Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • altquark
    Apr 25, 01:19 PM
    This just threw a spanner into my plans !

    I've got a late 2007 non-unibody MBP - the "ultimate" which I've been updating as much as possible (Hybrid SSD 512Gb drive, 4Gb memory, etc etc) - I love my MBP but my applecare warranty just ran out last month. Which, I thought, was plenty timely so I could get the new MBP that just refreshed - quad core, 16Gb RAM seems like a LOT more power !

    But, I didn't "jump" immediately - I always wait a couple of months to see what issues develop with the product line (the 17" range seems to have some graphics issues evidently, which seem to be resolved now) - BUT, with this rumor, do I plump down $4k for a maxed-out MBP now or wait until this new case design ?!?!?!

    My current MBP is working great. The keyboard has a sticky "D" key, but apart from that, its been the best laptop I've ever owned, and the second longest I've owned before a refresh (the prior record holder was a Sony Vaio PCG-V505BX which I used/upgraded/refreshed a full 5 years before needing to upgrade !)

    So what do I do ? I wasn't planning on buying the MBP until next month, after I got back from vacation...

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  • vitaboy
    Aug 24, 04:08 AM

    Guess they realized they couldn't win..

    Please read my above posts. :-)

    The only things I'd like to add is that $100 million is a drop in the bucket for Apple. Apple has $10 billion in cash. That money isn't stuffed in Steve Jobs' mattress, it's being invested in short-term investment vehicles that is producing a good return. Even if Apple stuck it in a plain ol' savings account, the $10 billion would be generating around $300 million a year in interest alone, never mind the fact that Apple is adding $3 billion a year to their cash horde.

    Secondly, Apple has sold billions of dollars of iPods over the years. It will sell untold billions of dollars more into the future.

    For Creative to settle for a mere $100 million when the iPod is virtually guaranteed to generate tens of billions of dollars going forward is sheer lunancy if Creative was really confident about winning.

    In fact, the fact that they settled for such a small sum shows that Creative was sweating bullets about losing it all. Apple was the one dictating the terms here.

    Creative pays Apple back as it collects additional licensing fees? Sounds like a loan to me.

    Creative joins the "Made for iPod" program and pays Apple a percentage of the revenue for iPod-only products? Doesn't sound like the kind of terms a confident victor would be making. Sounds more like a company trying to kick up a new revenue source in light of the fact that Zune is about to eat up its music player business.

    The most interesting part is when Zune launches, and how long it will take Creative to sue Microsoft. Apple just turned a 90-lb weakling into a hired assassin!

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  • DRewPi
    Sep 3, 09:58 AM
    I would at least wait and see what happens this mid september with all the things that are to come !!!! Then if u really need the MB just go for it !!!!

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  • mcdj
    Feb 23, 04:25 PM
    McAfee is the virus.

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  • pengu
    Sep 18, 08:34 AM
    You are right. I make a call. i expect to pay for it. i dont expect the person im calling to get billed for the damn call.

    and. as for pricing. yes, vodafone have a 1c/sec flat rate on calls. but. i pay $79/month and at the end of the my account has a automatic refund (of sorts) applied, so anything up to $500 in calls/txt/etc is included in the $79.

    i DO use my mobile for most calls. i use my landline maybe once a week, because it has a better speakerphone if im using it for a long time.

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  • Cybix
    Oct 12, 10:01 PM
    I haven't been to an Apple Store in ages so forgive me for asking but what kind of dock is that in the lower right? I'm sure it is a display designed only for the stores but is it actually a working dock as well?


    definately a cool dock!

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  • NikonD3s
    Apr 25, 01:26 PM
    Replace Superdrive with larger battery so you can run SATA III SSDs and replace screen with Retina Display.

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  • Siggen
    Apr 20, 10:48 AM
    **** it, gonna take my g/f's iPhone, delete the contents of that file, and make it unwrightable. (i dont have an iPhone now)

    One more reason to long for a jailbreak on my iPad 2 so i can fix this privacy issue!!!!

    Edit: if the iDevice ****s up if you cant wright to this file, simply symlink it to /dev/null (or what ever the osx alternative is)

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  • hondaboy945
    Aug 23, 10:27 PM
    I hope you're joking about that. iTunes is not about making money for apple

    I don't think he is joking, it is about more than sales, but 100m songs on Itunes did make apple roughly 100M. So I think he is speaking solely about the moetary aspect of the Itunes sales. So no joke: money is money.

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  • hayesk
    May 3, 07:13 PM
    I think I covered enough :)

    What you've covered is a mishmash of things that Apple did and tried to infer it was because of the iPhone. When in reality, not much except the bringing of some iOS features back into MacOS X (which I agree with even if I won't use them all) has anything to do with the iPhone.

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  • Counter
    Sep 29, 05:50 PM
    ...My initial reaction was similar to many, in that I couldnt' imagine why people would want a digital file with no physical media, no artwork, and digital rights management, but I've begun to feel this will gain the same appeal as digital audio has...

    Right. All that and the picture isn't as good, the audio isn't as good, there's no cost benefit.

    If they were half price I wouldn't by any. Max I would pay is a third of the fee to rent.

    However, I will never use the iTunes store for music either. I like hard copies, album artwork, printed cd's, how they look on a shelf. But this is being real clinical about it, hard copies mean so much more than that.

    I don't want to have to turn my computer on to see my music collection.

    I'm not against the purely digital medium, it will just never be for me. I remember somebody saying on here when some sales statistics got posted 'it seems people are still buying music the traditional way'. LOL Factor Ten. CD's are going nowhere. Vinyl is coming back for christs sake, let alone CD's dying. Few real bands today release a record and don't have it on vinyl.

    The current movie offering will only sell on ease of purchase.

    I will always want shelves full of cool stuff to flick through. It doubles as one of the, if not thee, coolest features of a room.

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  • BoyBach
    Oct 12, 12:37 PM
    Bono, whilst playing a gig in Glasgow, got the whole crowd to be silent and then began slowly clapping his hands. He got the crowd to clap along for a while, the stadium quiet except for the rhythmic clapping...

    After a short period Bono spoke, saying that everytime he clapped his hands a child in Africa died...

    Suddenly, from the front row of the venue a voice broke out in thick Scottish brogue, ending the silence as it echoed across the crowd, the voice cried out to Bono "Well stop f***king doing it then!!"

    True story.

    Priceless :D

    A nice red aluminium iPod would make a great Christmas present for my brother. Practical and 'do-gooding' all rolled into one small package.

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  • LagunaSol
    Mar 23, 03:34 PM
    As a long time PC user who is just getting frustrated with the windows experience, I am looking forward to seeing what Mac has to offer in the coming months.

    I've been using Windows since 3.1 (ugh) and Mac since 1990. I use both today - Mac by choice, Windows not by choice.

    I think you're in for quite a pleasant surprise if/when you make the transition.

    I converted to Linux in 2007 and Mac in 2009 after using Windows since version 3.1 and don't miss a thing! It's true what they say "Mac's just work."

    The resident professional Microsoft astroturfers will be here shortly to point out the error of your ways. ;)

    I heard lame snide remarks like yours when USB first showed up. "Only Macs have it! Are you sure compatible devices will arrive within 22 years? What USB devices are you planning to buy? When will they be available?" You don't even have the name right. Meh.

    The diehard Windows apologists have a hard time seeing beyond the monitor in front of them.

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  • dernhelm
    Sep 5, 02:22 PM
    Now, if it's simply an updated Airport Express that now allows you to stream movies but you still have to use your computer do send the files through (AirTunes) then I'll pass. I really don't think they would do it this way though, or at least I hope not.

    Plan on being dissapointed. That's pretty much what they'll release. The device will front-end your television, and might (if you are lucky) support component video or DVI, but most likely just composite video. It will probably have a front-row like interface and a remote that can work with it, but it will be incapable of storing any content. The mac will store the content, this device will simply make it available to a TV in any room in your house. Pair it up with a mac mini, and you have a pretty inexpensive solution for downloading TV or Movie content and watching it on your TV.

    Myself, I think this could be VERY cool. But I don't spend a lot of time watching TV. If they do it right, I could cancel my NetFlix subscription, though. It just depends on the amount of content.

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 23, 06:10 PM
    You seem to be unfamiliar with our court system. This case could have dragged on for YEARS, and cost Apple a TON of money--possibly far more than 100 Million.I know the bills add up quickly, but just how much does an active case cost? That's a lot of zeroes!

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  • Kwill
    Apr 20, 10:34 AM
    If I were to believe the plots, my iPad has been more places than I have taken it. It does, however, accurately present the general vicinity with larger circles.

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  • ValSalva
    Apr 25, 05:29 PM
    I love this idea so I'll just add on
    As for 6, I either would like it to be 14in in the same form factor (less bezel) or just make it a smaller 13in with less bezel.

    7. Do a hybrid HDD/SSD drive, like Seagate has.

    8. Remove optical drive (makes room for things I actually use, like processors/gpus/cooling)

    9. Make a matte option on the 13in, (ideally ditch the glass in general for either regular glossy or matte screens)

    10. Make the laptop slightly lighter, like .2-.5lbs lighter

    11. Put a real GPU in the 13in

    12. Also somehow fit a quad core in the 13in

    13. Allow for 16GB of RAM

    If they did all this by next summer, well gosh I would be the happiest guy in the world but even half of these things would be pretty nice.

    The new 13" MBP will accept 16GB of RAM. It's pricey ( though.

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  • crackbookpro
    Apr 11, 07:35 AM
    They'll change the key and force a firmware update on any airport express user who wants to update itunes.

    Probably workin' 24/7 on it as we speak... I hope Apple finally stops being Sue Zombie, and realizes the advantages to the consumer for this.

    Apple, go back to the logic that made you what you are - make products for the consumer's hearts & thoughts!

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  • agmaster
    Apr 14, 02:59 PM
    I really hope Intel delays USB 3. I have a mid 2007 MBP, even though I use FW800, I have resorted to using my ExpressCard slot with an eSata adapter which is even faster than FW800. If anything, the difference will be made with the companies who make the external HDD to implement thunderbolt technology into their products. I just hate usb in general, I only use it for flash drives and my mouse.

    Sep 9, 10:35 AM
    The last revision of the iMac G5 (the one with the iSight) had the option of 2.5GB of RAM. It had 512MB built-in and you could option a 2GB stick for the 1 open slot it had.

    That 2GB of course cost an arm and a leg...
    That's right actually, it was 512MB soldered and a single slot wasn't it? I also thought for a short time after the new C2D iMacs were announced and it said max. 3GB, 1GB would be soldered and there would be a single 2GB slot or two 1GB slots.

    Some good points have been raised on the 64-bit OS front. Since Leopard will fully support 64-bit down to the kernal, I would hope this first 64-bit Intel iMac would benefit as much as the Mac Pro.

    However, does anyone know for sure whether a) the OS X on the new iMacs is 64-bit and/or b) whether OS X on Intel has even been translated to 64-bit, (thinking Mac Pro here too)? It's something I have yet to bother looking into, but any answers here would be appreciated.

    Sep 14, 08:59 AM
    Ditto on the chip thing. The chip does NOT make THAT BIG a difference! Spend your energy on working a few extra hours so you can pay for a RAM upgrade or a 7200 RPM hard drive. Those two upgrades will make more of a performance difference, and my guess is that overall battery life will not be all that different, but we'll see when the machines come out.

    Yeah, but a Merom equipped MBP can make tea and fight terrorism. FACT!

    I agree. I don't get the hype around a Merom MBP. The performance kick would be pretty small. But I still think Apple need to do something more to distinguish the MB from the MBP.

    Apr 4, 12:30 PM
    Interesting how a security guard is allowed to have a gun. Interesting to see what happens to him.

    "Allowed to have a gun" :rolleyes:. Read the Second Amendment.

    Mar 23, 06:10 PM
    136 negatives to this story ... nice. :rolleyes:

    Any perceived hit towards censorship obviously trumps the value of human life. :rolleyes:

    I wonder how many who posted here in favor of removing these apps, are also supporters of wikileaks? i'm sure it's a significant number. how ironic.

    How about you duervo, you a wikileaks fan? hmm?

    May 3, 01:11 PM
    So which options are worth it with these new models?

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