Saturday, May 14, 2011

will and kate engagement

will and kate engagement. royal engagement to Kate
  • royal engagement to Kate

  • Jape
    Nov 16, 09:28 PM
    well tomorrow could actually be the day BLT ships of tomtom car kits:) It seems that a lot of people have canceled, because there back ordered number went down. Hopefully they will overnight ;)

    will and kate engagement. Will and Kate#39;s engagement
  • Will and Kate#39;s engagement

  • Ed Andrews
    Nov 7, 03:06 PM
    1-the most useful function of av software for me is the ability to identify corrupt files [an unintended effect]

    when the program scans a disk it attempts to open every file.
    if a file has a bad resource or data fork it throws up an error
    gives you a chance to find a good copy
    works on archives too, but not disk images

    i find this very useful, but have never seen it mentioned in any of these endless anti-av flame threads

    2-i have a large collection of ancient mac software
    these programs did get viruses [even on oem diskettes!]
    virusbarrier helped me find and correct several infected files
    [although it mistakenly identified an early system file as a virus! fortunately i had a backup!]

    virusbarrier plays well with my g4 mac. reasonably fast, low processor use, and ok to keep installed. [very stingy with updates though]

    norton works well and has generous updates, but even having it installed on my machine causes serious problems [even when it's turned off!]. and it eats process cycles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    clam av is free, and has identified some pc files as infected, but it never caught the ancient virii that vb found. it runs a LOT slower than vb on my mac.

    most interesting to me is the fact that all 3 programs give different results!

    for me, virus scanning is a once in a great while thing, and of the 3 above virusbarrier is best.

    what puzzles me is that i have a bunch of small pc files from the net which i am convinced are malware [exact same files with wildly different names]. none of the above agree with me.

    i will give sophos a try and see what happens.
    they really push a lot of fud on their site tho

    will and kate engagement. Will and Kate#39;s final outing
  • Will and Kate#39;s final outing

  • sisyphus
    Sep 10, 11:44 PM
    You also forgot the iPhone, the Newton 2, the Conroe mid-tower, the new Apple iCredit Card, and the iGlasses Cinema Display mini. :rolleyes:

    will and kate engagement. Who will design Kate#39;s dress?
  • Who will design Kate#39;s dress?

  • chris975d
    Mar 27, 07:32 AM
    Ah, I forgot about that, Verizon models are not available here :) .

    No problem. I kind of thought that you might be outside the US and not factoring in the Verizon models.

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  • Kate Middleton will go for the

  • Guitar geek
    Aug 4, 12:01 AM
    This is great and bad at the same time for me. I'm so happy that they'll finally move to Merom. However, I've been holding off an MBP since mid-April. I was really hoping to get one after WWDC. If it's true that they may launch it in September, I may not be able to get it in time for school, and the ipod rebate may be over.

    will and kate engagement. Royal Engagement: Prince
  • Royal Engagement: Prince

  • vand0576
    Aug 11, 10:41 AM
    so once these are released, what are the chances if my MBP was broken Apple Care would replace it with a new Core 2 Duo one?

    Absolutely slim to none. When my 4G monochrome iPod broke down after both the releases to the iPod photo and iPoc 5G, I thought for sure I'd get an upgrade but it's not the case. I'm sure somehow they still have 4G ipods in stock. My guess is they hold them for two years after the last sale of the product, so that the applecare is meant to replace, not upgrade.

    No chance your computer will be simply replaced. They would work on it, not upgrade it. Intel still makes the chips, and remember Apple has to buy them in lots of 1,000. They have plenty.

    will and kate engagement. will and kate movie. william
  • will and kate movie. william

  • RazHyena
    May 7, 09:46 PM
    Finally, they'll be charging what the service is worth!


    My MobileMe email account didn't work all the time during my trial period, thankfully. Sometimes, I'd send an email from my MobileMe account and it wouldn't arrive at my receiving email account for like a day an a half.

    Just too many bugs to justify the $99 price tag. :confused:

    will and kate engagement. Will and Kate#39;s engagement in
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  • spazzcat
    Mar 29, 09:17 AM
    I don't blame any company who looks at what Apple has done to people who are trying to create services for the iOS platform and decides that they don't want to go there.

    will and kate engagement. Kate+Middleton in Prince
  • Kate+Middleton in Prince

  • genetechnics
    Jul 30, 08:04 AM
    Very good questions.
    ps. Apple might choose to make a phone with no music capability... just to delineate the product. That gives people something to understand... and then they can release the combo products.

    It's Apple Computer.

    will and kate engagement. This will be Kate#39;s second
  • This will be Kate#39;s second

  • Tapiwa
    Apr 20, 05:49 AM
    Wow, so many people pulling **** out of their ass and presenting it as FACT :rolleyes:

    No one has a damn clue what Apple is up to, the secrecy is bigger than ever but the so called "analysts" continue making stuff up to justify their paycheck...
    Of course they always have "their sources" and "people familiar with the matter" :rolleyes:

    will and kate engagement. Will and Kate
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  • ariza910
    Aug 11, 12:43 PM
    Yes, actualy all the worlds puppies will die

    Everyone waiting on the Core 2 Duo MacBook needs to get a clue.

    It's the same folks who were falling over waiting to WWDC to come so they could order their Core 2 Duo MacBooks after the keynote!

    Apple IS NOT going to move the MacBook to a Core 2 Duo until they've updated:

    1) MacBook Pro

    2) iMac

    3) Maybe even Mac Mini, since it's been out forever!

    The MacBook is barely three months old. It may get a speed bump and/or price cut soon, but won't get a new chip.

    All of you saying Apple has to upgrade it to a Core 2 Duo to complete with Dell, HP, etc - why? Why do they HAVE to? Will they explode if they don't? Will the sun stop shining? Will all the world's puppies die?

    Of course they'll upgrade it eventually. That doesn't mean it needs to be upgraded as soon as the chips are available. If you look at other PC maker's sites, most of their machines don't even have the Core Duo chips yet; there's no rush.

    You can't claim Apple will inevitable act a certain way now that they're on Intel chips; you don't know that. They have no history of using Intel chips. Just because your bright minds think it would be a good idea to move the MB line to the latest and greatest chip whenever a new one is released by Intel because "that's what the other guys are doing," it doesn't mean Apple agrees with you.

    What we DO know for a fact is Apple like to differentiate between consumer and pro lines, and Apple has never been one to put the latest chips into the iMac or Mac Mini level machines - and I don't see either of that changing.

    will and kate engagement. Congrats Will and Kate!
  • Congrats Will and Kate!

  • MonkeySee....
    Nov 11, 09:23 AM
    I work for an IT Security reseller and we sell and support some major companies in the UK.

    IMO they haven't made this AV to help anyone out. Its all about cock waving and adding to their port folio.

    will and kate engagement. will and kate 161110
  • will and kate 161110

  • thejakill
    Mar 29, 08:55 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    This is quite valuable, since there is currently no way to store music on your computer.

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  • Euphonious
    Mar 27, 10:29 AM
    With AT&T's network running SO slow at times, I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT INSTALL an update which make me use the server farm for streaming my own media.

    A lot of people need to calm down.

    Do you really think that the cloud update is going to stop you playing media that's already on your phone? Do you think Apple's just going to drop the internal memory?

    The cloud option will be just that - an option. You'll still be able to store music and video on your phone. The cloud stuff just extends the possibilities.

    will and kate engagement. will and kate 161110
  • will and kate 161110

  • frankie
    Sep 15, 10:00 PM
    I'd be happy if it was the same enclosure with a Merom CPU and an upgraded GPU - ATI X1800 or nVidia 7700 would be nice.
    A longer-life battery would be nice but I can't see it happening due to weight.
    If you really want longer battery life, then you should be hoping to keep the X1600. It's regarded as having the best "performance per watt" of recent mobile GPUs.

    Personally, I hope (well, pipe dream actually) they'll make MBP build-to-order like Mac Pro. I'd downgrade the CPU to the 2.0GHz version. It wholesales for $130 less than the 2.16, and $340 less than the 2.33. That's way too much to pay for a fractional speed increase.

    OTOH, the 2.0 Xeon is $370 less than the 2.66 and Apple only cuts the price $75 for two of them. That's robbery. So I guess MBP BTO probably wouldn't help me even if they did it.

    will and kate engagement. of Kate#39;s engagement ring,
  • of Kate#39;s engagement ring,

  • wclyffe
    Nov 7, 03:11 PM
    thanks for the utube link. It definitely looks like a sturdy mount even on the dash which tends to not be perfectly smooth.

    I am surprised it appears in the middle of the dash in the video. I am hoping to use it closer to left of center on a sloping part of the dash for even easier reachability while driving.

    You mentioned your dock is shipping midweek. Did you buy from BottomLine Telecommunications for $90?? Says out of stock and on backorder.

    Thanks again.

    I did, and hopefully it will ship when it says on 11/11. They are apparently expecting a boatload of them. We'll see.

    And yes, I'm mounting it closer to me (left of center) on a sloping dash, too.

    will and kate engagement. william and kate engagement
  • william and kate engagement

  • ergle2
    Sep 17, 02:44 AM
    I Doubt Merom Supplies Are Off Allocation Yet � It's Unlikely Apple Can Get All They Need yet. Therefore MacBook will get Merom later and mini last.

    Indeed. The big question is when they can update the MB?

    Santa Rosa is currently expected no earlier than April. Assuming the MB's can't get Merom til, say, December, is it worth going C2D for ~4 months? (Assuming Santa Rosa is on-time -- which, to be fair, Intel's been pretty good at lately).

    If the current enclosure is viable for Merom, then probably, but any late? Difficult to say.

    The mini's probably less of a risk in that sense, and doesn't use CPUs in the same speed-range as the notebook systems, so it wouldn't surprise me to see it move up to C2D at the same time as the MB. I agree before the MB seems unlike for commercial reasons.

    will and kate engagement. Kate Middleton engagement
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  • whooleytoo
    Aug 2, 11:34 AM
    Erm... did you miss the whole Intel thing? :rolleyes:

    I presume the point was, the Intel update was just putting faster processes into existing boxes (except the MacBook which got a new design), as happens every year. And many of the apps which would take the greatest benefit from the Intel chips (pro applications and games) aren't yet universal, so we've not yet seen the best of them.

    I think now that Apple has a very fixed product matrix, there's less room for surprises. Apart from a brand new design, like an Apple branded PDA, an iPhone, or an inexpensive mini-tower with a fast processor and upgradable graphics card, everything else (to me, at least) is just an incremental upgrade.

    will and kate engagement. The Royal wedding will take
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  • inkswamp
    Sep 11, 04:03 AM
    10 hours? Luxury. I dream of being able to download 2GB in 10 hours.

    It'll take me over 4 days.

    You have it easy. When I was a kid, in order to download a movie, we had to push two wheelbarrows full of blank paper six miles through the snow to the movie company's headquarters where we had to type the binary codes for the movie file out on a broken typewriter, cart it all home and retype it into the computer which would take 6-8 weeks during which we were allowed no sleep and no bathrooms breaks and only a plate of crusty, stale bread and a glass of filthy water. And when we were done, our dad would beat us around the head and the neck with a rusty railspike... if we were lucky.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist carrying on with the Monty Python reference I saw starting up. :D )

    Mar 29, 01:49 PM
    and with our working hours and attitude we'll have 5 finished iPods by the end of the day instead of 493840384038403840 :P

    Yeah you bring up a good point. I can't imagine assembling iPods is the most engaging activity ever, and most Americans would probably scoff at the kind of labor they seem to think is below them.

    Kind of similar to when they raise an uproar about illegal immigrants taking all the jobs away, when they wouldn't be caught dead doing the kind of work some immigrants do.

    May 4, 02:52 PM
    I would get a new iMac now if I knew that Lion would run SL pricing at $29. Otherwise I will wait for a preload. But obviously pricing and a release date won't be forthcoming prior to WWDC at the earliest. Guess we will know more in about 5 weeks.

    Nov 5, 06:54 AM
    Every platform has issues and my guess is that Apple's less-than-stellar response time to exploits and the ever-rising Mac marketshare means that our time with no viruses/malware is going to come to an end. I'm glad there's a free solution out there and I'll be more than happy to try it out.

    Mar 28, 11:04 AM
    This is all making sense to me now.
    When they said that a white iPhone 4 would come out in the Spring. I thought to myself, why in the world would they release a white iP4 this late in the cycle when the iPhone 5 would be out in just a couple more months???
    I'm on a 3GS and have been waiting for iP5 to upgrade! :mad::mad::mad:

    Jul 30, 11:30 PM
    Boy, that phone is fugly!

    It's the iphone killer no doubt!

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