Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • isomorphic
    May 6, 12:32 AM
    Can always have a system with ARM AND x86 CPUs.

    You beat my post by mere moments. ;)

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  • ste1989
    May 9, 09:41 AM
    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this so far, but to me it is very obvious the reason why some features will be free.

    The iChat and a/v integration on the next iphone.

    Obviously iChat needs either a mobile me email address, or an AIM username, or some other less common ones.
    Needless to say, AIM is not very popular outside of USA. Everyone uses hotmail or gmail afaik.

    If they really want to plug the new iChat, they need to get as many people using it as possible, so therefore the @me email addresses will probably become free, and maybe more features with it

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  • infobhan
    Jul 31, 05:17 AM
    I'll be VERY surprised if the Apple phone doesn't support Wifi.

    A WiFi phone would be unlikely, in my mind. WiFi is not yet ubiquitous, so this would be of limited usefulness. Furthermore, WiFi is a notorious waster of battery life, and this device will have to be small to be successful.

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  • 0010101
    Nov 27, 12:28 AM
    November 23, 2006 CNN
    NEW YORK (AP) -- Cell phone owners will be allowed to break software locks on their handsets in order to use them with competing carriers under new copyright rules announced Wednesday.

    Given the above news, NO cellphone company may soon be subsidizing ANY phones.

    Sure they will. They give you the phone at a discounted rate, or free, if you sign a service contract for X number of years.. which is how they get their money back.

    The new rules are intended for people who buy the phones at full price, or decide to move to a competing carrier after they have fulfilled their obligations under their service contract/agreement.

    The people this might sting would be outfits like Virgin Mobile, TracPhone, and other 'pre-paid' wireless companies, who often sell their phones at or below cost because they'll make up the money in sold airtime.

    They hook you with the low price and no contract or monthly fee, but then sock you with .25 cents a minute or more airtime charges.

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  • reubs
    Mar 27, 02:21 PM
    I'm not too concerned with a fall release of iOS 5, but I worry about the idea of it being "cloud based". I want my data with me locally, and I don't want to have to stream it because I don't want to pay data rates for it.

    I wonder, though, if it will introduce some kind of cloud-based syncing that means downloading of apps and music and other kinds of media show up instantly on another system logged in to the same account. That would eliminate a need for syncing and would mean that connecting to a computer would only be for purposes of a local back-up. I could handle that.

    I'm really hoping, though, that the release of the phone is not pushed back to fall. I'm all prepared to take the iPhone plunge this summer, and I don't want that to get held back at all. I watch my wife with her iPhone, and it kills me that she uses it for only facebook and browsing!

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  • louis Fashion
    Mar 28, 10:50 AM
    Wow, a new iPad3 AND a new phone. Guess I will have to cash in some worthless Bank of America stock next year. Not that it will be worth anymore then than now. Yuck. (the stock, not the new iToys)

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 7, 06:52 PM
    But are they FB-DIMMs?Yes I corrected my pricing on post #188 to reflect that. Still cheaper than Apple (

    $386 per pair of 1GB sticks.

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  • peskaa
    Apr 21, 02:31 PM
    Redesign to a rackmountable? Yes please, even if it isn't as convenient as 1U.

    Smaller for desktop use too? Bonus!

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  • MagnusVonMagnum
    Apr 18, 03:07 PM
    If copying style is a crime then most of the automakers are in trouble because all too many of their vehicles look far too much alike. (e.g. Lexus' 5-door suv crossover looks like Subaru's 5-door Impreza which is strikingly similar to the Mazda from a few years ago, but then Mazda's first crossover turbo SUV is a blatant rip-off of Subaru's WRX from the '04 year, so to quote Aretha Franklin, Who's zooming who? But then I think most of the cars from the late '80s and '90s look like the horribly ugly Ford Tempo in a basic sense. Then when Hummer made boxy cool again, we got a load of imitators there as well (Cube, Soul, etc.) but then cars were boxy long before Hummer came around so.... Notice how much the newest Corvette more closely resembles the Viper in the front than previous Corvettes (sometimes just changing the headlight style makes one look much like another). Then there's knockoff rims, taillight styles (hello ugly Altezas), etc.

    Frankly, if pop/rock musicians sued each other to the degree that Apple and others do it, they'd ALL be in trouble. There's only so many chord combinations and basic progressions possible, after all. Style is just one aspect.

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  • DavePurz
    Mar 27, 02:09 AM
    With AT&T's network running SO slow at times, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT INSTALL an update which make me use the server farm for streaming my own media.

    Can you imagine driving down I-5 from San Francisco to Los Angeles - how many time the signal will drop and stop playback?

    Not to mention the increased data usage which will only cause more network congestion and increase your data plan fees!


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  • darrens
    Aug 4, 08:28 AM
    Apple could go a long way by keeping their inventory short and getting customers the latest technology quickly.

    I think I remeber reading that exact point in an interview with an Intel exec - they like the way Apple can bring a product to market quickly, and use innovative technologies in their chips before anyone else.

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  • Brometheus
    Apr 25, 09:28 AM
    I think Steve Jobs is someone who doesn't suffer idiots gladly. Note how he didn't say "there is no list of locations on people's iPhones", what he said was "we don't track anyone". The opposite of "we don't track anyone" is "Apple is tracking some people's movements". Do you have any evidence of this? Do you _believe_ it?

    Just think about his statement. Then consider that 1. Steve Jobs is just slightly wiser and more intelligent than you and is more likely to have a clue what he is talking about and 2. Steve Jobs is the CEO of a major company and can't afford to lie in public.

    You are an anonymous poster on MacRumors. Steve Jobs is the CEO of a major company. You can say whatever you like. Steve Jobs can't. Plus whatever I said above.

    Well said.

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  • minnesotamacman
    Sep 11, 01:20 PM
    I think tomorrow morning we could see the Apple Store online close for awhile as they update. When it reopens for your consumption, we will see updates to the MBP and the MacBook. This will silence all those who wanted an upgrade to them, and really set the table for an incredible show at 10:00 Pacific Time.

    I do want to say this though... Why are some people never happy and insist that if Apple doesn't upgrade the MBP they are going to buy a PC? This is, in my humble opinion, ridiculous. I would stick with the current generation of the MBP for OS X alone. Nothing could convince me to use a Windows-based computer. NOTHING. I am typing on a current generation, 2.16 GHz MBP, and I like it. Will I be slightly disappointed when the new ones come out and I have the last generation. Most likely. Will I be upset at Apple? No. This laptop happily does everything I ask of it. Yes I could use another 100 GB of memory, but that isn't going to happen anyways.

    I see an update to the laptops every 4-6 months in the future after this latest update. The speeds will keep creeping up, and the prices stay steady.

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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 7, 12:48 PM
    I see people still don�t understand what a monopoly is.And I see people are still taking the word monopoly used here too literally.

    Yeah, we know what a real monopoly is. Thanks.

    And here in the U.S. It generally starts with a company getting too much of the market and stifling out the competition. That's why there's the FTC.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 20, 08:50 AM
    You and I are thinking alike.

    Sobering stuff when Apple fails to impress.

    Right or wrong the glass iphone will be forever associated with Antennagate.

    I'm too much of an Apple enthusiast to keep an albatross like that.

    Now I will celebrate a change of brand while Jobs and company hunts for answers. :)
    I am extremely impressed with your ability to be disappointed with a product that hasn't been announced and we know nothing about.

    Also, hasn't the iPhone 4 been the best selling iPhone ever?

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  • ChickenSwartz
    Sep 16, 11:35 AM
    Thats some optimistic reading mister. Not VERY reliable, just reliable. And the report is not connected to the newest rumor, it's something they heard about earlier this year and they're unable to confirm that it applies to the 25th. Oh well, maybe you read another article than me?

    You are right, they have no evidence to point to the event on the 25th. The 12in was reported by them in MARCH say "we may expect this new Mac Book Pro to arrive late in the second quarter of this year." That hasn't happened. I think they have already f-ed up this lead and are re-reporting it with the slim hope that it will happen.

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  • pmz
    May 4, 03:24 PM
    Not exactly. You can always choose to go back to another date in the past.

    Assuming you know when the problem began.

    The further back you go, the better off you are just restoring to stock.

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  • JaimeChinook
    Dec 9, 12:26 AM
    OK, I've had it on my MBP for about 3 weeks and I've noticed the spinning beach ball a lot more than I remember... no crashes though.

    I've just taken it off; or at least tried to. I used AppDelete and it took off everything except the icon on my top bar. When I click on the icon, it says there are updates available... dooooh...

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  • prady16
    Sep 15, 05:24 PM
    I am hoping for a new case design to keep the heat down!
    Lets keep our fingers crossed!

    Apr 20, 04:14 AM
    otherwise...why would I buy an ip5?

    You don't have to.

    It doesn't sound like there's much there to tempt iPhone 4 owners but it should be a great update for those with the 3GS and 3G.

    Sep 15, 05:21 PM
    This ( an a good read on why we may see a MacBook Pro revision very soon.

    Makes sense to me

    Jul 21, 03:08 PM
    Here are my predictions for WWDC; I think it will be an amazing event!

    * Quad core Woodcrest-based PowerMac. Overclocked with Intel's new

    Apr 23, 06:08 PM
    We should stop using this as proof. Remember the iPad 2 was supposed to have a Retina display because of this? To make it worse, it's a beta. Slow news day I guess, but look how worked up people get about it. Just stop.

    Jul 23, 02:50 PM
    I lost my post up above. So, I�ll try and rephrase.

    I don�t think we will see any portables with Merom for MWDC.

    Don�t expect Apple to announce early then be up to 6 weeks behind demand on delivery. This could attract negative publicity, negative image.

    Historically, Apple has been reluctant to upgrade portable lines, especially ibook, that had strong sales.

    Anyone waiting for MBP Merom should be prepared to wait until November/December.

    Apple is advertising stability, user friendly, integration with digital cameras�

    As far as the transition into Intel, it must be going as well as could be expected. Apple may want to keep their powder dry and update when there is a falter in sales, or just before.

    They may wait to update everything at once, November/December, which will give smooth sailing into next year when 3rd party apps will be fully developed.

    I also don�t think we will see another 12� MBP.

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