Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • KnightWRX
    May 4, 06:05 PM
    I said it in the other thread : All for a download version of OS X Lion, but it should not be through the app store like the current DP. Checkout should provide you with a disc image that you burn to your own DVD/USB Thumb drive.

    It's how Linux distributions have been doing it for the last 10 years.

    Or if it really must be through the app store, provide a small disc image download that when booted off of, just provides an interface to sign-in to the App Store and install Lion, like RedHat was doing in 1996 with its "NetInstall" floppies that were just an installer than fetched its media over FTP or NFS.

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  • Hastings101
    May 3, 06:20 PM
    I remember in elementary school, learning about the metric system since we were all going to switch to it. That never happened. I wonder why....

    Too hard for some people to learn and there's already a system that works just as well in place.

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  • applesith
    Apr 26, 02:20 PM
    Apple should have to keep working hard to keep customers. Stay innovative Steve and company!

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  • Regul8tR
    Nov 29, 10:53 PM
    BLT told me that they are waiting to receive the shipment to fill the current orders. (ETA 12/2/09)
    After that, they will post the kit back on the site.

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  • vigilant
    Mar 30, 07:45 PM
    iCal has been visually overhauled to look like the iPad version

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  • Apollo33
    May 7, 05:06 PM
    I wouldn't mind if they offered a free "basic" email service with some and iDisk stuff thrown in to compete with Google and Microsoft. I just hope they beef up the Pro service to make it worth it. Microsoft currently gives like 25GB away with SkyDrive for free and has like 10GB email storage (at least for students, I don't know if that's standard for Live).

    Having to split 20GB between iDisk and email when I'm paying $70/year just sucks, to be honest.

    So yeah, they can open a free version (with limited syncing capabilities and storage) that's ad-supported... I'd be fine with that. As long as they make the Pro version ad-free with more features than the free.

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  • notabadname
    Apr 18, 02:57 PM
    It really does look like a clone, but more importantly (I'm guessing), Samsung, as Apple's screen supplier, has an inside angle on replicating the all-important touch screen interface.

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  • YS2003
    Nov 26, 06:09 PM
    I would worry too much about the swivel joint and the connections and cables within breaking, however I do use a touch-screen display ToughBook at work
    and I can certainly see where that option might be popular
    IF the protective shield to the touch screen could be easily replaced.

    They get scratched bad after using them for a while.
    I think the swivel mechanism is build to last. I have Fujitsu T4020 and it has the solid swivel mechanism. Passive and Active Screen have their pros and cons. Passive one is like the ones you find on Palm and Pocket PC. Active one requires the special digitizer which is made for active screen. For better sensitivity, the active digitizer unit is better. It's like Wacom's Intuos (pro grade) and Graphire (consumer grade which has less "sensitivity" on your input).
    With tablet PC, you need put on screen protector; no question about it. I use Vikuiti screen protector to protect the active digitizer screen. It is un-wise to use Tablet PC without screen protector. If you scratch the screen without using the screen protector, the blame is only on the user of that tablet PC.

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  • davegoody
    Apr 27, 02:57 AM
    Some designs changes i'd like to see (all the rest i'm fine with):

    - Dust filters
    - Thunderbolt ports, front and back (instead of one of the firewire ports)
    - Usb 3.0 replacing usb 2.0 ports
    - PSU on bottom to keep it cool
    - HD's on bottom to keep them cool too
    - At least one dedicated SSD bay

    How exactly is a PSU at the bottom going to aid cooling? Heat Rises . . . . so anything above the PSU gets even hotter, this is why traditionally PSUs are at the top of the case.

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  • sinsin07
    Apr 25, 08:55 AM
    So Steve is saying there is no database of locations? Thats just an outright lie.
    There is a lot of information circulating. Without knowing what he is referring to exactly your statement is outright bogus.

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  • aristotle
    Apr 6, 06:35 PM
    you really dont know what you talking about. less competion means apple is winning and consumers are loosing.
    Sorry, but how am I losing if I'm using the product that I want? Why should I emotionally invest myself in the success of other companies that are not catering to my needs or interests? If they create a better product then they deserve success but not just by offering an inferior alternative.

    Why wouldn't you count those as games? They are available for Android. They are not available on iOs.
    Are you serious? So you would count all of the PC games that can be run under VMWare as Mac games? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? They are not available for android. The emulator is available on Android but the games are not.

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  • fupresti
    Apr 26, 04:13 PM
    iOS isn't losing market you morons, the market is simply expanding and Android is better positioned in their product lineup to attract a wider variety of consumer. You can buy Android phones on all four major carriers and also with companies like Boost and Cricket. We are not slicing up the same size pie, the pie is getting bigger.

    I agree Apple needs to revamp iOS, but this survey doesn't indicate Apple is failing, it simply shows that more and more people are moving from feature phones to smart phones.

    Quit with the fan boy tirades.

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  • DeeEss
    Apr 27, 09:00 PM
    This is great news but it won't replace the desktop top model altogether. I would say a majority of users would want it on their desktop rather than in a rack although, come to thikn of it if it meant a dedicted and modular storage rack then I'd probably go that route. I would imagine you could just take off the handles or it be optional altogether. Either that or they abandon handles and have internal hand slots, for want of a better phrase. Im sure the designers at Apple could utilize the slots for cooling chimneys or something.

    I was actually hoping it would be bigger, have more internal bays. 2 more would be fantastic. But I guess this just opens up the possibility of a dedicated and modular expansion rack for storage via thunderbolt.

    As for Mac Pro dying, it just isn't going to happen. Anyone who has used an iMac in professional situations where they hit the wall of limitation knows that they need a Mac Pro. While iMacs have always being tempting I would never buy another one for what I do since the last one I owned a 500Mhz Graphite DVse. They won't open up iMacs because they need to separate the am/consumer and pro markets.

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  • SeattleMoose
    Mar 27, 10:26 AM
    is already old. We already have "clouds". Apple is the "cloud" for our apps. MobileMe is the "cloud" for whatever you want to put on that "cloud" server. The AppStore is "in the cloud". There are many other examples.....

    The term is getting a bit long in the tooth....

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  • aohus
    Apr 18, 04:53 PM
    First off the Prada was officially announced by LG on January 18, 2007. The iPhone was announced by Apple on january 9, 2007. The last time that I checked, January 9th came before January 18th. THAT makes the iPhone first, sorry.

    Secondly the All of the other copy cats look a ton more like the iPhone than the iPhone looks like the Prada or anything else for that matter.

    As far as whether the iPhone and iPad are innovative, I respectfully disagree with you.


    The LG Prada was announced in September 6 months ahead of iPhone1 announcement (

    Woo-Young Kwak, head of LG Mobile Handset R&D Center, said at a press conference, �We consider that Apple copied the Prada phone after the design was unveiled when it was presented in the iF Design Award and won the prize in September 2006.

    Check your sources before trying to 'correct' someone. You just got outcorrected buddy.

    Seeing how ridiculous this lawsuit is, I think LG should sue all smartphone makers that have a capacitive touch display on their phones. LG was the first to do it with the LG Prada. I think they have a case :P /sarcasm.

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  • roland.g
    May 4, 03:54 PM
    On yesterday's MacBreak Weekly they were talking about this. The consensus was that the d/l version will be ultra cheap similar to SL b/c Apple wants people to migrate quickly. And then there will be a retail box that will sell for more for those who either can't or don't want to d/l. There is a patter of this in iLife, iWork, Aperture, etc., where the d/l version is much less expensive than the retail box.

    And I'm fine with that. Bought Aperture when the Mac App Store debuted because of the new price. However, while people will say "partition your drive for OS and Apps and another partition for data so that you can wipe the OS partition for installs, etc." - because I like to do a clean install of the OS when I get it, and typically with a new machine I still reinstall it without all the languages, print drivers, fonts I won't ever need, I don't want to get a new iMac now and then in a couple months install Lion clean after just setting up the new machine. I'll wait. Get the new iMac with Lion. Wipe the OS and reinstall it slimmed down. Then add my Apps and data.

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  • nuckinfutz
    May 7, 03:31 PM
    Yes, you're right. Novelty, not nostalgia. My brain is a little fried afta writin my dissertation.

    How is it a novelty?

    MobileMe doesn't even work right now... how would they ever support way more users?

    Works fine here.

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  • Blacklabel34
    Apr 5, 07:01 PM
    soooo weakk...I hope Toyota doesn't give in. (Most likely will *sigh*)

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  • Benjy91
    Dec 9, 06:52 AM
    Im hearing so many good things about Sophos, If this is their first offering to consumers, are they offering Sophos for home users on Windows?

    Im using AVG 2011 Free Edition at the moment, and haven't had any problems with it, is it worth getting Sophos?

    May 7, 02:05 PM
    hmmm ............. is free.

    maybe some combined functionality setup soon?

    Over the air syncing for iWork documents on the iPad?

    May 6, 11:15 PM
    I didn't say that at all.

    Certain things are good for one thing but not as good for another. Basing your metrics off of water and light make a lot of sense when you have to measure a great deal of new items and compare them objectively.

    On the other hand when you need metrics to be a guide through daily life and nothing else, the system that's born from daily necessity makes a lot more sense.

    Daily necessity? Is measuring your foot a daily necessity? I don't get what you're trying to say here.

    Some defenders of the Imperial system tell us it's handy to measure in body parts, presumably because you all have them. But what percentage of US citizens honestly have foot-long feet? Perhaps half a foot should be called a penis? (Credit to rdowns for that idea.)

    The reasoning gets worse when you'd ask 311 million to make a change because a smaller community of professionals would like their standards to be the standards for all of society. It's not like the two can't coexist; there might be a good argument there if the two were incompatible, but the fact is that they're not.

    Can't you concede that there is a benefit to having a single 'standard'? The two are only compatible in the sense that you can convert between them if you know the conversion factors. Every time someone has to do this, they are wasting time. Multiply that over 311 million people and you have an awful lot of wasted time!

    A distinction needs to be made here: just because something is easier to multiply by 10 (or 1/10th) doesn't mean that it's easier to use. How many times in your daily life do you need to multiply by 10 �

    You multiply or divide by a multiple of 10 every time you need to convert from one derivative unit to another. 'Kilo' means a multiple of 1000 over the base unit. So if I need to convert from kilometres to metres, I simply divide by 1000. Now, that happens to be very easy to do. Why? Because our whole system of counting is base 10! It's as easy as moving the decimal point three places.

    � or even multiply what you measure?

    It doesn't matter what operations you're doing � multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction � it's as easy as manipulating any decimal number. You never, ever have to remember odd conversion factors to convert between different units and fractions thereof.

    How often does that easy arithmetic come up outside of science? Can you think of a real life example?

    I do a bit of carpentry and other work around the house. From time to time I'm buying lengths of timber, so I may be multiplying a required length over the number of lengths required, or adding up different lengths. If you're a cook, no doubt there are times when the recipe serves 4 people, but you need to cook for 6 or 8 or something, so you have to multiply measurements. When I used to go swimming at my local Olympic sized pool (which is 50 metres long) it was easy to calculate how far I swam. 20 laps = 1000 metres = 1 kilometre. I mean, I could go on and on giving you everyday examples if you want me to, but I think you're capable of doing that yourself.

    I don't think Tomorrow ever responded to my earlier hypothetical, so let me put the same question to you:

    Okay, imagine for a moment that one of the US states wasn't using the decimal system for counting. Instead, they had a system where letters were used to designate certain amounts, similar to Roman numerals, but instead of having a base of 10, it varied. So perhaps A is equal to 12. Then three As is equal to B. Two Bs is equal to C. 22 Bs is equal to a D, and so on with this kind of inconsistency. You have a friend living in this state who claims that the system works just fine � he spent many years studying this system and even more using it in his line of work and can't see why he or anyone else in the state should have to learn this dangfangled decimal system. What would you say to your friend?

    In any case, I do already have it. It's on every measuring device I have, from my ruler to my bathroom scale. I use it when it's necessary or more effective, but that's rare. Maybe you should accept that people can have a different preference.

    But (1) it's not your first 'language' so to speak, so you're no doubt less comfortable with it, and (2) if no one else around you speaks the same 'language' it doesn't help you communicate with them. This is why we have 'standards'.

    Mar 28, 12:08 PM
    new iPhone will be hear when it's here. I don't feel the current is lacking so I can wait if needed.

    Mar 29, 09:42 AM
    I'm glad Amazon rolled this out before Apple in the sense that I hope it pushes Apple to roll out a cloud subscription that handily beats Amazon's offering.

    ^ this

    it is very good news that Amazon jumped into the water first. now it places the pressure on Apple. Apple will juice up their service (if it already wasn't) to top what Amazon is offering.

    Mar 29, 09:42 AM
    I'm glad Amazon rolled this out before Apple in the sense that I hope it pushes Apple to roll out a cloud subscription that handily beats Amazon's offering.

    ^ this

    it is very good news that Amazon jumped into the water first. now it places the pressure on Apple. Apple will juice up their service (if it already wasn't) to top what Amazon is offering.

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