Saturday, May 14, 2011

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 29, 11:43 AM
    You have clearly never used Windows 7.

    And neither have you.
    Oh wait, you're the same person!

    oops thinking snapshot!

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  • wiz khalifa tattoos amber rose

  • clintob
    Oct 12, 04:53 PM
    Maybe we miss understand each other here, but Im talking about mortality rates of woman and children WITH HIV. Not mortality rates of all women and children. Those are two totally different things...

    Oh, okay... misunderstood your first point. But, in that respect, it's worth noting that the corolation you're making could be made for any number of diseases - heart disease, liver failure, certain cancerns, etc. Female mortality rates are generally higher for many diseases. I'm not sure what the scientific reasoning is for this... perhaps someone here has a medical background more developed than mine who would know the answer to that. I would guess it's the same reasoning as for children, in that women are generally smaller and thus likely have less physical cell mass, and thus less innate ability to fight disease?

    Either way, your original point is well-taken... but the overall numbers are still heavily skewed towards more men than women being afflicted. Not sure what that means, and at this point we can talk in circles about who is right and who is wrong, but it doesn't amount to much.

    It's a terrible tragedy that the disease exists in the first place, let alone spreads, and if donating a percentage of the proceeds from a successful business helps that cause in some way I'm all for it - whether there are alterior motives or not is immaterial. It's a good thing.

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  • Wiz Khalifa Tattoos Amber

  • balamw
    Sep 19, 02:48 PM
    My thoughts exactly.
    FWIW $50M/year is ~0.2% of Disney's revenue (they made ~$30B/year for the past few years). Definitely not chicken feed, but not earth shattering either.


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  • Tito
    Sep 14, 12:13 AM
    This thing has the potential to be Apple's ultimate David attack on Goliath. There's a lot riding on this phone and they better make sure that they get it right because everyone is watching. If they have any problems the thing will be doomed. Remember the mp3 turf is theirs that all these phone manufactures and others are trying beat them at. Now Apple's taking these guys on in the phone industry's backyard. It won't be as easy as all the rumor mills are making it appear.

    That said...I just had to recently switch to Cingular network and went with the freebie Nokia just because I know if I bought anything new this thing would come out the next day. And yes I'll probably purchase one if they get it right.

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  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo.

  • linux2mac
    Apr 28, 10:34 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)
    MS is riding the coattails of their universal licensing racket........

    "Racket" is the best word to describe it. I spent thousands on Microsoft and never received a quality product after almost two decades. Shame on them.

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  • wiz khalifa amber rose tat.

  • blackburn
    Apr 19, 07:32 AM
    Should be studying in law school instead of engineering. No innovative products but loads of cash to be made:D Lawsuits everywhere.

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  • Wiz speaking on his

  • SBacklin
    Apr 22, 09:27 AM
    when you are at home turn on your WIFI...

    why is this concept so hard to grasp?

    you are a different kind of user. 3 running copies at once?? you rely way too much on physical obviously this won't be for you.
    Ummm, what is so hard to grasp about using stuff when NOT AT HOME???? Why is being at home the focal point for you? Why do you assume that people and myself are only going to listen to music when at home? People do it away from home too. Also, I do use WiFi at home. I still have all my music and such stored locally. I have three running copies for one reason....HDD failure. Now, HDDs are inside the space available inside my PC tower so its like they're not even there. So you're right, this wouldn't be for me. Why should I have to pay AT&T more money just because Apple may potentially shake it all up. Nah way.

    wiz khalifa amber rose tatt. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • DeathChill
    Apr 30, 01:24 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Neither will be redesigned next year. Look at the length of time Apple stuck with the previous design. There are still a few years left to this "look."

    Except there are multiple sources saying that MacBook Pro's will indeed be redesigned next year.

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  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo.

  • infidel69
    Apr 19, 11:51 AM
    Apple keeps burning bridges and eventually it's going to come back to bite them in the ass. Samsung is holding all the cards here. Apple needs Samsung but Samsung doesn't need Apple. I wouldn't be surprised if Sammy has some unexpected production issues with ipad parts here shortly.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 12:22 AM
    It's unsafe to drive the SPEED LIMIT in the left lane because of people who drive so fast. If anyone tailgates me, I just slow down. That said, I don't drive in the left lane except to pass.
    left lane rule as from my 12 years of driving and a fair amount long distance driving (5+ hours between cities) that the left lane is generally 5+ the speed limit. Once start going faster than that you have to start adjusting your speed more often and run into more of those random elements.

    Yes I have done the 90+ in the left lane and flew but at the same time bad idea to pass a car doing 70 mph in the right lane. That is a huge dealt of speed to deal with. Generally when I was doing the 90+ it was long stretches WITH OUT CARS. I have once done 100 or so cruising but the hi way at the time speed was over a 100. I was being passed at 95-100 mph. Little unnerving when the speed limit was 70 mph. I would never of believed it if it was not for the fact that I was driving in it and my dad said something to me in the passenger seat that was end with 3 cars zipping passed me and I was not passing any one just being passed. I will call that a one time thing. Because I am going to. I'm a completely safe driver (even when doing 90 or above) until I run into some dunderhead who has to enforce the speed limit themselves. Had that woman just moved like everyone else did, I would have never had to cut her off in order to punish her. And yes I did have to punish her, because she needed to be taught her dang place on the road.

    EDIT: @adk - yes I am 16, however in this situation my mother was in the car and actually encouraged me to cut the idiot off. So it's not just an age based thing.


    Sorry you are a crappy driver. No matter what you try to say you are a crappy driver. You lack the experience needed. You have not had enough time to learn to see patterns and what to filter out and not filter out. Fact that you were going 90 MPH and had to slow down big time is proof of that fact. You should of spotted that issue a long time ahead of time and adjusted accordingly

    Come back and talk to me when you have 5 years under your belt.

    You should not be driving 90mph in a 70. 75 is really the limit. Yes as stated above there are cases were you can get away with it but I will say it is few and far between when you can cruise 10+ much less 20+ over the limit and not have an issue.
    I am going to guess you were doing 90+ in a 65 which at your speed is consider legally wreckless endangerment and a cop can pull you DL. big time consider you age and complete lack of experince.

    Remember one thing Dmac. YOU ARE A CRAPPY DRIVER and will be consider a crappy driver until you have 5 years under your belt. At that point then we can start judging you on how you drive.
    And no I am not pulling 5 years out of my ass. Studies have shown it takes about 5 years of driving before someone really is consider experience after that point not a huge difference between someone at 20 years and 5 years in terms of how they judge and react to something. Just being young and stupid.

    You Dmac are both young and inexperienced in driving. BAD BAD combination.

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  • BWhaler
    Sep 14, 02:37 AM
    This product cannot come soon enough.

    Every single phone on the market stinks.

    My wife buster her phone today, and called me for a recommendation. All she wants as a Mom is a phone with a long battery life and great reception.

    She left the Cingular store with a crappy phone with a million features she will never use.

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  • wiz khalifa amber rose tat.

  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 05:04 PM
    Whoopidedoo, a whole $50 off. They HAD to do that because of the lack of actually updating anything worthy on the device. One could argue that it isn't enough of a price cut the way competitors music players are priced.

    Anyone with half a brain will avoid these 5th G Part 2 devices like the plague, unless they want to waste money that could be spent 4 months later on a widescreen model.

    Should we set up the thread now for the people that rush out and buy this version of the iPod then get burned just after Christmas when the real new iPod comes out? They'll need someplace to vent, and it's usually all over these threads. It would be nice to condense it.

    My thoughts exactly.

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  • wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo

  • jonpwnz
    Apr 4, 01:02 PM
    holy crap. im surprised the guard made it through that, and to top it off killed and wounded two of them. I mean come on hes just a mall security guard. with like no training.. unless hes one of those retired navy seal type security guards.

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  • Was getting with Amber Rose

  • LarryC
    Mar 23, 10:34 AM
    Call me spoiled by all things thin, I think the iMac is looking pretty chunky these days. Not sure why it isn't significantly thinner than it is. The next time they do update the form factor it should essentially look like a giant first gen iPad.

    That would be just fine if all you wanted was iPad performance.

    wiz khalifa amber rose tatt. wiz khalifa amber rose tat.
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tat.

  • bennyhenry
    Apr 20, 02:02 PM
    I've just used the software on my iPhone 4 backup, and was looking at timeline and the locations. I noticed that at the same time point, the map was showing use in Swindon (where I am) and High Wycombe (65 miles away), as well as in London (80 miles away) at the next date stamp, but i've never been to either of those places ever with my iPhone.

    The only thing that I can think of is because my phone is a replacement from Apple because of a faulty home button (which could be refurbs according to some sites across the net). It seems as though the backup takes the cell tower data from the phone from any point in its life, and cannot be wiped.

    Any other ideas?

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  • wiz khalifa tattoos amber rose

  • Clive At Five
    Sep 19, 02:53 PM
    I am, however, starting to see why they allowed a sneak preview of iTV. Look how many of us are saying "I can't wait for iTV!" now that we've had some time to experiment with iTunes movie downloads!

    I don't quite agree. I think that the preview was mostly to deter comments such as, "Why the hell would you want to pay full price for and download a full length movie that you can only watch on your computer screen or iPod."

    Apple is finally using the iTS for your household, not just your iPod/computer.

    Welcome to my living room, Apple. Pull up a chair.


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  • FlyNolJ
    Sep 12, 05:16 PM
    Christ, a $50 dollar price cut is a year of innovation? WOW.

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  • Mattsasa
    Apr 25, 03:31 PM
    last three macbook pro updates were:

    june of 2009
    april of 2010
    february of 2011
    so... next is december of 2012... or if it takes even longer it would be jan-feb 2012

    though i don't think that it will take longer than 10 months

    because before the last three updates they were updated even more often than 10 months.

    getting the back to school deal with a free ipod touch is really tempting... but.... so is a redesign

    wiz khalifa amber rose tatt. wiz khalifa amber rose tattoo
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  • FleurDuMal
    Sep 14, 05:36 PM
    One thing I noted on the old page 2 thread was the possibility of a REAL Photo iPod - more like my Epson P-4000. It could double as a video player for the new "higher res" iTunes video downloads.

    But back to the photo crowd. Wouldn't it be sweet to have a larger Photo iPod that was integrated into Aperture ...

    1. High speed internal CF and SD card inputs in this larger case

    2. Full support for RAW and RAW zooming

    3. Under a pound / 450 g in weight

    4. Large, bright 640 x 480 screen

    5. Killer feature: Aperture keyword / ranking / stacking functions on the iPod!!

    You're on the road shooting, and traveling light. During breaks you upload your CF/SD cards to the new "Aperture.iPod". When you're sitting in a cafe, back at your hotel, or taking a train home you whip out the Aperture.iPod and using the Keywords.plist you uploaded from Aperture before you left you start Stacking, key-wording, and ranking images.

    Next day you head to your studio, upload the new images from the Aperture.iPod to your MP 3Ghz (w/16 GB RAM and 3 TB of HDs!), and the first pass of your sorting is already done!

    Aperture is SUPPOSED to be about meshing cool software with Apple hardware to make the professional (and dedicated amateur) photographer's life easier. I'm 99% sure this press conference will be about how Aperture and Apple hardware let's you focus on creative shooting, not IT issues.

    That'd be very nice, but I think that's too niche for Apple to get into. Although Apple does take its photography seriously, it only really produces hardware that is versatile and can be used for many different tasks - i.e. although the Mac Pro is serious photograhpy equipment, it can also be serious movie editing or CAD equipment. Infact, I can't think of any hardware made by Apple that is specifically photography directed.

    Then again, there's nothing to say they won't break the habit of a lifetime.

    Mar 23, 06:14 PM
    I prefer to see the apps pulled. Some apps are best not available. Maybe we could add others, like the locations of the various whorehouses, and best corners for buying drugs.

    It certainly doesn't hurt to add to Apple's No Porn standards.

    Sep 26, 08:02 AM
    I am glad my Verizon contract is over!
    Now i am ready to shift to Cingular once the iPhone is out and enjoy their Roll-over minutes! :D

    Mar 30, 11:26 AM
    By that argument, aren't windows and office generic terms???

    Sep 26, 12:00 PM
    This is fine. I'm sick of those cripplers at Verizon.

    Sep 10, 06:31 PM
    It is coming, I bet. But you forgot the need for SLI. Apple is a hardware company and does not mind selling to Windows users that want the best hardware for their games. It is coming.Anyone got numbers on percentage of computer users who play games? I never play games. Am I in a minority?

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