate the obvious benefits of the metric system in theory and in practice without making it all about short-term financial gain, and I think you could too if you took the time to look at it objectively. I am just thankful my country made the difficult decision back in the 70s when my biggest challenge was learning to wee in the potty.

    As another commenter said, you owe your kids better.

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